Marvel Super War Jungling Guide ( Monsters & Buff System )

If you want to use Assassins like Black Panther, Emma Frost, Black Widow, or jungling type fighters like Deadpool, Captain America and, Lady Sif, it is necessary to learn how to jungle in Marvel Super War.

Before that, if you are a Jungler in your team, you need to get the leech tactic  It’s a battle spell meant specifically for Jungle monsters, we also have a jungle item which is called Deadpool’s Shotgun, that will enhance leech effect and It can now be used on enemy heroes. both are very helpful to kill the jungle monster very fast.

The Jungle – Refers to the Area of the Map that surrounds the lanes. It is a risky area where there are a lot of bushes which lowers the visibility and the pathways are seldom straight. The jungle can be used to quickly gain advantage through jungle monsters through creeps which gives gold, experience, buffs, and jungle items.

The Jungler – A hero that gets his gold and experience mainly from the jungle monsters. This role is usually played by assassins and sometimes fighters. It is a crucial factor that the jungler gets online (make an impact) early because the Jungler is the early game playmaker of the team. The jungler’s responsibility is to help the lanes through ganking and harassing the enemies through surprise attacks from the bushes.

Jungle Monster – Monsters who reside in the jungle. Almost impossible to kill in the early game without the leech tactic and jungling item – Deadpool Shotgun. The Jungle Monsters gives gold & experience and some of them give buffs and/or jungle items. Jungle Monsters are sometimes called Jungle Creeps.

Jungle Rotation

At the start of the game, you and your teammates should hide in the bush in the red buff side to get ready in case of an early invade from your enemies. You and your team could also invade if you are confident with your lineup. Also ask your allies in the opposite side jungle to protect the jungle area before going to their respective lanes.

If no invasion happens, proceed to kill the Gorilla Spirit (red buff) with your allies. Reserve your leech tactic to last hit the jungle Monster.

Gorilla Spirit – gives the red buff, savage strength. The buff gives your basic attack a weak slow effect and additional damage over time. It is advisable to get the red buff first most of the time because the damage over time helps to clear the rest of the jungle monsters quickly.

After clearing the red buff, proceed to the Rhino Spirit (blue buff) quickly to avoid it being stolen.

Rhino Spirit – Gives the blue buff, Nature’s Tongue. The buff gives 20% cooldown reduction and EP regen.

It is advisable to clear the blue buff with the opposite jungle monster together. To do so, aggro both monster and bring it in the middle part between them.

You can also do the same with the red buff:

After clearing both buffs, go for your first gank attempt.

Wait inside the bush and make your ally lure the enemy and try to make them overextend (go over to your side of the base).

Topside Gank Position

Bot side Gank Position

Mid gank Position

Wait for 2-3 seconds in the bush for an opportunity. If the opportunity does not present itself, proceed to clear the rest of the jungle monsters while looking out for other ganking opportunities.

Do not dive into enemy towers in the early game. A kill would be great for your team but remember that forcing the enemy to blink or recall is better than both you and your prey dying.

Marvel Super War – Jungle Monster & Items

The jungle monsters sometimes carry jungle items

Jungle Items

Cloning Device (yellow) – The cloning device summons lane minions that could help shove and push the lanes. These clone minions have three uses:

  1. In the early game, summon the clone minions in the middle lane so your middle lane teammate would have a shoved lane and therefore more time to gank/help other lanes.
  2. Summon in the middle of the river while killing Leviathan (AKA: Black Panther Spirit) or Surtur. The minion will move through the enemy jungle and give vision for potential steal attempts.
  3. You can use the minions to do a backdoor attempt. The catch here is that the enemy minions in the lane you will backdoor should be cleared because the summoned clones will go to the enemy minions before attempting to attack towers.

Attacking Device (red) – The attacking device greatly increases your movement speed and enhance your next basic attack. Use the attacking device to:

  1. Enhance your hero for your next gank. The bonus movement speed and attack damage will help to land you a kill in your next gank.
  2. Catch up to another lane. If there is a team fight happening in the opposite side of the map, you can use the attacking device to arrive at the fight scene earlier due the bonus movement speed.

Shielding Device (blue) – The shielding device gives a shield to all ally heroes and towers in the map. Do not spam this item mindlessly the moment you get it. Instead, what you should do is wait for the enemies to commit to a fight so you will get a surprise advantage in the middle of the fight.

Leviathan – Black Panther Spirit

This Jungle Monster is one important objective in Marvel Super War. Killing this beast will give your team coins and a team-wide buff that gives 15% additional physical and energy damage.

The Leviathan spawns every 4 minutes and it is advisable for the team to secure position around the leviathan 10-20 seconds before it spawns.


Surtur is another very important objective in the game. The one who deals the killing blow to Surtur will receive the Surtur’s Crown which gives the ability to summon Surtur where the wielder wishes.  Fighting Surtur grants the Eternal Fire debuff that reduces the heroes dual resistances more and more the longer they fight Surtur. In the case your team is contested in getting Surtur, disengage and wait for the debuff to subside first if Surtur has high health. Otherwise, try to secure the last hit with Deadly Leech and your team’s high damaging skills.

In most cases, it is better to summon Surtur deep inside the base and make it go to the sidelanes because of Surtur’s Pool of Fire skill which helps shove all the lanes. The longer Surtur is alive, the more Pool of Fire skills he can cast.

In securing Leviathan and Surtur, you need to practice timing your Deadly Leech activation to precisely make the kill shot. In doing so, there are two things that may help:

You actually can see the precise HP value of the enemy/monster you are killing in the upper right corner:

The damage value of Deadly Leech scales with level as follows:

Level Damage Level Damage
1 622 10 1135
2 679 11 1192
3 736 12 1249
4 793 13 1306
5 850 14 1363
6 907 15 1420
7 964 16 1477
8 1021 17 1534
9 1078 18 1591

Other points to remember as a jungler

  1. DO NOT STEAL THE LANE MINIONS OF YOUR TEAMMATES. Nothing good will ever come out of it as having the leech tactic will reduce the gold you earn from lane minions.
  2. 99% of the time, completing the jungle item will benefit you. It has the effects of a regular complete item but costs around 25% cheaper than the regular item.
  3. In the late game, prioritize pushing towers if there are no team fights Junglers usually have high mobility which allows them to escape defenders quickly.