Marvel Super War – Jungle Monsters & Buff System Guide

Marvel Super war is a First Marvel MOBA game. Here you will see all your favorite heroes with their awesome abilities. But before we go into the heroes, let’s first understand about the games Jungle buff system, since it’s a bit different compared to the other MOBA games. Just like all other MOBA games you need to hunt jungle animals to get an extra advantage in the game.

Let’s check them all jungle monsters one by one with their buff effect.

Marvel Super War – Jungle & Buff System Guide

Before that, if you are a Jungler in your team, you need to get the leech tactic  It’s a battle spell meant specifically for Jungle monsters, we also have a jungle item which is called Deadpool’s Shotgun, that will enhance leech effect and It can now be used on enemy heroes. both are very helpful to kill the jungle monster very fast.

Rhino spirit

First Jungle Monster is the Rhino Buff that is pretty easy to kill. You can use your leech spell to kill him fast. After you kill this Monster, you’ll get a Blue buff, Nature’s Tounge. It grants 20% cooldown reduction, as well as increased EP regen. So this buff is more suited for energy heroes.

Tabula Rasa

The second one is the Tabula Rasa, which drops Jungle items. Once you get it, you can actually use the item yourself, just like a skill, but it’s consumable, so you can only use it once. it’s called a Clone device, which let’s you summon some minions once you used it. I guess that’s a good back up when you’re having a one on one, or maybe even in team fights, not sure how much that these minions would help though.  Some beats like tabula rasa and spider giants drop special types of items. (actually only 3). one i already told that is clone device. another is a shielding device and the last is attacker device. you can see a lamb icon near the monster. see the above image here. Yellow is a cloning device,  blue is shielding and red is attacking device.

Giant Spider

which can give you a shielding device that you can use when you want. Again, it’s a consumable, so you can only use it once.


Fifth Jungle Monster is the Man-Thing, this gives you an attacking device, the ability to sprint, or run faster. Same with the other consumable stuff, just click it and it activates.

Gorilla Spirit

Once you kill it, you’ll get the Red Buff, Savage Strength – Which gives your basic attacks a slow down effect, it does say it has an internal cooldown, but it didn’t specifically say how long, however, the cooldown resets once you get and assist or kill. Also, Once you get the buff, your attacks will have additional damage over time.

Black Panther Spirit

After killing this monster You will get gold as well as a team buff. That’s 15% more physical and energy attack for you and your teammates. You can imagine that getting this buff is a huge factor in winning the game.


The last one is Surtur, you can say it the god of monsters.  You can actually summon this guy on the go once you’ve defeated him. You receive Surtur’s Crown which enables you to call the guy at your side.


So that’s the basic info on the Jungle monsters and buff system on Marvel Super war. Hope you guys like the article and more guides will be added soon.