Marvel Super War Beginner’s Guide – Tips & Strategy

Hi Guys, this is a general guide about MSW if you are just started playing this game then this will help you a lot. A Proper game sense just like in any MOBA is very important if you’re planning to get to higher ranks. “Map Awareness” is equally needed to be successful. Understanding your role and stick with it. Always focus on your objectives like obtaining Surtur or Beast Buffs, Taking down enemy turrets and constant pressure to enemy lanes to secure victory.

Marvel Super War Basic Guide
Marvel Super War Basic Guide

A proper way of going into Team Fight is basically about “Positioning”, Tanks or Tank Supports (Groot) and Fighters in the frontline. Energy Hero, Support and Marksman at the back of your formation and the Assassin carefully hiding at the right or left side of the enemy position. Your goal is to take the Marksman or Energy hero first then the frontliners Tanks or Fighters. If you’re in the defensive position try to locate the enemy Assassin first then if possible eliminate him first then proceed on your Offense. Always remember to eliminate the Tank last if possible. Always go for their damage sources like Energy hero, Marksman or Assassin.

Summoning Surtur

“Summoning Surtur” will depend on game to game scenario but most of the time the proper way to summon Surtur is to summon him at your base capitalizing on Surtur’s skill (Volcano eruption in the lane that damages incoming minions) aiming for a top or bottom split push, why top or bottom? simply because it takes more time to defend both sides because the enemy will need to divide their team or need to reposition themselves to defend both which gives you higher chances in taking down enemy turrets. You can effectively summon Surtur in the mid lane if 2 or 3 enemies are down at the moment. Keep in mind to escort Surtur on the way to the enemy base to increase the pressure.

Hero Composition

“Hero Composition”, proper hero picking is significant to any MOBA. A balanced pick is recommended to maximize every hero’s role and potential. Different types of Heroes are listed below.


“Tanks”, your goal is to peel for your team, meaning you absorb the enemy’s damage output by going to the front protecting the back lane and also provide them enemy vision. You might as well check the damage output of your enemy team. Gear Buying Sequence is important especially in higher tiers because Tank’s game economy is less than the others they get less gold by participating early in team fights so you have to be very picky in buying your gear throughout the game, most of the time in early game you will be dealing with a lot of energy damage from their Energy hero or Energy-based assassins like Emma Frost or Ghost. You might need to get an Energy defense item. I recommend buying Deathly Phantom after you bought Hydra boots then CA Shield to Glorious Armor then decide to buy for more physical or energy defense items it’s up to you. Also be aware of your team’s position going in front while your team is massacred by an enemy assassin in the back is as useless as being in the backline. Remember your goal is to peel for your team.

Energy Hero

“Energy Hero” or Mages in other MOBA are the core in a team’s line up they basically provide early game advantage achieving early objectives. That’s why Energy Hero lane is the Midlane, the purpose of that is to provide early assistance in both top or bottom lane but most of the time its bottom taking advantage of their power spike slowing down the enemy team’s growth. Team fights is where Energy hero shines commonly have AOE skills and Burst damage to eliminate even tanks early game so don’t spend too much time pushing alone while your team is having fun in team fights. Even in late-game a fed up Energy hero is game-changing capable of killing multiple enemies in a short time. As an Energy Hero, your goal is to dish out an insane amount of damage in team fights throughout the game making it one of the most important picks in team composition.


“Assassin”, my personal favorite these are mobile heroes capable of taking down squishy heroes and getting out unharmed. They are the flashy heroes that are very fun to use. Early minutes of the game your role is to get your Ultimate skill up by taking advantage of the jungle monsters. Never forget to equip the Leech Ability so you can buy the Jungle items. Always look on the map while farming in the jungle, sometimes you don’t need to get your Ultimate skill up to give assistance to your team if you are near Team fights don’t be selfish not to help, a good Assassin knows when to attack. In Team fights Assassin’s position is very crucial because most of the time you are hiding in the bush waiting for the right time to strike so be very careful. Assassins are known to be very squishy just like Marksman or Energy heroes. Your goal is to take down the damage source in the enemy’s line up, never aim for the Tanks early on unless he is alone and far from his teammates. Most of the time later in the game Assassins do the split pushing taking advantage of their mobility securing objectives and provides pressure in all lanes.


“Fighters” are somewhat in the middle of a Tank and Assassin they are pretty durable capable of longer team fights and can provide decent damage both early and midgame. Fighters are positioned in the Toplane or Jungle. They can lane well against a Tank in toplane which gives them an advantage. But I can say Fighters are item dependent hero like Marksman they mostly shine when they get their core items. They are also good at 1 vs 1 combat. Fighters are also mobile so take advantage of it in Team fights in diving for the Energy hero or Marksman, remember they are also quite durable so you can’t go wrong if you choose a fighter. Your primary goal is to protect your Toplane early game or to take objectives with your teammates, secure your core items and you are good to go. Late game, Fighters are not that great against a Marksman it really depends on your item build-up. So be aware of your power spike and take advantage of it.


“Marksman” is mostly everyone’s favorite in lower tiers why? who doesn’t love to see a 1600 crit damage, and a possible Pentakill every game? Marksman is your Lategame Secret Weapon. They have the potential to take down Turrets very fast in the late game. If you fed up a Marksman it can kill anyone in the game including going one on one against Surtur.

Your purpose is to secure late-game victory. Early game your goal is to secure your core items, level up fast and avoid unnecessary deaths. Keep in mind that you’re the most squishy hero in the game, Tanks in this game can even kill you alone in the early game. Always try to last hit the enemy minions don’t be lazy last hitting because it provides you the gold advantage against enemy lazy Marksman, the faster you get gold the faster you can get your core item and the faster you can be effective in Team fights. If your Assasin is away you can get the Jungle minions for added gold. Always be aware of enemy Assasins because you are their primary target every time. Late game is Marksman’s game this is where you shine with the insane amount of damage output you can end the game on your own but don’t get too greedy your death sometimes will cost you the game and you’ll get 4 reports. 🤣

Support Heroes

“Support Heroes” they are the martyrs of the game. They are the underrated Heroes and most of the time unnoticed, they are the ones responsible for your Marksman’s success in obtaining its core items. Supports often sacrifice themselves in order to achieve greater objectives. They often see the larger picture of the game, they are somewhat the brain of your team. Never look down on your supports for they are the ones responsible for your team’s success and victory.

Early game your first step is to lane with your Marksman and buy the support item called S.H.I.E.L.D. badge it’s an important item that increases the gold earnings of whoever you are with in the lane while lowering your own. Your early mindset is to prevent your Marksman to die and assist him to get kills or other objectives. Your goal is to support the team not only the Marksman though it’s your highest priority. If your Tank is dying don’t hesitate to heal him. Always stick with your Marksman and always be aware of the Map. If enemies are missing you can use the signals to give your teammates early warning. Remember to prevent your Marksman from dying, most of the time you will face enemy’s Assassin trying to kill your Marksman. Late stages of the game your work is mostly done but you’re very aware of a comeback don’t take things lightly someone in your enemy might try to split push, try to show your presence by defending your turrets. Secure the Victory first before celebrating.

In the end whoever destroys the enemy’s main base wins the match, whether your KDA is high or low it doesn’t matter. The one who succeeds is the ones who acquired the most objectives. Remember that you can’t win every match, even pro player lose because that’s part of life. You win some, you lose some of it. But what is more important is you enjoy your journey playing. Create more friends and learn from them. Be the best version of yourself every game and most importantly enjoy the game..

Written By – Repolledo Alvin