Marvel Super War Beginner’s Guide META 101 – Tips & Strategy

Marvel Super War is a fun and fluid game but it actually has a stricter meta compared to its more popular counterpart, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. This means that those who don’t follow the meta, especially those who are only beginner to Marvel Super War or the MOBA genre in general, will have a hard time adjusting and winning games. Read on to learn the basics of the game, maybe know a trick or two, and quickly become a force to be reckoned with!

Marvel Super War Basic Guide
Marvel Super War Basic Guide

Team Composition and Roles

In Marvel Super War, your team composition is half the battle. A good line-up means an easier and more enjoyable game for your team! Every lane has a designated role to be filled. They are, namely:

  1. Top – Tank/Fighter
  2. Middle – Energy/Mage
  3. Bot – Marksman
  4. Bot – Support/Roamer
  5. Jungle – Assassin/Fighter
 HOT TIP! Filling up the roles properly will grant your team additional coin bonus! 

It is important to fill each lane properly with the designated roles because each of them has responsibilities to the team that only they can fill. Responsibilities that we will tackle one by one:

Top – Tank/Fighter

Top laners are usually Tanks or fighters (or even mages with unusually high Sustain) which has built in  sustain  in their kit. This allows them to safely farm in their lane alone in the early game with minimal need for healing from the tower or returning to base. The Top laner’s role is to farm as much as they can in the early game for the purpose of being capable of creating space for the team for  Peeling  and  Zoning .

  •  Sustain   Ability to restore own’s or other’s HP.
  •  Peeling   To slow down or otherwise impede the ability of an enemy to attack an ally. In other words, to protect your carries.
  •  Zoning   Harassing an enemy to prevent them from entering a certain space. This is a tactic often used when securing objectives or preventing opponents from gaining experience. (Put pictures of how to zone Surtur and bast)

It is a great advantage for the top laner to win their lane for these reasons:

  1. Destroying the enemy’s top 1st tower first will result in opening the top enemy jungle for your team which can result in easier buff invades, ganks, and Surtur kill.
  2. A fed top laner can kill enemy carries while creating space for your team. Imagine a tank who deals high damage.  OP , right?
  3. Being able to hold your lane on your own is a big help to the other lanes as well, because your mid laner and jungler can focus their ganks on the enemy carries instead.

 OP – Short for “Overpowered” which means that a hero is unfairly strong.

If you found yourself disadvantaged Tower Hug   and try to clear the  Minions Wave   underneath your tower quickly to maintain your tower’s health. Do not allow yourself to die in the hands of your lane opponent. In this situation, Glorious Armor helps tremendously because of its constant  AoE   damage.

  •  Minions Wave   – The small characters of both teams that attacks in groups in a fixed sequence.  Also called creeps.
  •  Tower Hug   – The act of staying close to the tower to take advantage of its protection.
  •  AoE   – Short for Area of Effect. Ability or item effects that deals damage or grant effects to an area.

S-tier Top laners

Ancient One

Honorable Mentions:

  1. Hela
  2. Adam Warlock
  3. Executioner
  4. Corvus Glaive
  5. Heimdall

Standard Top lane Items

  1.  Glorious Armor – Best 1st item for lane control/clearing waves
  2. Stormbreaker – Good 1st or 2nd item for bruiser/fighter type top laners
  3. Megingjord – Highest HP item in the game. Provides amazing sustain.

Standard Top Laner Tactics

  1. Teleport
  2. Blink

Teleport allows you to quickly get back to your lane after recalling or assisting other lanes because the top lane is the furthest of all the lanes. It is a common tactic for the top laner to assist the killing of Spirit of Bast (A.K.A. Black Panther Spirit/Leviathan) by zoning the enemy team then quickly teleporting back to the top lane. (More on this later).

Top laners who are winning their lanes are also recommended to support the mid lane from time to time. You can accomplish this by clearing your wave immediately and proceeding to gank the enemy’s mid lane. Always look out for the mid lane if it is being pushed while your mid laner is ganking the bottom lane.

Mid – Energy/Mage

The Middle lane is the shortest route in the game and it allows fast access to all areas of the map. For these reasons, the Energy/Mage class fits the role perfectly. Why? Because most energy class have fast wave clear abilities and mobility tools in their kit which allows them to quickly kill the minions in their lane and support other lanes through  Ganking  . The mid laner’s role is to get farm as much as they can while supporting other lanes. The mid laner’s  Power Spike    is usually after getting two major items because it is the time the mid laner can  Nuke   the enemy to death, so they must strive to get there faster than the enemy’s mid laner.

 Ganking :root- gank  – A surprise attack to an enemy lane. Commonly done by the Mid laner or the jungler or both, simultaneously. Ideally, a gank should result into a kill but forcing a blink or a recall is also considered a successful gank.

 Power Spike   – A point in time, generally triggered by gaining a specific item level, whereby the hero has exceptional strength relative to other heroes in the game. A certain stretch of the game where the hero feels OP.

Note: Heroes who reaches their power spike later than usual doesn’t feel as powerful, which is why hitting timings are always emphasized in the MOBA genre.

For example: A Level 8-11 Iron Man with Cosmic Cube and Darkhold can kill most heroes with his Unibeam alone.

 Nuke   – A spell/ability which can deal massive amounts of burst damage.

Example: Iron Man’s Unibeam / Dr. Strange’s Sorcerer Supreme.

A mid laner who wins his lane will:

  1. Deal absurd amounts of damage throughout the game, making the game exceptionally hard for the enemy team.
  2. Be able to support all your other teammates and make their game easy.
  3. Destroying the enemy’s 1st mid tower will open up the enemy’s jungle for safer invades so you can steal their jungle monsters and buffs.

If you found yourself disadvantagedTower hug and try to clear the creep waves underneath your tower quickly to maintain your tower’s health. The enemy’s mid laner will use his advantage to clear his waves faster and gank your teammates so remember to  Ping   your teammates that your lane opponent is missing. Be careful around the bushes in the middle lane because you won’t be able to see the enemy’s jungler positioning there if your lane is always pushed.

 Ping   —  Notifying your teammates about the game situation through shortcuts.

S tier Mid Laners

Doctor Strange

Honorable Mentions

  1. Storm
  2. Scarlet Witch
  3. Jubilee
  4. Iron Man
  5. Human Torch

Standard Mid lane Items

  1. Cosmic Cube – best 1st item against mostly  Squishy   team compositions
  2. Darkhold – best 1st item against  Tanky   team compositions
  3. Wand of Watoomb – highest energy damage item in the game.
  4. Frosted Spirit Orb – This is a cheap tier 2 component item for Arc Reactor gives 50% EP regen which is helpful for maintaining your EP so you can spam your skills more often. It is not recommended completing the Arc Reactor in the early game so you can build your offensive items first and reach your power spike

Standard Mid Laner Tactics

  1. Blink
  2. Dispel – Insurance against  crowd control chargers  
  3. Paralyze – Insurance against  dunk type assassins

 Squishy  – Heroes that have naturally low HP and very vulnerable to burst damage.

 Tanky   – Heroes that have high HP and/or high resistances.

 crowd control chargers  – Heroes that can dive into enemy lines and control them through stuns, knock-ups, etc.

Example: Captain America, Deadpool, Thing, Hulk, Black Knight.

 dunk type assassins  – Assassins that can quickly burst down enemies through their burst damage.

Example: Captain America, Black Knight, Captain Marvel, Beast.

Remember: When ganking in the early game, do not steal minion waves from the other lanes or they will be under farmed and be put in a disadvantage against their enemy counterpart which is very unproductive as your goal in ganking is to support them so they would have the upper hand.

Bot – Marksman

The Marksman is your team’s insurance. Their power spike often comes late in the game so most of the game the marksman stays in the bot lane to safely farm wave minions. The Marksman is commonly a squishy hero. They have low HP and have poor survival skills which makes them vulnerable to ganks and has poor wave clearing capabilities in the early game. Due to this, it is recommended that a support should babysit the Marksman until he gets his first two items or when the team builds up sufficient advantage, whichever comes first. A good Marksman will focus on farming whenever possible but will join team fights whenever they deem it safe to do so and will come out in the mid game – late game sufficient items and a respectable presence.

 Babysit  – The act of protecting the carry, making space for them, so they can safely farm and save up gold and experiences.

A good marksman will ideally:

  1. Win his lane and hit his power spike earlier than the enemy’s marksman.
  2. Know when to farm, where to farm, when to push towers, and when to join team fights.
  3. Position themselves safely in the team fight, usually behind friendly tanks.

If you found yourself disadvantaged – As usual, tower hug and try to clear the creep waves underneath your tower quickly to maintain your tower’s health. Do not actively look for opportunities to kill unless your jungler or mid calls for a bot lane gank.

You can also call for a lane switch if deemed necessary, but this is a judgment call that requires a bit of experience.

S tier Marksmen


Honorable Mentions

  1. Angel
  2. Star-Lord
  3. Hawkeye
  4. Yondu

Standard Marksman Items

  1. Silent Hunter – best 1st item as a farming tool for traditional marksman.
  2. Double Daggers – best 1st item for burst type marksman.
  3. Bone Knife – This is a cheap tier 2 component item for Dual Blade which gives 10% Attack HP life steal which is helpful as an additional sustain in a hard lane. It is not recommended completing the Dual Blade in the early game so you can build your offensive items first and reach your power spike

Standard Bot Lane Tactics

  1. Blink
  2. Dispel – Insurance against crowd control chargers
  3. Paralyze – Insurance against dunk type assassins.
  4. Teleport – Take when in doubt about lane matchup. Allows for easier access to recall health resets and access to safe farming spots.

Bot – Support/Roamer

The Babysitter’s primary role in the early game is to make sure that the Marksman farms safely through providing either – peeling and zoning – if the support is a tank type support or through – sustain and poke – if the support is an energy type support. A good support will do everything to make sure that the marksman will be battle ready as early as possible.

Do not forget: Always buy the shield token so all your last hit gold will transfer to your marksman. You can also buy the cheapest complete item with the shield token as a component which grants your team substantial advantage through their effects.

As the game goes by the support:

  1. Will make sure that their teammates are well protected.
  2. Augment their team’s strengths in team fights through initiation, follow-ups, and/or counter-initiations.
  3. Can possibly roam to support the jungler or the mid laner if they are comfortable with the Marksman’s situation and ability. This will allow the team to play more aggressively and this will open up the map earlier if executed properly.

 Poke   – To harass an enemy player with long-range attacks or abilities. Such as Mantis’s Life Drain and Storm’s Chain Lighting.

 Initiation   – Action or abilities which causes the start of team fights. It is often done by tanks who are crowd control chargers such as The Thing with his Boulder Crash or Hulk with his Shockwave. Proper initiation brings a major advantage to a team and can change the tide of the battle quickly.

 Follow-up   – Abilities which augments or strengthens the effects of initiation. These are usually crowd control that are otherwise hard to hit properly such as Ronan’s Worldshaker, Groot’s Growing Pains, Cloak and Dagger’s Dark Fear.

 Counter-initiation   – Abilities that allows for disengage or can reset team fights. These abilities can turn a disadvantageous situation over. Notable examples are Cull Obsidian’s Deadly Spiral and Pixie’s Demon Banishment.

If you found yourself disadvantaged – As usual, tower hug and try to clear the creep waves underneath your tower quickly to maintain your tower’s health. Stay with your Marksman until he gains at least two items.

S tier Supports

Ebony Maw
Cloak and Dagger
Invisible Woman
The Thing

Honorable Mentions

  1. Heimdall
  2. Namor
  3. Cull Obsidian
  4. Ronan
  5. Iceman

Standard Support Items

  1. Enhancement Serum – Best 1st item for almost all supports. Grants HP, CD reduction, and a resistance aura that affects all nearby friendly heroes.
  2. Regeneration Cradle – An item to consider for sustain and shield type energy supports.

Standard Support Tactics

  1. Blink
  2. Paralyze – Insurance against dunk type assassins.
  3. Heal – Additional sustain for you and your Marksman. Can be useful in clutch situations.

Jungle – Assassin/Fighter

The Jungler is the most challenging role in Marvel Super War. It is their duty to set the pace of the early and the mid game and to secure all the buffs and the secondary objectives, Surtur and Spirit of Bast (A.K.A. Black Panther Spirit/Leviathan), through your leech tactic. The Jungler usually have a high mobility and a high damage kit that allows them to gank and assassinate with relative ease. It is important to balance between ganking and farming your jungle camps so you won’t be late in terms of net worth.

For a more detailed guide about jungling, here is our Jungling guide

 Secondary Objectives   – These are Surtur and Spirit of Bast (A.K.A. Black Panther Spirit/Leviathan). These are important objectives that tremendously helps the team accomplish their primary objective, which is to destroy the enemy base.

 Jungle Camps   – These are the jungle monsters that are the main source of income for junglers.

 Net Worth   – The accumulate gold of a hero. It is used to gauge the advantage of one team over another.

A good jungler:

  1. Is a menacing presence throughout the game. A good jungler knows how to take advantage of the bushes is able to snowball on kills in the early and the mid game making the enemy team feel insecure and forcing them to play safe allowing your team to play with ample of security and space.
  2. Always looks for opportunity to kill the enemy cores so their allies will always be ahead in net worth and are able to secure objectives with the constant advantage of numbers in team fights.
  3. Acknowledges the fall of the effectiveness of junglers in the late game, the jungler shifts their role from a killer into a team fight disruptor and a split-pusher, with the occasional opportunistic killing of enemy cores that are alone and fleeing low HP enemies.

 Bush  – These are areas that provides cover and stealth, providing the opportunity for surprising ganks.

 Core  – A core is the team’s carrier. These are the mid laner and marksman, which can carry games and consequently, be a major disadvantage when killed.

If you found yourself disadvantaged – Focus on clearing the jungle camps and on aiding your allies in securing towers. Always ask your teammates for help in securing the secondary objectives.

S tier Junglers

Captain America
Star Lord
Ancient One

Honorable Mentions

  1. Black Knight
  2. Daredevil
  3. Emma Frost
  4. Fantastic
  5. Blade
  6. Quicksilver
  7. Spider-Man
  8. Black Widow
  9. Captain Marvel
  10. Hela

Standard Top lane Items

  1. Quantum Rifle – Standard 1st item for physical junglers.
  2. Mars Blaze – Standard 1st item for bruiser type junglers.
  3. Shining Ether – Standard 1st item for energy junglers
  4. Twilight Beads – Standard 1st item for marksman junglers.

Standard Jungler Tactics

  1. Leech – It is nearly impossible to jungle without the leech tactic. Important for securing objectives. Save up when planning to take a secondary objective.
  2. Blink
  3. Wound – deals true damage that is excellent for finishing low HP heroes. Can be considered for high mobility junglers. Goes through shields.
  4. Paralyze – Insurance against dunk type assassins. Can be used to outplay aggressive enemy junglers.

General Lane Strategies and Other Tips

There are two types of lane management strategies:

  1. Push lanes – Kill the minions aggressively in order to reach the enemy’s towers quickly.
  2. Freeze lanes – Focus on last hitting as so to keep the lane in equilibrium. You have to match the enemy’s aggressiveness so that the creeps would not reach your tower.

Early in the game, there is virtually no incentive to aggressively pushing the towers because the heroes and the creeps deals little damage in the first few minutes of the game. In fact, over pushing the lanes causes more cons than pros. Why?

  1. Being near the enemy towers makes you susceptible to ganks. Being in a position of relative danger is called overextension.
  2. Being near the enemy tower will mean that your lane opponent is under their tower which makes it almost impossible to gank them, making your jungler’s job harder.

So, the ideal scenario is to focus on freezing lanes and farming safely near (not under) your tower.

There are a few scenarios that comes to mind that makes clearing your lane fast in the early game ideal:

  1. Mid laners should flash farm their lanes once they reach level 4 so as to quickly gank and support other lanes.
  2. Side lanes should flash farm their lanes at the 1:00 mark and in the 3:30 minute mark because the floating robot which grants gold every time it is hit appears. The lanes should contest this commodity. Ideally, in the bot lane, the support is the one who should contest for the floating robot because it is a place susceptible to ganks. Conversely, the junglers can take note of these timings for ganking opportunities.
  3. Before securing the Spirit of Bast (A.K.A. Black Panther Spirit/Leviathan).
  • Abuse the bushes in the side lanes, these provides opportunities to harass the enemy without them harassing you back. Of course, be wary of the bushes as well. Especially in the mid lane where the enemy jungler could be patiently waiting for an opportunity to kill you.
  • The top laner and the support should roam to the jungle every after clearing their waves. This small scouting activity makes sure that your jungle is not invaded and can be opportunities for quick counter ganks that can turn ugly pretty fast for the enemy gankers. If nothing happens, make sure to return to your lane before the next wave encounters each other.
  • Be aware of your Jungler’s position. If your jungler is near, begin to poke enemies so reduce their HP but do not overextend and put yourself in danger or possibly scare off the enemy. If your jungler is far away, play extra careful as not to put yourself in a dangerous situation where your jungler cannot respond to you quickly.
  • Make it a habit to always report if the enemy is missing. This simple habit will make you and your teammates look at the minimap and be aware of the game’s situation as a whole.
  • There are heroes in the game which have absurdly high sustain which makes them seem OP such as Ancient One, Adam Warlock, and Executioner. There are also supports who can dish out insane amounts of heal such as Cloak & Dagger and Mantis. Against these heroes, it is recommended that your team buys Fenrir Fang A.S.A.P. This item is a cheap tier 2 component for Heimdall Sword  which reduces healing effects receives by the enemy hero struck by the wielder. Casket of Ancient Winters  is the energy item counterpart which does the same reduces healing effect.
  • It is way better to manually target your skills rather than simply clicking on them because there will always be a time that the targeting system will fail you. It takes a little bit of practice but I assure you, it’s worth it.
  • Change your targeting system into the Flexible targeting system mode if you haven’t already done so because this system allows you to switch between targeting heroes, minions, and towers with ease. Also, turn on the Avatar Lock-on which allows you to pinpoint which hero you want to attack. This is especially useful during large team fights.

 Flash Farm   – To quickly burst down wave minions.

 Contest   – To attempt to secure or steal an objective from the enemy team.


Primary Objectives

The most important objective in all MOBA games is the destroy the enemy base. It is the only condition to win the game. It doesn’t matter if your team are losing in kills. If your team destroys the enemy’s base, you win. So, do not be obsessed in killing and chasing enemy heroes. The trick here is easy: Push unattended towers. kill 1/2 then push.

Towers destroyed by Minions or by Surtur only gives 30 gold to each member of the destroying team, so make sure to always help destroy towers because it gives a substantial amount.

Secondary Objectives

Secondary objectives are events in the game that helps your team tremendously to gain advantage in securing your primary objectives. There are two secondary objectives:

  • Spirit of Bast (A.K.A. Black Panther Spirit/Leviathan)

The Spirit of Bast spawns every 4 minutes and it gives teamwide gold and buff to the team who kills it. It is important to kill it because the gold it gives is equivalent to killing an enemy hero (to everyone on your team!) and the buff is a 15% bonus to your physical and energy damage. (this grows to a maximum of 25% as time passes by). Killing it gives a generous gap between you and the enemy team and can provide ample opportunity for a comeback.

To increase your chances in securing the Spirit of Bast, all your teammates should group up and hide under the bushes around it before it spawns. So, everyone on your team should quickly clear their lanes and proceed to the area it spawns. You can jump on the enemies who wanders too near into the bushes where you are hiding but do not overcommit. Lowering their HP and discouraging the to contest the objective is enough.

 Overcommit   – The act of chasing enemies or forcing objectives in a needless or disadvantageous situation. Example: Chasing enemies under towers.

  • Surtur

Surtur is a powerful Norse entity that spawns at the 6:30 mark and every 4 minutes after it is killed. The one who deals the killing blow receives the Crown of Surtur which gives the ability to summon Surtur.

The Surtur has quite a few abilities that makes handling him a bit challenging. Make sure to dodge his skill shots, especially the pool of flames which deals a large amount of damage when heroes challenging him are clumped up. But what you have to look for is his Enternal Fire debuff which reduces physical and energy resistance of those who challenges him slowly up to 100% when it is maxed. The debuff makes the team challenging Surtur susceptible to contesting team fights.

Because of the debuff, do not attempt to challenge Surtur when all of the enemy team is alive. It is better to kill one or two enemies first before challenging Surtur. Killing the enemy jungler provides the best situation to kill Surtur because a leech steal is a real threat which can turn the tides of a battle.

1. In summoning Surtur, there are two possible options:

It is best to summon Surtur inside your base, intentionally making him go to a side lane, for these reasons:

  1. Surtur’s HP is not that high. If you summon him near the enemy base or when you make him go the in the mid lane, he will die quickly.
  2. Surtur occasional casts his Pool of Fire skills which helps shove the lanes. The longer Surtur lives, the more Pool of Fire will be cast and consequently, more friendly minion waves will quickly reach the enemy’s base.
  3. Summoning him in a side lane does not only help Surtur live longer, it also helps your team expand your presence by split-pushing which will force the enemies to scatter as well.

2. In case your team managed to kill all the enemy heroes, it is a viable option to summon Surtur near their towers to quickly end the game.


Knowledge is power but practice makes perfect so go forth into the battlefield and apply what you learned! Let us know if there are any tips or tricks that we missed!