Marvel Super War – War Machine Guide




DPS (100%)




Colonel James Rupert “Rhodey” Rhodes is War Machine. An expert pilot serving the United States Air Force and a close friend of Tony Stark. Rhodey is skilled in armored combat and his War Machine armor is equipped with heavy firearms capable of dealing massive amount of damage from afar. Get ready for tactical destruction with our War Machine guide!

War Machine Skills

Tactical Strategy

Passive: When War Machine's minor abilities deal damage to enemy heroes, he stacks Battle Cry up to three times. Battle Cry enhances War Machine's next basic attack, increasing damage by 20 and attack range by 200. Each basic attack consumes one layer of Battle Cry.

Rocket Shell

War Machine fires a rocket in the specified direction, dealing 40(+120%Physical Attack) physical damage to enemies in its path. Enemy heroes within the flames of Fire Bomb are dealt 40(+140%Physical Attack) physical damage on hit.

Fire Bomb

War Machine fires a fire bomb to the specified location, creating a sea of flames that lasts 3.0 seconds, dealing 20(+20%Physical Attack) energy damage every second to enemies within the flames and slowing them by 40%.


War Machine fires gunfire in the specified direction, dealing 100(+75%Bonus Physical Attack) physical damage and knocking back enemy heroes hit by 30 yards. At the same time, the recoil will move him some distance backwards. Using this ability in Precision Guidance mode will return you to regular battle mode.

Precision Guidance

War Machine sets up a missile launcher and enters Precision Guidance mode. Using this ability again will allow him to aim and continuously shoot missiles at the specified location. Each missile deals 60(+120%Physical Attack) physical damage to enemies within the explosion range. Releasing the ability button will pause the attack, and tapping the Cancel button on the screen will return you to regular battle mode.

War Machine Skills Analysis

Natural Passive: Tactical Strategy

Basic attack without passive
Basic attack with passive

War Machine gains a stack of Battle Cry every time he uses his minor skills. Each stack grants him additional damage and additional attack range. The damage is small but the range is nothing to ignore.

The extended range allows War Machine to attack enemies from a safe distance. This is about the range of your skill 1 and 2 so make it a habit to use your basic attack in between your skills.

Avoid putting yourself in a dangerous position by attacking using the stacks and repositioning yourself while waiting for your skills to cool down.

War Machine has a slow movement speed so avoid getting too close to your opponents unless you are confident or when your team outnumbers the enemy team.

Skill 1: Rocket Shell

Rocket Shell is your main source of area of effect burst damage. It has a long range and enemies hit dead center will be usually be damaged by two blows.

Rocket Shell’s damage is enhanced when the target enemy is inside your skill 2, Fire Bomb’s area. Practice consecutively activating these two skills to deal massive burst damage to your enemies.

Skill 2: Fire Bomb

Fire Bomb deals an average amount of damage over time and slows the affected targets. Fire Bomb’s damage in itself is inadequate but in combination with skill 1, Rocket shell, it becomes a deadly weapon.

This skill affects towers, so spam it on enemy towers to your heart’s content.

Skill 3: Gunfire

Gunfire is your only disengage mechanism. Do not spam it blindly and reserve it in situations you are going you think you are about to be crowd controlled.

You can interrupt some gap closer skills such as Hulk’s Shockwave or Thanos’s Cosmic Power. Likewise, you can push back strong channeling spells like Thor’s Thunderclap or Ronan’s Worldshaker.

Against melee heroes, when possible, position yourself against obstacles so you will go over it to make it harder for your pursuer to follow you.

You can use the skill as a fail safe when an enemy manages to reach you while casting your ultra-skill, Precision Guidance.

Ultra-Skill: Precision Guidance

Precision Guidance is a long range continuous missile barrage. It is possible to kill your enemies without even having the chance of seeing you.

Your enemies can see where the next missile will land so I advice against spam tapping the skill button while Precision Guidance is active. The better strategy is to hold and drag the skill so you can anticipate and target in advance where your victim is heading towards.

The skill is not only a great long range damaging tool. It also serves as an amazing zoning tool while taking down objectives, Surtur, Avatar of Bast, and towers.

War Machine Skill Combo

Burst Damage Poke

  • Skill 2, Fire Bomb
  • Skill 1, Rocket Shell
  • Basic attack twice
  • Repeat

Precision Guidance into defensive maneuver (Anti Assaassin Combo)

  • Hit the pursuer with Precision Guidance as much as possible before reaching you.
  • Activate Paralyze or Dispel
  • Use your Skill 3, Gunfire to create distance
  • Basic Attack (Forgo if in panic or low health. Blink out instead.)
  • If you believe you can win the trade, follow up with the Burst Damage Poke combo.

War Machine Skill Progression

Did you know? Even though the War Machine Armor is often known as the heavier counterpart of Iron Man’s, his reconnaissance technologies are second to known, he has a Chameleon Mode that makes him almost invisible to the naked eye and he also had the Ghost technology upgrade that allows him to phase through physical matter.

War Machine Item Build

War Machine’s Item build focuses on increasing his burst damage capabilities. The standard Item build for War Machine balances with utility 4th and 5th item for survival. If you are snowballing and confident that your enemies won’t be able to reach you, you can forgo the utility items for more burst damage.

  • Double Daggers increases your total damage output through its flat armor penetration.
  • Your boots upgrade will depend on your play style and situation. Clairvoyant Boots are recommended for aggressive play style if you snowballing. Otherwise, Use Hydra Boots or Upgraded Hydra boots depending on who you think is a threat to you. Do not use the attack speed boots, Hunter Grieves because you have no use for attack speed.
  • Nightsword synergizes with your natural passive with its enhanced basic attack damage.
  • Dual blade has amazing life steal that converts into a shield when your HP is full.
  • Heimdall Sword has anti-heal properties and is a lifesaver against energy burst damage.
  • Gungnir has extra physical penetration that is perfect for shedding HP of tanks in the later stages of the game.
  • Godslayer is a potent snowballing item that increases your basic attack damage when your enemy’s HP is below a certain percentage.

War Machine Power Core

  • Time Lag – Inflicts a powerful slow effects on enemies you deal high amounts of damage to. With War Machine’s burst damage, it is easy to activate this core. Time Lag activates in two to three hits of Precision Guidance and when it does, it turns your enemies into sitting ducks waiting to be roasted by your missiles.
  • Strike Particle – Increases your total damage output when your HP drops below a certain point. This increases your chances when having skirmishes against enemy jungle or marksman.
  • Restoration Module – Restores a portion of your HP and EP on kills and assist, making you more capable of killing multiple number of enemies.
  • Spellcast Boost – Increases your cool down reduction so you can spam your skills more often.


Blink is a must have on War Machine. He has low mobility and his disengage skill does not put much distance. Reserve your Blink for emergency situations.

Teleport allows you to reposition yourself across the map for easy access for farming spots or split pushing. It also allows you to recall to your base to heal and get back immediately without missing any minions. There is also a cool secret technique with Teleport and War Machine: Using Teleport during Precision Guidance will automatically teleport you without channeling.

Paralyze is a must have against potent burst damage chargers such as Beast. With its slow and damage reduction effect, it allows you to survive and even potentially turn around a gank.

Dispel is a must have against strong crowd control heroes like Captain America. The duration of the Dispel allows you to escape their grasp. Do not overlap the effect of your skill 3, Gunfire and dispel. Use one then another to increase your chances of survival.


  • Let your teammates do the initiation. Delay your entry to the battlefield because a smart assassin will do the same.
  • Hide under bushes as you use your ultra-skill so your enemies will have a hard time locating and reaching you.
  • Stay behind your tanks or ask one of your teammate to protect you especially if you are having a hard time against their jungler.


Hulk remains the best zoner and core protector in Marvel Super War. With Hulk’s help, you will be able to rain down death on your enemies without having to worry too much against the enemy’s jungler.

Zoners which can disrupt the battlefield and provide consistent damage like Squirrel Girl and Adam Warlock works well with War Machine because they will make the enemies busy while you hurt them from afar.

Enemies trapped under Quicksilver‘s Spatial Relativity are helpless against War Machine’s attacks.


Junglers with high burst damage and mobility is a pain for War Machine. Daredevil, Black Knight, Beast are some of the heroes that will make the game hard for a War Machine User.

  • Extremely high burst damage and quite consistent at that.
  • All of War Machine’s attacks are long range which makes him hard to reach.
  • Effective all throughout the game.
  • Can deal high damage to multiple enemies at a time.
  • Weak in 1v1 and close range skirmishes.
  • He is lineup and team play dependent. It can be hard to use him when your teammates have no sense on roles and formations.


War Machine plays quite differently for a marksman, it might even feel like you are playing an Energy hero. Which is a good thing because he is a fresh take on the marksman class. He is currently in the A-tier because most players do not actually know how to play around him in pubs because he is not that popular. Use that to your advantage and rank up with War Machine!