Marvel Super War – Gambit Guide




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Remy Etienne LaBeau is the Le Diable Blanc or the White Demon. He dons the name Gambit as the leader of the Guild of Thieves and one of the more popular member of X-Men. Gambit has the ability to mentally create, control, and manipulate pure kinetic energy to his desire. He uses his powers to charge playing cards and other objects with kinetic energy to use them as explosive projectiles.

Gambit Skills

Energy Transform

Passive: Once Gambit uses this ability, the next 3 basic attacks used within the set time are enhanced. His attack speed increases by 30% and he throws an extra card at his target for (+10%Physical Attack) physical damage, while gaining an extra Energy Card.

Energy Card

Active: Gambit throws all the Energy Cards in his hand in the specified direction, dealing 40(+120%Physical Attack)(+1%Target's Max HP) physical damage to all enemies in their path. If more than one card hits the same target, subsequent Energy Cards after the first hit deal an extra 14(+20%Bonus Physical Attack)(+0.75%Target's Max HP) energy damage. The damage dealt by a single Energy Card decreases by 20% each time it passes through an enemy hero, up to a maximum decrease of 65%. Passive: Each time Gambit's basic attack hits an enemy hero, he gets 2 Energy Cards and can store up to 14 cards. If they aren't used within a set time, the stack returns to 1.

Card Strike

Gambit throws a set of cards in the specified direction, dealing 20(+60%Physical Attack) physical damage to enemies in their path. Once the cards reach their max distance or hit an enemy hero, they scatter and deal 20(+60%Physical Attack) physical damage to enemies in range.

Leap Hit

Gambit leaps to the specified location, dealing 50(+100%Physical Attack) physical damage and inflicting a 60% Slow on enemies in range where he lands for 1.5 second(s).

Card Control

Gambit pole vaults to the specified direction, becoming immune to enemy damage and control effects for 1.2 second(s). He also throws 8 cards in all directions around him, each dealing 40(+30%Physical Attack) physical damage to enemies in its path. The cards explode after a brief delay upon reaching the max distance, dealing 40(+30%Physical Attack) physical damage to enemies in range. After using this ability, Gambit gets 8 Energy Card(s) and refreshes his Energy Card cooldown.

Gambit Skills Analysis

Natural Passive: Energy Transform

Every time Gambit uses an ability, his next three basic attack is enhanced with minor attack speed and attack damage bonus.

Your skill 2, Card Strike, will mostly be used to harass the enemy and consistently activate your passive.

Note that your passive also works against towers so pass your skill 2 when attacking an enemy tower to take advantage of its effect.

Skill 1: Energy Card

Energy Card is a superior harass and burst damage skill that deals massive amount of damage the closer you are to your enemy.

The amount of damage depends on the range and the number of stacks of card you hold. The more stacks you release, the stronger the damage will be.

The stacks can be gained slowly through attacking minions or monsters when your passive is active. The stacks are gained faster when attacking enemy heroes.

Do not think twice about using your stacks even if its not maxed in the laning phase when you have the opportunity to use it against an overextended enemy because your enemies will surely keep their distance when you have a maxed stack available.

The stacks deal less damage the further the enemy is and it deals even less damage when it already passed through an enemy. Even so, do not hesitate to use it against clumped up enemy heroes.

Skill 2: Card Strike

Card Strike is a harassment tool but its primary purpose is to keep your passive active.

This skill deals the most damage at its furthest range at its center.

It deals decent damage and range and when timed correctly, it can be used to steal jungle monsters from the enemy jungle.

Skill 3: Leap Hit

Leap hit is your main mobility tool. When used offensively, it deals moderate amount of damage and a strong slow.

Keep in mind that this skill will drain your EP fast so only use it when necessarily especially during the early game.

Do not mindlessly use the skill to dive into the enemy team. Remember that you are a squishy Marksman. You can use it to go in for the kill on a lone, low HP enemy or when you are confident that you can escape using your blink or ultra-skill, Card Control.

Ultra-skill: Card Control

Card Control is an amazing team fight skill. It deals a surprising amount of damage, it grants you the untargetable status, and it resets the cool down of your skill 1, Energy Card, and grants you an 8 Energy Card stack.

Card Control can be used both offensively and defensively. It can be used to deal burst damage by casting it right on top of an enemy then throwing a fresh skill 1, Energy Card.

Defensively, it can be used to avoid strong, normally unavoidable skills, like Captain America’s Avenger Vanguard or Thanos’s Infinity Gauntlet.

Since Gambit already has amazing kiting and damaging abilities, I prefer reserving Card Control as a trump card or for finishing the job. It is often a waste to use it early in a fight unless you are targeted by a strong, potentially fatal skill.

Gambit Skill Combo

Normally, you should hold off using skills in succession and play around your team and kite and kill enemies. Although, in a 1v1 or favorable situation you can use this skill combo:

  • Skill 2, Card Strike
  • Use your basic attack two or three times.
  • Skill 3, Leap Hit
  • Skill 1, Energy Card
  • Ultra-skill, Card Control
  • Basic Attack once or twice
  • Finish with Energy Card if still alive.

Gambit Skill Progression

Did you know? An alternate universe Gambit who goes by the names New Sun\Son becomes so powerful that he eventually defeated the Phoenix and causes the eventual destruction of other living beings in their planet. This goes to show to extent of the potential of Gambit’s powers.

Gambit Item Build and Power Core

Marksman Gambit

The Marksman gambit is played in the bottom lane and farms until he gets enough items to deal consistent damage. This build places equal emphasis on his basic attack damage and skill damage so that he can deal consistent damage per second.

Item Build

Power Core

Assassin Gambit

The Assassin Gambit is played in the jungle which takes advantage of the fast resource acquisition and buffs which can be acquired there so Gambit can accumulate items faster and make use of his burst damage and mobility earlier. This build emphasizes on the burst damage aspect of his kit which comes fast and hard. It is worth to mention that this build does not work as well in the late game compared with the Marksman Gambit.

Item Build

Power Core


Blink ensures that you survive your fights and gives you the leeway to jump into team fights with less risks.

Paralyze is an amazing tactic for 1v1 fights and for countering assassins. Choose it if you want to join in team fights early and often. It can be a good choice when fighting against heroes with strong burst damage combos.

Teleport is a good tactic for objective minded players because it allows you to get to other places in the map fast. It is also helpful in the early game because it allows you to recall and get back fast without missing a minion or two.

Leech is a must have tactic if you are going to play as the jungler. It allows you to survive the early game in the jungle and helps in securing buffs, Surtur and Avatar of Bast.


  • Gambit has high mobility but low HP. Play around your front lines and try to kite your enemies by jumping around obstacles especially when you are being chased by melee heroes.
  • Gambit is a Marksman but unlike traditional ones, he can make an impact in team fights earlier. So do not hesitate on joining clashes but don’t actively look for one in the early game. Farming is still the priority.


Supports with displacement and crowd control abilities work best with Gambit like Groot or Cull Obsidian. A hooked enemy in the laning phase in most likely a dead one.


Hulk shutdowns Gambit. He can soak his damage and waste his mobility skills. A Gambit without his mobility skills is a dead Gambit.

  • Gambit has a strong assassin like kit that allows him to be useful in team fights as early as level 3.
  • High mobility.
  • balanced burst damage and damage per second output.
  • Strong snowball potential.
  • Having an earlier power spike, he is not as strong as traditional marksmen in terms of damage per second in the later stages of the game.
  • Limited range and his kit requires him to join the fray of the fight, making him a high risk, high reward hero.


Gambit is not your ordinary Marksman. Being a range attack damage carry with a kit of an assassin is worthy of being called overpowered. He is an S tier marksman hero which you can use to constantly carry games. You can never go wrong with mon ami, Gambit.