Marvel Super War – Magik Guide




DPS (100%)




Illyana Rasputina, better known as Magik, comes to the Wakandan battlefield as the master of Limbo! She was kidnapped by the Demon Belasco and trapped under Limbo where she developed her powers and her weapon, Soulsword. Even as she was tortured by demons of not her own, she remains an angel that will now protect the Wakandan warriors as the mighty Darkchylde!

Magik Skills Analysis

Natural Passive: Darkchylde

Damaging enemies grants Magik dark energy. For every 20 dark energy she accumulates, she gains additional energy damage on her basic attacks.

Upon maxing out her dark energy, she transforms into her Darkchylde state, which grants her bonus movement speed, attack speed, and damage bonus. Her skills are enhanced in this state.

The Darkchylde state is absolutely game turning so be mindful about your dark energy bar and be ready to crank up your aggressiveness a notch when you are in your Darkchylde state.

Skill 1: Whirlwind Frenzy

Whirlwind Frenzy is your nuking skill that has a great outplay potential.

The thing about this skill is that for it to hit hard, you have to channel it for a long time. Making it near impossible to hit the enemy with a maxed out Whirlwind Frenzy unless the enemy is hit by chain crowd controls.

It is better to use the skill to parry a strong attack from the enemy because you have 60% damage reduction while channeling the skill.

You can also cast it instantly for a wide range skill for gathering dark energy.

You can use the skill as a strong harassment tool during the early game by hiding inside the brushes before casting the skill.

The skill deals 20% more damage when casted during the Darkchylde state.

Skill 2: Wrath of Limbo

Wrath of Limbo is your main harassing and only sustain tool.

Make sure to hit the enemy you are laning against as well as the minions in the lane in order to maximize the heal you can get from this skill.

This skill also deals a lot of damage and slows down affected targets which makes almost as as strong and as useful as your skill 1.

The Darkchylde state adds a third attack that deals around 2/3 damage of the original attack.

Skill 3: Soulsword Slice

Soulsword Slice is your main engagement tool which also serves as your mobility and anti-cc kit.

When the skill is channeled you move in an accelerated state in the direction of your joystick, similar to how Black Knight’s ultra-skill.

Enemies affected by the skill will be damaged and knocked-up and Magik will gain a movement speed buff.

The damage and movement speed buff is increased when this skill is casted under the Darkchylde state.

Ultra-skill: Stepping Disc Duel

Stepping Disc Duel teleports Magik and the target enemy into Limbo, forcing them on a one on one battle.

Use the skill to force an enemy to fight you and remove all options of escape. The target enemy hero cannot escape using blink, dispel, nor using other similar skills.

The only possible way for the enemy is to survive is to fight you or to by time by running around the disc or by using Eye of Agamotto.

A useful function of the skill is to separate a hero while casting a strong ability like Quicksilver when he is using Spatial Relativity or Magneto while he is casting Magnetic Storm.

Another useful tactic is to outplay your enemies when fighting 1 versus 2 or even 3. You can buy time for yourself or even kill one of them using Stepping Disc Duel. Do not cast your ultra-skill when you are ganking which reverses the 1 versus 2 or 3 situation into a one versus one situation.

The gathering of dark energy is passively accelerated inside the Stepping Disc Limbo and the Darkchylde state is extended.

Magik herself cannot go outside the Stepping Disc Limbo so make sure you can defeat your opponent you have casted your ultra-skill on.

Magik Skill Combo

  • Initiate with your skill 3, Soulsword Slice.
  • Immediately followup with your skill 2, Wrath of Limbo.
  • Attack the enemy with your basic attacks while the enemy is slowed.
  • Cast your skill 1, Whirlwind Frenzy.
  • Cast your ultra-skill, Stepping Disc Duel, depending on the situation.

Magik Skill Progression

Did you know: After she defeated Belasco, her captor, and Dormammu, she was instructed by Dr. Strange. These events resulted in her being the Ruler and Sorcerer Supreme of Limbo which made her being capable of doing almost anything while in Limbo.

Magik Item Build and Power Core

Standard Bruiser Magik

This build has the right balance between damage and sustainability, allowing Magik to be a constant presence in the battlefield. Use this Top lane build when you have a non-traditional tank like Groot or Colossus or traditional support like Cloak and Dagger or Mantis as your bot lane support.

Item Build

Build Heimdall Sword or Deathly Phantom as your 6th item if you are struggling with enemies with high sustain or high energy damage, respectively.

Power Core

Burst Damage Magik

The burst damage Magik build is used when you have a standard support tank like The Thing or Hulk as your bot lane support and if the enemy has three or more squishies or low HP heroes that you can take down in an instant. This build works well when playing in the jungle, too.

Item Build

Power Core

DPS Magik

The DPS Magik is a lategame monster which can slice down tanks with ease. Use this buildup if the enemy team has 2 or more tanks which will be hard to deal with and if you have an ally which falls off in the late game like Star-Lord.

Item Build

Power Core


The teleport tactic is a must for top laners. You can use it to return to your base to heal and immediately go back without putting your tower in danger. You can also use it to back up your teammates in crucial fights and bast takes and immediately go to where you need to be afterwards.

Your blink should be reserved for disengaging as your mobility tool will usually be used to engage in fights but you can also use your blink to drag an unsuspecting foe into Limbo.

Magik is an okay jungler. Although, in my opinion there are better heroes to serve the jungle position. But if you must insist, do not forget your leech tactic.


  • Magik thrives on a hit and run tactic to damage the enemy and increase her Dark Energy.
  • Once your Dark Energy is almost full, look for an opponent to use your full combo on.
  • Do not be overly aggressive in the early game. The Mid game, where everyone is around level 8-11, is when Magik is strongest.


Ebony Maw‘s combo works perfectly with Magik’s. Once Ebony Maw is inside Magik, they can wreak havoc as Magik can dive into the enemy lines with her Soulsword Slice and with the help of Ebony Maw’s crowd control, Magik can unleash a fully charged Whirlwind Frenzy on the enemy team. But take note, Magik cannot bring an ally Ebony Maw into Limbo.


Hulk is still the best counter bruiser you can find. Just make sure to time your skill 1, Jade Giant, when Magik has used her skill 3 which makes her immune to crowd control.

As an energy hero facing Magik, Eye of Agamotto, is your only chance to survive when your pulled into Limbo.

  • Magik is an all around hero that has a complete kit of damage, mobility, survivability, and sustain.
  • Her ultra-skill, Stepping Disc Limbo, can turn around fights and can render heroes useless for the whole game.
  • Can comeback hard in the mid game.
  • Teams can feel constricted because she is dependent on space and cannot create space for herself unless she is ahead of the enemy team.
  • She has a degree of difficulty that requires time to understand. Especially concerning timing her skills and power spikes.
  • Has a so-so laning stage compared to s-tier top laners.


Magik is an awesome new addition to the Season 4 of Marvel Super War. She might feel overpowered in some games but she is a high risk, reward hero. She doesn’t feel that overwhelming in the laning stage which is a concern because one on one fights and lane control are crucial in the top lane. She is currently an A-tier top lane hero. An A-tier top lane hero which can be relied on for stars and for fun!