Best Heroes For Higher Rank in Marvel Super War

In Top Ranking it will be very hard to push rank and without a proper team and proper hero you can not climb the ranking. so here is a small guide by a Reddit user that help you to understand which heroes to choose and which to ban in a higher rank Match. Best Heroes … Read more

Marvel Super War – Jungle Monsters & Buff System Guide

Marvel Super war is a First Marvel MOBA game. Here you will see all your favorite heroes with their awesome abilities. But before we go into the heroes, let’s first understand about the games Jungle buff system, since it’s a bit different compared to the other MOBA games. Just like all other MOBA games you … Read more

Marvel Super War Beginner’s Guide – Tips & Strategy

Hi Guys, this is a general guide about MSW if you are just started playing this game then this will help you a lot. A Proper game sense just like in any MOBA is very important if you’re planning to get to higher ranks. “Map Awareness” is equally needed to be successful. Understanding your role … Read more