MARVEl Super War – Hero Tier List – Updated 2020 { Gambit Added}






Ancient One


Quick Silver

Lady Sif


Dr. Strange

Captain America





Ant Man

Iron Man

Black Panther

Human Torch



Emma Frost


Captain Marvel

Black Knight

War Machine





Scarlet Witch

The Thing

Corvus Glaive


Proxima Midnight





Rocket Raccoon




Cull Obsidian


Black Widow



Mister Fantastic



Cloak & Dagger

Ebony Maw


Change Log: 

11 May 2020

  • Gambit Added in Tier A
  • Hawkeye Moved from Tier A to S
  • Angel Moved fro Tier S to A

17 April 2020

  • HELA Added in Tier A

7 April 2020

  • Black Knight Added in Tier A
  • Pixie Moved From Tier A to Tier B

12 March 2020

  • Added Pixie In Tier A
  • Moved Rocket Raccon From Tier S to B
  • Moved Ancient One From Tier A to S
  • Moved Emma Frost From Tier B to A
  • Moved Loki From Tier B to A
  • Moved Mr. Fantastic From Tier S to B

Best Heroes in Marvel Super War

As you already seen the tier list above. Tier S heroes are the best heros in every situtation. mainly very good in rank pushing at higher rank. Here below i will mention few best heroes from all tiers with little bit of description.
Note – The Tier List made from my analysis and based on game stats. I will be keep on checking and will update  list if there is any misplacement of heroes. and your suggestions also most welcome.


Currently, Vision is the only sniper marksman hero in marvel super war. His Ultimate is very good. if your HP is less then 50% (except tank) then you better stay away from Vision. Best part is vision can use his other skills while in invisible state. he can clear lane quickly with his Skill 2. Save your ultimate to kill enemy assasin or mm. Although his ultimate skill CD is just 18 Seconds so you can use that more frequently.

P.S – If you are running away from Vision ultimate then run horizonally because his beam can taget in straight direction. so if you see vision is gathering his ultimate simple blink in horizontal directon.


Thanos is one of the rare heroes in marvel super war. you will neeed to spend alot of dark crystal in order to get the mad titan. Thanos is a fighter hero is extreme difficulty. His passive skill “Mad tital” is very effective while going into fighter after every 8 seconds. Also, His Skills upgrade with his infinity gaunlet skill. Thanos titan strike words as blink and can easily escape or quickly kill enemy who is tring to escape.


Yondu is Marksman Hero and known for his high range attack with his Yaka arrow. and his passive allow him to move while attacking the enemies. It is very hard to get caught because of his range of attack also. if any enemy come near by then his Ravager Kick ability can remove all control effect from himself and also knock down the enemies. i think thats enough time to escape.

Ancient One

Ancient one is a Preety tricky fighter/energy hero to play with. Use her ultimate skill – inter dimentionion travel to swap enemy with your turret location and let your teammate finish him. Also her ultimate allow him to see all enemy vision that will help to make a strategy based on enemy location. His Clone ability also very good to stun and give damage to the enemies. She has blink ability too, with blink tactics you can have 2 blink that is very helpful to escape after swaping locaton with enemy hero.


Pixie is a support hero which can give shield to the allies and control the enemies. she can deal a good amount of damage to the enemies as well as she can slow them down significantly. Her Blink ablity is very handy in finishing the enemies who tring to escape with less very low HP. Her ultimate allow her to disengaging the battle by knocking down the enemies.


Ghost is a Extreme Mobile assassin hero. Most of his skill give more acceleration/mobility. To be honest i think ghost is most difficult hero to play. because if you don’t use her skill wisely you will get killed easily. but if you master in that , you can easily puzzle enemies and kill them. Skills like quantam feild makes him invisible and can easily pass through the terrain.

Captain America

Captain America is a all rounder hero. he can be a offense , defence, jungler and assissin in your team. But his main purpose and as fighter and jungler. His 2nd ablity can attack enemies and heal himself. and his ultimate skills is very good at finishing enemies. Also, its very easy to play with captain america. if you are just started playing this game then i would suggest you to try with captain america.


After Yondu, I will rate Angel As best Marksman in the game. Offcourse Roccet Raccoon also in same tier. Angel is very good to burst down multiple enemies and also he can handle tank. But her only weakness is that she can get cought by enemies control effect during burst down. she does;t have any immunity effect to break enemies control effect. Unlike Yondu and rockeet raccon you will need to go near to enemies in order to use her ultimate skill.


Hulk is an control-based tank/bruiser hero. He usally positioned in front-line. A target that gets caught by Hulk is nearly as good as dead, because his skills able to control enemy significantly longer than most other heroes, while also dealing lots of damage, so even tanks are getting to be in serious trouble if caught by Hulk. His Jade Gaint Skill will throw the target behind the Hulk which usually means closer to your team. So if any health is still left then your team can finsih him off easily. Overall, Hulk has everything that’s needed to play the front-line bruiser.