Marvel Super War – Mister Fantastic Guide




DPS (60%)




Mr. Fantastic, Richard Reeds, is one of the most brilliant minds in the Marvel Universe and the leader of the Fantastic Four. Altered by cosmic rays, he can stretch and expand in multiple ways, as well as condense and compact. With his powers and intellect, he takes the stage of the Wakandan battlefield to lead the heroes to victory!

Mister Fantastic Skills


Passive: Mister Fantastic becomes immune to all basic attack damage (excluding turret damage) for 1.5 seconds if he manages to hit an enemy hero with his basic attack. This has a 10-second cooldown.

Elastic Punch

Mister Fantastic strikes in the specified direction with both hands, dealing60(+100%Physical Attack) (+5%Bonus Max HP) physical damage to enemies in range and slowing them by 35% for 1.5 seconds. After using this ability, Mister Fantastic's next 3 basic attacks during the following 1.5 seconds gain additional range and deal an extra 30(+20%Bonus Physical Attack) (+2%Bonus Max HP) physical damage to the target, while also healing Mister Fantastic for 30(+30%Bonus Physical Attack) (+3%Bonus Max HP) HP. This HP restoration bonus decreases to 50% when attacking non-hero units.


Mister Fantastic elongates his hands in the specified direction. Upon hitting an enemy hero or monster, Mister Fantastic pulls himself to his target, dealing 80(+55%Physical Attack) physical damage to the enemy and surrounding targets upon collision, and stunning them for 0.3 seconds. If a friendly target is hit, Mister Fantastic will simply move to the target's location. Using this ability again within the next 5 seconds can trigger it once more.

Coil Strike

Mister Fantastic gathers his energy before charging in the specified direction, dealing 100(+100%Physical Attack) (+6%Bonus Max HP) physical damage to enemies in his path. If Mister Fantastic manages to hit an enemy hero, he will bind the hero with his flexible body, inflicting a 85% slow effect for 2.5 seconds, as well as 30(+15%Bonus Physical Attack) physical damage every 0.3 seconds. Other abilities can be used while the target is bound.

Mister Fantastic Skills Analysis

Natural Passive: Elasticity

Mister Fantastic is immune to all basic attack damage for a short period of time when if he manages to hit an enemy hero with his basic attack.

Use this time frame to harass the enemy hero without taking much damage in return.

Skill 1: Elastic Punch

When casted, Mister Fantastic punches in the specified direction and enhances his next three basic attacks.

The enhanced attack has longer range, increased damage, and heals Mister Fantastic.

Remember to cast the skill in your chosen direction because the first punch deals the most damage.

Skill 2: Flexibility

Flexibility is your gap closer which works well with your ultra-skill.

This skill has a mini-stun that works well to interrupt enemies or to set-up your ultra-skill if you are having a hard timing making your ultra-skill connect.

Use this skill to draw the aggro of adjacent jungle monsters so you can kill them together and clear your jungle faster.

Ultra-skill: Coil Strike

Coil Strike is your main ganking and initiation tool. The affected enemy will be stunned for the first half of the skill and slowed during the second half of it.

Mister Fantastic also gains control immunity while the skill is active and he can use his skills and basic attack while coil strike is in effect.

After using coil strike, you should either pull yourself and your target towards your allies so you can kill your victim faster or you can pull yourself towards another enemy to deal more AoE damage effectively.

Coil Strike can also be used to escape enemies. It is better to have an ultra-skill on cooldown than to be dead and give gold to your enemies.

You can use your Blink to reposition yourself midair so you can increase your chances of immobilizing an enemy.

Mister Fantastic Skill Combo

Coil Strike Initiation

  • Under the brushes, cast your ultra-skill towards an enemy hero, preferably the enemy’s marksman or energy hero.
  • Use your skill 2, Flexibility, to pull yourself and your victim towards an ally or enemy hero.
  • Activate skill 1 and perform basic attacks.
  • Reactivate skill 2.
  • Finish enemies with basic attacks.

Flexibility Initiation

  • Cast Flexibility, your skill 2, to an unsuspecting enemy hero.
  • Instantly followup with your ultra-skill. Tap cast to use the skill instantaneously.
  • Activate skill 1 and perform basic attacks.
  • Reactivate skill 2.
  • Finish enemies with basic attacks.

Mister Fantastic Skill Progression

Did you know? Mister Fantastic’s alter-ego in the “Ultimate” universe fought against that universe’s version of The Avengers as the Maker who killed his parents and traveled into the future.

Three ways to play Mister Fantastic

Mister Fantastic, due to the nature of his skills, is incredibly flexible to play as a jungler. He can be built into three different ways: The standard burst damage jungler, a tank jungler, or as an attack speed type jungle.

Standard Burst Damage Jungler

Use the standard burst damage jungler when you have a well rounded team that has 1 fighter and 1 tank who plays as a support. This item build and power core set-up focuses on dealing as much damage as possible in a small time frame.This build is effective on bursting down squishy heroes.

Item Build

Power Core

Tank Jungler

The tank jungler build focuses on increasing the effectiveness of Mister Fantastic as an initiator and a front-liner. Mister Fantastic’s skills also scales with his max HP so his damage output will still be adequate. Use this item build and power core set-up when you lack front-liners or initiators in your team, especially when you have a energy type support.

Item Build

Power Core

Attack Speed Jungler

The attack speed jungler is an unorthodox play style which focuses on increasing his damage per second through his attack speed and skill 1. This build scales well into the late game and can destroy tanks fast.This build works well when your enemy’s lineup are full of high HP heroes like Sandman or The Hulk.

Item Build

Power Core


Leech is necessary as your tactic as jungler. Mister Fantastic is best used as a jungler because he is most effective in the early in the mid game. Use the leech to farm your jungle fast and to help secure kills or objectives.

Blink is your insurance policy when diving deep using your ultra-skill. Avoid using blink as an initiation tool as you already have enough gap closers but you lack an escape mechanism.

Wound can work as an aggressive tool to build as much advantage in the early game because Mister Fantastic snowballs well.


  • Avoid diving too deep especially under towers because your passive does not work against towers.
  • Remember to communicate first with your team before activating your ultra-skill.


Dr. Strange‘s Time Manipulation works extremely well with Coil Strike. It works by casting Time Manipulation before Mister Fantastic launches himself. After the Time Manipulation ends, Mister Fantastic will return to the spot he casted on along with his victim. This combo can easily pick-off enemies with virtually no risk for your team. (No longer works as of November 2020). The stun from Coil Strike also makes your victim an easy target for Sorcerer Supreme.


Cloak and Dagger‘s Dark Dimension is the only skill that can counter Coil Strike hard. Cloak and dagger can pull Mister Fantastic’s victim from certain death with ease.

  • Mister Fantastic is a reliable jungler that can fit into almost all types of team compositions.
  • Mister Fantastic is extremely easy to play which can make him a good hero to play if you are only learning to play the jungle role.
  • Consistent damage from early to late game.
  • A decent snowballer.
  • Mister Fantastic is hard to comeback with when faced with a tough early game situation.
  • His kit can feel lacking when his ultra-skill is on cooldown.


Mister Fantastic is one of the easier heroes to play in the jungle but at the same time, he can carry games well up to the Legendary Master Tier. Some might even argue that he is S-tier material. Due to the lack of his presence in the pro scene, he is currently placed in the A-tier category. Mister Fantastic is a must buy hero for junglers and for those who wants to try jungling. This hero’s flexibility will sure give you a fantastic time!