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Yondu Udonta is the last Alpha Centauri who became the leader of the Ravagers and adoptive father of Peter Quill who became Star-Lord. Capable of controlling his Yaka arrow through whistles of different intensities, he can threaten an individual like threading a needle or eliminate an entire squad in an instant. You’ll whistle your way through mastering Yondu with our Yondu Guide coming from our special guest, Passion! Passion is a high rank Supreme Dominator Yondu specialist here in the Philippines and he generously offered his knowledge in using Mary Poppins, Y’all!

Yondu Skills

Yaka Charge

Passive: Yondu's basic attack is considered a special ability, as he can consume his Yaka Arrow's action power to increase his basic attack damage. Each basic attack consumes one block of action power and deals an additional 5(+15%Physical Attack)(+4%Target's Max HP(Increases 1% every 66.67Bonus Physical Attack)) physical damage. Action power is regenerated over time, with one block being restored every 5.5 seconds. The initial limit is two blocks, but this increases with hero level, with one additional block added at levels 6, 11, and 16. Yondu's attack speed stat doesn't affect his basic attack speed, but it increases his physical attack. Each 1% attack speed grants him an additional 1.25 physical attack.

Yaka Arrow

Yondu commands his Yaka Arrow to attack in the specified direction, dealing (+60%Physical Attack(Increases 1% every 0.56*Level)) physical damage to enemies in its path.

Whistle Charge

Yondu enhances his Yaka Arrow so his next basic attack deals an additional 20(+35%Bonus Physical Attack) physical damage without expending action power. The arrow will also stun the target for 0.75 seconds.

Ravager Kick

Yondu knocks surrounding enemy forces back with a roundhouse kick, dealing 60(+100%Physical Attack) physical damage and recalling his Yaka Arrow back to his side, and removes all control effects from himself. For the next 0.75 seconds, Yondu is immune to all control effects and gains 60% movement speed.

Arrow Barrage

Passive: Yondu unleashes his potential and gains a wider field of vision. Active: Yondu directs his Yaka Arrow to hit every enemy within 1200 yards, dealing 150(+60%Physical Attack) physical damage. If the target is an enemy hero with HP below 170(+80%Physical Attack), he deals 170(+80%Physical Attack) true damage. If the target is a minion, he deals 400(+400%Physical Attack) physical damage.

Yondu Skills Analysis

Natural Passive: Yaka Charge

Passion: This, in my opinion, is Yondu’s bread and butter. This is where most of your damage will come from. The more Physical Attack you build = the more health % physical damage you will deal, this synergizes so well with Immortal Glaive’s and Valkyrior Bow’s passive. Yondu’s basic attacks are also treated as a skill and will work along with a Hulk 1st skill, etc. However, due to the past nerfs, attack speed is not valuable to him anymore, which I avoid to spend gold on as much as possible (from 1% attack speed = 2 physical attack to 1% attack speed = 1.25 physical attack).

Siege: Past the laning stage, do not blindly spam your basic attack that you won’t be able to stock up your action power. Action power is the term that represents the orange bar below your HP bar which is depleted with each basic attack.

Remember to pace your attacks to conserve your action power since you can easily clear large minion waves using your ultra-skill and one basic attack.

Since action power grants you a large chunk of HP % based damage, it is important to have some prepared before going into clashes and objective takings: towers, Avatar of Bast, and Surtur.

Yondu from level 11 with atleast 2/3rds item with Action power plus his skill 1, Whistle Charge will easily out-damage the leech tactic, making stealing objectives, the Avatar of Bast or Surtur. easy for Yondu’s team.

Basic attack: Yaka Arrow

Siege: Yondu’s basic attack gets its own segment because it is the only hero in Marvel Super War which attack is a skill shot. Meaning, you have to manually aim the skill in order to increase your chances of hitting the enemy.

Yes, you may have some experience of hitting enemies easily by tapping the attack button in low ranks but as you climb higher in rank, you will begin to notice that players know how to avoid your attacks.

Yondu’s basic attack not only acts like a skill shot, but it is also treated like one. Therefore, Nightsword automatically procs its effect without using any other skill and Godslayer won’t work for Yondu. For this reason as well, Yondu does not synergizes with Invisible Woman because he cannot fill her stun marks.

Yondu’s basic attacks are invisible when issued from the bush.

The arrow stays where you send it to except when you walk too far from it. Alternatively, you tap your recall button to call your arrow back to you if it is in an awkward spot.

Reposition yourself or recall your arrow to land your attacks at angles where it would hit the most enemies, especially when using it with your skill 1.

Tip and tricks to improve your accuracy with Yondu’s attack? Practice.

Skill 1: Whistle Charge

Passion: This gives Yondu the ability to stun enemies for a short duration. Since Yondu’s basic attacks pierce through many units, this can potentially be a 5 man stun.

A hit of a Whistle Charge is a free set-up for another basic attack.

You can use this ability after you issue a basic attack, so you can save it if you think that you won’t be hitting your target/s.

Skill 2: Ravager Kick

Passion: Free dispel and a knock-back which is very annoying when maxed on a whopping 8 seconds (without CDR).

This ability gives a free basic attack hit if done correctly since it renders the enemy immobile for a few seconds.

Also, this ability can be a life-saver in some scenarios but don’t be scared to used this a hit-and-run ability for good and short trades on the laning phase.

Deals huge amount of damage due to the 100% physical attack ratio.

Take note, that this ability works exactly like the dispel tactic but only for a shorter duration. To avoid getting CC’ed, use this ability before an enemy’s ability hit you (eg. CA Ult, Antman stomp, Surprisingly– completely negates Mantis ult, etc.).

Lastly, this ability is a knock-back ability meaning it can disrupt abilities like Thor’s ult, Namor’s ult, Cull Obsidians’ ult, and Ironman’s ult.

Ultra-skill: Arrow Barrage

Passion: Pretty underwhelming ability but can help you secure kills. It used to hurt a lot, but due to the recent nerfs, I only use it for wave clear especially early game (Ult one-shots minions except the wagon/cannon early).

However, once you hit your core items, this ability can hurt and can even help you one-shot people if you pull up a combo.

Also, the enemy’s health bar changes color when he/she can be executed with Yondu’s ult. The execution/sure-kill point also depends on how much physical attack you have, which can be boosted by Immortal Glaive’s passive.

Also, his ult’s passive is useful. There are some points where the enemy can’t see you, but you can see them from afar.

Yondu Skill Combo

Standard Combo

  • Basic attack with skill 1, Whistle Charge.
  • Basic attack follow-up while stunned.
  • Ultra-skill.

Bush Surprise Assassination

  • Skill 2, Ravager Kick from the bushes.
  • Basic attack with skill 1, Whistle Charge
  • Basic attack follow-up while stunned
  • Ultra-skill

Yondu Skill Progression

Passion: 1st skill’s scale is garbage sadly– 25 damage per level. Compared to the kick, which gives 50 damage per level and significantly reduces cooldown, it is no-brainer that it should be maxed first. Also, 1st skill’s damage mostly come from your own physical damage anyway.

Did you know? Despite having a cerebral implant in his head in the movies, the comic version of Yondu hates technology. He was a man of nature and would spend most of his time in his room meditating while leaving the piloting duties to the other Guardians.

Yondu Item Build

Beginner Friendly Build

Silent Hunter is built first in order to assist a beginner Yondu user in last hitting.

The boots is upgraded into Hydra Boots if you are facing against heavy physical damage lineup or it is upgraded into Upgraded Hydra Boots if you are facing against energy damage heavy lineups. It is not usually worth it to upgrade it into Hunting Greaves because of the nerf on attack speed into damage conversion.

Tower Demolisher

Double Daggers and Nightsword is built first to maximize tower damage. This build is done if you want to focus on taking down towers fast and early instead of joining team fights. But don’t worry, this build can also deal adequate damage. You won’t be useless in team fights.

Passion Yondu Build

Passion: Yaka Arrow – as I mentioned earlier, attack speed is garbage on Yondu, and the only reason I buy this item is because of its valuable stats (unique movement speed passive), and the crit that Yondu desperately needs. (Siege: This item can be upgraded into Silent Hunter as the last item.)

Twilight Blade  – this, along a Yaka Arrow is a huge power spike for Yondu. He can now deal consistent damage and if ignored, can take Surtur on his own. Crit, physical damage, and a hint of true damage to add. Perfect.

Valkyrior Bow  – I haven’t seen a lot of people build this into Yondu. Yes this gives attack speed, but along that are other stats which are physical damage and lifesteal (which can Yondu can use now btw). However, the most valuable thing in this item is the passive. It makes basic attack deal an extra (+8% Target’s current HP) which works effectively with his basic attack since it can deal to many units at once. Also this helps, on putting enemies into the sure-kill point since it shreds their life faster. This works amazingly with his natural passive as well. Overall, this item gives 103.75 ad which isn’t bad either.

Gungnir  – must have item especially on this meta where tanks and fighters are heavily favored. Not only that this applies on your basic attacks and skills, this will also boost your natural passive (% health physical damage) and the physical damage you get from Valkyrior bow and Nightsword.

Immortal Glaive  – another unpopular item on MSW. This is scary on Yondu late game and proccing it is a death wish. This boosts Yondu’s natural passive which is added by a 1% every 66.67 physical attack. This item synergizes well with Nightsword, since it scales with Physical Attack. Also gives you decent survibility for a short amount of time.

Heimdall’s Sword  – do not build this item just for the Anti-heal effect. I see many people buy this item despite having an enemy comp that barely deals energy damage. Only build it if there is an enemy energy damage dealer threat which can potentially burst you down/kill you quickly like Storm/Ironman.

Yondu Power Core

Passion: Isotope Unstable Radiation – gives you a stronger burst to kill squishies more quickly. Also, you can pretty much bully your match-up with this power core using your skill 1 -> basic attack combo. Use this if you can burst 3/4 people on the enemy team, if not, use the other one.

Action Particle Program – provides constant 4% increased damage when active. Every marksman needs this since it boosts their DPS. I’ve seen people take Rend Particle and even Suppression Particle but I personally think it is not a smart choice– Rend Particle has a 10 second cd, it is primarily designed for assassins, while Suppression Particle is really weak and is most probably designed to be taken by supports due to the armor/energy resist 10% shred.

Strength Module Program — must have on every marksman. This will help on staying alive on teamfights and skirmishes.

Combat Boost Program — I like it because it gives me sustain and survivability on the laning phase which is the most important of all.

Cosmic Vortex — this works good on tanks because bursts are pointless on them, and you need the DPS that this power core provides in order to shred them down. Use this against tanks/fighters. This power core works with your basic attacks since it is treated as a spell.

Yondu Tactics

Passion: Blink – must have. Yondu lacks mobility.

Teleport – personal preference, gives better map presence, and makes recalling back to base -> tp back to lane possible to not miss any farm. also makes, recall in the middle in the teamfight -> tp back into the teamfight with full health possible.

Paralyze – if you want to avoid getting picked-off by an enemy Black Knight, Angel or Gambit, take this tactic and time it correctly to avoid getting burst.

Accelerate– personal preference, gives you more mobility. Counters slows like Antman, Thing 2nd skill.

Tips and Tricks

  • Passion: Ravager Kick adjusts skills like Ironman beam, Thor Ult, Ronan Ult, etc.
  • You can clear 2 camps which are the adjacent camps at the Blue and Red buff at the same time.
  • You can push 2 towers at the same time on the Tier 3 towers (Towers nearest to the base). When you are inside the enemy base, move to the center of the two towers and attack them simultaneously.
  • Your Yaka Arrow can give vision (in the bush) if the enemy stands right on top of the arrow.


Passion: Groot, Pixie, Hulk, Cull Obsidian, Ronan – any hero that gives decent/good CC.


Passion: Gambit w/ Dispel, Angel w/ Dispel, Spiderman, Ironman, Vision, War Machine, Doctor Strange– any hero that outranges him, and can kill him in a matter of seconds. Spiderman/Ironman gets tricky to hit sometimes. Also chain CC’ing him can be a counter, especially if enemy team is well coordinated.

Siege: High mobility assassins who rely on slows and kiting like Proxima Midnight, Ghost, and Spiderman can give Yondu a hard time because he can’t simply use his skill 2, ravager kick to escape these assassins.

Pros and Cons

  • Passion: exceptional wave clear
  • No mana
  • Free dispel with a short cooldown, knockback.
  • Consistent long range and long line of sight (due to ult)
  • Huge % health physical damage which can melt tanks and destroy squishies.
  • Can attack multiple enemies at once
  • Vulnerable without his Ravager Kick
  • No mobility/dasher
  • High skill floor (not easy to pick-up)
  • Barely benefits from lifesteal due to slow attacks
  • Auto-attacks can be dodged


Siege: Yondu is a high skill floor hero that will take a lot of games to master. Due to this, there aren’t many palyers who use him in high tiers and even in pro games. This is why he is only in A-tier in our tier list. But even so, Yondu, in the right hands, is a S-tier hero who is capable of carrying games all by himself. So, if you are wondering if its the time to buy and practice him, already do it because he is so worth it!