Marvel Super War – Cull Obsidian Guide

Cull Obsidian is a tank/support hero the marvel super war. he is very durable and can control enemies very well. his ultimate is very good to disengage the battle. let’s check out his build and skills. Marvel Super War – Cull Obsidian Skills Cull Obsidian Item Build Suggestion 1 Glorious Armor Hydra boots Captain America’s … Read more

Marvel Super War – Black knight Guide

Wielding the Ebony Blade, Dane Whitman, the Black Knight, shoulders both the dark past and the bright future of his family. Through many trials and tribulations, the Black Knight has become an important member of the Avengers due to his perseverance and dedication. Black Knight is a fighter class hero in super war. Here we … Read more

Marvel Super War – Pixie Guide

Pixie is a support hero. Using her elvish mutant abilities, she can enter and leave the battle with great flexibility, provide friendly heroes with shields, and frequently control enemy targets. Let’s check out her skills and what gear is best for her. Super War Pixie Skills Marvel Super War Pixie Build Suggestion 1 (Temporary ) … Read more

Marvel Super War – Cloak & Dagger Guide

Cloak & Dagger is a support hero with easy difficulty in the marvel super war. Cloak & Dagger is a very good healer and her AOE healing is just amazing. he is the best alternative for mantis in support heros. Lets check out her item build and skills. Cloak & Dagger Skills Cloak & Dagger … Read more

Marvel Super War – Scarlet Witch Guide

Scarlet witch is a very good energy hero with AOE damage skills. Let’s check out her skills and item build. Scarlet Witch Skills Scarlet Witch Item Build Option 1 Shining Ether Rocket Boots Darkhold Cosmic Cube Loki Scepter Wand of Watboob Scarlet Witch gameplay video

Marvel Super War: Ant-Man Guide

Ant-man is a strong fighter hero with normal difficulty in the marvel super war. Ant-man is a very tricky hero if you know when to use his skills combo, you can easily do damage to the enemies while taking very little damage to yourself. Let’s check out his item builds. Ant-Man Skills Marvel Super War … Read more

Marvel Super War – Vision Guide

vision is a marksman hero. His specialty is harvesting the energy from the solar jewel on his forehead to a fire super-long distance energy beam that deals massive damage to enemies. He can also control the density of his body to phase through obstacles or defend against enemy attacks. Vision Skills Vision item Build Option … Read more

Marvel Super War – Captain Marvel Guide

Captain Marvel is a good fighter and assassin hero. She is also quite a decent at 1v1 fight, which makes her suitable both for jungle and top lane. Let’s check out her skills and item build. Captain Marvel Skills Captain Marvel Item Build Option 1 Quantum Riffle Upgraded Hydra Boots Double Dagger Godslayer Nightsword Immortal … Read more

Marvel Super War – Thor Guide

Thor is a good fighter hero in marvel super war but his skills are easily predictable by the enemies and they can get enough time to prepare for the attack. Lets check out thor skills and item builds. Marvel Super War Thor Skills Marvel Super War Item Builds Option 1 Glorious Armor Hydra Boots Stormbreaker … Read more

Marvel Super War – Hulk Guide

Hulk is a tanky, easy to control hero in marvel super war. Hulk all skills control enemies. He comes under the tank category but his defense is a little bit if you are the only tank in your team so build tanky items to make a strong defense. Let’s check out his skills and … Read more