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DPS (100%)




vision is a marksman hero. His specialty is harvesting the energy from the solar jewel on his forehead to a fire super-long distance energy beam that deals massive damage to enemies. He can also control the density of his body to phase through obstacles or defend against enemy attacks.

Vision Skills

Intangible State

Passive: Vision enters an Intangible State, ignoring terrain and gaining acceleration.

Density Manipulation

Vision manipulates his body's density and enters an Intangible State, becoming immune to enemy damage and control. He cannot use basic attacks while this is active.

Solar Radiation

Vision unleashes a beam in the specified location, dealing damage to enemies in range and burning the ground to slow enemies within its radius.

Solar Energy Beam

Passive: After using this ability, Vision's next 2 basic attacks deal extra physical damage and increase his own attack speed. Active: Vision gathers power and releases an empowered beam in the specified direction, dealing massive physical damage to the first enemy struck and the enemies in its path. Upon striking a hero, Vision enters an Intangible State. The beam's accuracy and attack range increase with time spent gathering power, reaching max attack range at 1.5 seconds and becoming a crit.

Vision item Build

Option 1

  • Double Daggers
  • Hunting Greaves
  • Twilight Blade
  • Nightsword
  • Dual Blade
  • Gungnir

Vision Gameplay Video

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