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Every inch is a human being but constructed of synthetic materials. Vision is the perfect artificial life form powered by the Solar Jewel which makes him capable of discharging powerful radiation. Interfacing through an unknown dimension he can pass through walls and structures to outmaneuver his opponents.

vision is a marksman hero. His specialty is harvesting the energy from the solar jewel on his forehead to a fire super-long distance energy beam that deals massive damage to enemies. He can also control the density of his body to phase through obstacles or defend against enemy attacks.

Vision Skills

Computational Power

Passive: Vision enters Computational Power, ignoring terrain and gaining acceleration by 25%/30%/35%/40% for 1.5 seconds (upgrades at Lv. 1/6/11/16).

Density Manipulation

Vision reduces his body's density and enters Computational Power, becoming immune to enemy damage and control for 1.5 seconds. He cannot use basic attacks while this is active.

Solar Radiation

Vision unleashes a solar beam in the specified location, dealing 20(+80%Physical Attack) physical damage to enemies nearby and leaving a burn on the ground that lasts 2 seconds. The burn deals 20(+15%Physical Attack) physical damage to enemies within it every 0.5 seconds (damage to minions reduced to 65%) with an added 10% slow effect.

Solar Energy Beam

Passive: After using this ability, Vision's next 2 basic attack(s) will deal 10(+15%Physical Attack) extra physical damage and increase attack speed by 20%. Active: Vision gathers power and releases a superpowered beam in the specified direction, dealing 80(+50%Physical Attack) (+2%Target's Max HP(Increases 1% every 80Bonus Physical Attack)) physical damage to enemies in its path and the first enemy hero it hits. Upon striking a hero, Vision enters Computational Power. The beam's accuracy and attack range increase with time spent gathering power, reaching max attack range at 1.5 seconds and becoming a crit. This ability can recharge once every 18 seconds up to 1 time(s).

Vision Skills Analysis

Natural Passive: Computational Power

Computational Power activates when you hit your ultra-skill, Solar Energy Beam which allows Vision to speed up and pass terrain. It is basically the same as the skill 1, Density Manipulation but without the damage immunity.

Remember to abuse this skill against melee heroes by staying near walls and passing through once an enemy gets near.

Skill 1: Density Manipulation

Density Manipulation is basically the same as Computational Power but with the added damage immunity.

Use this skill as your failsafe for avoiding deadly situations and strong skill shots.

Skill 2: Solar Radiation

Solar Radiation is your main farming tool. Use this skill to clear waves of minions fast.

You can bring on the pain to your enemies by combining your Skill 2 with your support’s Crowd Control such as Hulk’s Jade Giant or Cloak and Dagger’s Dark Fear.

Ultra-skill: Solar Energy Beam

Vision charges his Solar Jewel and fires it to the designated location to deal massive amounts of damage. Aim behind the enemy’s trajectory or in other words where he is walking towards to increase your accuracy.

Solar Energy Beam enhances two basic attacks after casting the skill so make sure to attack your enemies after casting the skill. There is a slight cool down between casting your beams to use this time to burn your enhanced attacks.

Solar Energy Beam activates your passive if it hits an enemy hero. Use the opportunity to reposition yourself past walls, further away from your enemies.

Casting your ultra-skill will zoom out your screen but it won’t show enemies beyond the fog of war.

Casting Solar Energy Beam AND aiming it towards the enemy while charging will alert your enemies.

But you can counteract this feature by charging your ultra-skill while aiming it away from your enemies. Then aim your Solar Energy Beam just right before firing it.

This tactic is especially useful when done under a bush giving your enemies no chance to react to your ultra-skill.

Did you know?: In Avengers #242-243 (1984) Vision became the leader of the Avengers but his brain became unbalanced and he tried to take over the world by hacking people’s personal data.”

Skill Progression

Vision item Build

Option 1

This build focuses on being a DPS type marksman. Double daggers  provides armor penetration and cooldown reduction that synergizes with Vision’s skill set. Twilight Blade  converts a portion of critical damage into true damage which increases Vision’s damage ceiling.

Build 2

This build focuses on being a spam type marksman through cooldown reduction from Clairvoyant boots . Due to being able to spam your Ultra-skill more often, Nightsword is a great addition to enhance Vision’s basic attack to compensate for the lack of attack speed.

Power Core

  • Unstable Radiation – Gives Vision additional burst damage easily activated by using his Skill 2, Solar Radiation.
  • Rend Particle – gives the possibility to kill enemies who just barely escaped with its damage over time. This is particularly useful for Vision who kills enemies from far away.
  • Enhancement Module – Increases Vision’s HP as time goes by giving a little more survivability against assassins.
  • Vitality Boost – Increases Vision’s sustain during laning phase.


Blink is the standard tactic for most heroes. Blink is useful for Vision if his Skill 1, Density Manipulation falls short in helping him escape. Never use Blink to initiate with Vision.

Teleport allows Vision to easily return to his lane after returning to base so that no precious time and gold will be wasted. Vision can also use the Teleport tactic to defend in other lanes or split push lanes.

Did you know: “In the Comics, the gem in Vision’s forehead is actually the Solar Jewel/Gem created by a human being in contrasting to Marvel’s Cinematic Universe where the gem that granted Vision life is the more powerful Mind stone created along with the universe in The Big Bang.”


Early Game

  • Always stay behind your support and use your skills to quickly clear your lane. Try to hit both the enemy heroes and minions with your ultra-skill, Solar Energy Beam.
  • Once you reach level 4, start being more aggressive. Try to use your skill 2, Solar Radiation in conjunction with your support’s crowd control ability.

Late Game

  • Stay behind your tanks. Never advance yourself towards the enemy unless you are sure that you can win the fight.
  • The enemy squishies or low hp heroes, especially their mage and marksman, are the primary targets for your ultra-skill, Solar Energy Beam which can take out more than half of your enemy’s HP in a single hit. You can burn your enhanced attack on their enemy tanks who overextends to your side.
  • Also, spam your skill 2, Solar Radiation on enemy tanks because the slow your skill 2 gives will greatly hinder their mobility.


All of Groot’s skillset helps Visiondeal damage safely and efficiently. Groot can pull enemies into Solar Radiation and knock them up to make them stay there. His Ultra-skill, Growing Pains, can render enemies immobile allowing Vision to easily hit enemies with his Solar Energy Beam.

Hulk’s Jade Giant can either pull enemies towards or away from Vision. He also has knockups that can be used to delay enemies from getting away from Solar Radiation.

Cull Obsidian also has repositioning skills which can help Vision deal damage or survive fights. Furious Trample, Cull’s skill 2, can also deal massive damage in tandem with Solar Radiation.


Once you are marked by Daredevil’s Billy Club Bash, Vision can no longer get away even by using his Density Manipulation. Daredevil can also traverse through walls like you do. Always stay with your teammates if there is a Daredevil on the enemy team.

Spiderman’s mobility is hell for Vision. He is stupidly hard to hit with your Solar Energy Beam and there’s no escaping Spiderman once he finds you alone.

The Thing can soak up your Solar Energy Beams and keep his allies safe from your burst damage. Try to angle your skill shots away from his protection.

  • Vision has one of the highest damage single hit skill in the game, Solar Laser Beam, which can reach over 3,000 damage.
  • Vision comes online early and can contribute a big deal in the mid-game more than most traditional marksman like Hawkeye and Rocket Raccoon.
  • He has insane range which can make most enemy heroes feel helpless.
  • Even though Vision has the highest damage single hit skill, Vision is lacking in terms of basic attack damage per second compared to most marksman.
  • Vision peaks in mid-game. If Vision doesn’t have a strong early and mid-game, he will surely feel lackluster compared to the most marksman.
  • It takes a considerable amount of skill and dedication to master using Solar Laser Beam. It is especially hard to the enemy’s mage and marksman in the late game when the enemy team is mindful of you. This is a big con because Vision’s ultra-skill is where most of his damage comes from. 

Written By – CJ Flores ( Life long gamer. 15 years of MOBA experience. A legendary Master rank player from season 0. PH Server.

Vision Gameplay Video