Marvel Super War Human Torch Guide




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A member of the fantastic four, Jonathan “Johnny” Storm gained his powers on a spacecraft bombarded by cosmic rays. He can engulf his entire body in flames, fly, absorb fire harmlessly into his own body, and control any nearby fire by sheer force of will. “Flame on!,” which the Torch customarily shouts when activating his full-body flame effect, has become his catchphrase.

Human torch is one of the most annoying heroes in Marvel Super War because of his quick movements that makes him difficult to deal with. Now let’s have a breakdown of everything you need to know about Human Torch!

Human Torch Skills


Passive: The Human Torch will tag any enemy hero struck by Combustion with a 7-second Spark mark. Marking enemies with successive Sparks will refresh the mark's duration.


The Human Torch unleashes a fiery blast in the specified direction, exploding on contact with an enemy target, dealing 80(+50%Energy Attack) energy damage and slowing by 50% for 1.5 seconds all enemies within the blast radius. The slow effect will decay over time.

Fiery Cage

The Human Torch gains 60% movement speed for 2 seconds and a shield that absorbs 160(+55%Energy Attack) damage then flies in the specified direction, leaving flames at both his launch point and destination. He can fly again to leave a third lot of flames at his next destination. After creating three blazes, they will merge to create a triangular cage of fire. Enemies caught within will take 150(+80%Energy Attack) energy damage. The initial movement speed bonus decays over time. If this ability hits an enemy with the Spark mark, it will deal an extra 90(+55%Energy Attack) energy damage, while refreshing the cooldown and restoring 120(+60%Energy Attack) HP.

Flames of Rage

The Human Torch charges toward an enemy marked with Spark, creating a flaming torrent at their location, which slows enemies in range by 75%. This torrent explodes after a brief delay, dealing 220(+60%Energy Attack) energy damage to enemies in range and stunning them for 1.6 seconds. The Human Torch cannot be targeted while creating flaming torrents.

Human Torch Skills Analysis

Natural Passive: Spark

Your skill 1, Combustion, marks the enemy with spark which triggers effects for your other skills.

Skill 1: Combustion

This is Human Torch’s main poking ability in the early game. This skill force the enemy to move themselves out of range because it gives them disadvantage when farming minions because of its annoying slow effect.

Make sure to use this ability whenever because it only has a short cool down and low EP cost.

Skill 2: Fiery Cage

This is Human Torch’s asset ability because it makes him continuously dash on any direction with successive hits of Combustion and Fiery Cage which makes him annoying to deal with.

He can even survive even his HP is low if an enemy was caught up in the cage because successful triggers of Fiery Cage with a marked enemy will cause not only extra damage and the refreshing of the cool down of Fiery Cage but it will also heal Human Torch.

Do not tower dive during early game because it’s too risky. there will be instances that the enemy jungler will be waiting for a gank and will leave you no choice but to die. Wait for the minion waves to push your lane before you aggressively attack your enemy.

A trick you can use to tower dive is to mark the enemy outside the tower when you have minions under their tower. After marking the enemy with Combustion, you can safely create triangles under their tower without drawing the tower aggro as long as their are friendly minions under their tower.

Be careful when creating cages in the presence of enemies with crowd controls because sometimes being stunned after the 1st dash will make the 2nd dash unavailable. This will leave Human Torch vulnerable to attacks.

Always remember where you started the cage so you can increase your chances of hitting the enemy. Practice makes trapping enemies easier!

Ultra-skill: Flames of Rage

Human Torch creates flaming torrents at the location of the targeted marked enemy stunning them while making Human Torch untargetable.

His ultimate ability gives you a lot of opportunity during a team fight because you can dodge your enemy’s skill shots or you can use this to provide you some time in case your skills are on cool down.

His ultimate is best used when enemies are crumpled in the same area which lets you to stun all of the enemies in the area of Flames of Rage. In addition, casting this ability after you hit an enemy with a spark and casting the first phase of your Fiery Cage is a good strategy because the enemy is stunned making the the Fiery Cage a sure hit.

Did you know? Human Torch has extreme control over the fires he can make. He can use the flames to do extremely precise feats such as surgery or he can go Nova. Going Nova means he is going to release the biggest flames he can muster, said to be as hot as an exploding sun!

Skill Progression

Item Build

Arc Reactor is the best item for spam type heroes such as Human Torch. Every kill or assist will decrease the cool down of your ultra-skill. Eye of Agamotto has an active which grants you the ability to be invulnerable for a short amount of time enough to buy you time for your skills to be off cool down so you can zap away from harm or outplay your enemies for a clutch kill. Antimatter Cannon increases your sustain during clashes. You can opt to build this item before Wand of Watoomb if you are having trouble surviving fights.

Power Core

  • Cosmic Vortex – Summons a vortex on an area where you dealt energy damage which deals damage over time. This Vortex increases your wave clear and damage potential.
  • Strike Particle – Grants 4% damage when your HP is below 70%. Since Human Torch fights head on, you will have this damage bonus most of the time.
  • Resistance Module – Grants additional crowd control resistance which is important for Human Torch since crowd controls are his weakness.
  • Vitality Boost – Restores HP and EP on kills and assists which is very useful for Human Torch since he thrives on picking off enemy one by one.


Blink is the standard tactic for all heroes. Human Torch can use the blink tactic to escape perilous situations when his other skills are on cool down.

Wound is the go to offensive tactic for Human Torch as it allows him to finish low HP enemies which barely survives his combo.

Early Game Strategy

  • Use your skill 1, Combustion, to your enemy because they will distant themselves from you because of it’s annoying slow effect, short cool down and low EP consumption. Farm as much as possible because human torch is terrible at farming minions.
  • You can use your skill 2, Fiery Cage, to clear minions once it is pushed to your tower to clear them faster. You will usually encounter this situation because Human Torch clears the lane slower than most mid laners.

Late Game Strategy

  • Use your skill 1, Combustion, as much as possible because it gives a lot of damage during late game. This is the time that you just fly and fly and fly while your enemies keep chasing you and taking continuous damage.
  • Keep in mind that you’re vulnerable to crowd controls so be careful when you’re confronting multiple enemies.


The Thing

The Thing‘s Boulder Crash allows you to execute a clean combo to your enemies without giving them the time to react to your skills.

Ebony Maw

Ebony Maw‘s skill requires a host which can dive deep into enemy territory fast which Human Torch can do exactly.

Invisible Woman

Invisible Woman can root your enemies which can give you enough time to cleanly execute your combo.


Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch‘s Reality Warp can knock back and stun Human Torch which can be disruptive and even fatal for Human Torch.

Small Jubilee

Jubilee‘s Spark Show will force Human Torch to retreat or else he will be stunned. Jubilee has two charges of her dash skills which makes her an almost impossible target for Human Torch’s Flames of Rage.


Mantis can simply stop and kill Human Torch with her Force Control.

  • One of the most mobile heroes in Marvel Super War. His continuous dashes can be annoying to deal with.
  • Strong consistent damage.
  • High outplay potential due to his sustain and untargetable status during his ultra-skill.
  • Very hard to master. It would take considerable number of games to get used to the triangle mechanic of his Fiery Cage.
  • Weak laning phase. He can be easily oppressed during the laning phase due to his slow clear and weak poke.


Human Torch is an A-tier Mid laner because he is not that popular of a hero and very high risk. But in the hands of a master, he can outplay S-tier mid laners and even their whole team. He is fun to play with a high replayability rating. Practice him and “Flame on!” your way to the top of your rank games!