Marvel Super War – The Thing Guide




DPS (20%)

DEFENSE (100%)



It’s clobberin’ time! The Thing is of the toughest superhero in the Marvel Universe. Possessing a rock-like physique, he has superhuman strength, stamina, and durability. He has toughness that compares to The Hulk, even besting the Jade Giant in one occasion. Even with all the toughness, he has exceptional speed and agility making him one of the strongest tanks in the Marvel Universe.

Skill Analysis

Hard Rock

Passive: Every 10 seconds, The Thing's next basic attack is enhanced, allowing him to leap toward a specified target and deal 30(+50%Physical Attack) (+3*Level) physical damage to enemies in the area he lands, as well as slowing affected targets by 20% for 1.5 seconds.


The Thing smashes the ground beneath him, fracturing the earth in the specified direction. Enemies in the path are dealt 60(+80%Physical Attack) (+8%Bonus Max HP) physical damage. If the fracture hits an enemy hero, or when reaches its max distance, stone pillars arise along its path, knocking nearby enemies up after a short delay and dealing 30(+20%Physical Attack) (+2%Bonus Max HP) physical damage, while slowing them by 40% for 1 seconds.


The Thing tramples the ground 5 times, each time dealing 40(+40%Physical Attack) physical damage to enemies in range and inflicting a 0.5-second 20% slowing effect. The trampling cannot be interrupted. After he finishes trampling, The Thing leaps in the direction of the joystick, dealing 80(+80%Physical Attack) physical damage to enemies in the area he lands. Each time this ability hits an enemy hero or monster, The Thing gains one layer of a shield effect that can absorb 30(+5%Bonus Max HP) damage per layer.

Boulder Crash

The Thing quickly charges to a specified location, dealing 60(+20%Physical Attack) physical damage to enemies in his path and knocking them aside. When he reaches his target location, he deals 120(+60%Physical Attack) (+9%Target's Max HP) physical damage to enemies in range and knocks them up for 1 seconds.

Natural Passive: Hard Rock

Every 10 seconds, The Thing gains the ability to jump on the target opponent and deal extra damage and slow them. It is useful to harass your opponents and for chasing fleeing enemies.

During the laning phase, use this ability to harass your lane opponent. Use it every 10 seconds and partner it with your other skills to maximize damage.

Skill 1: Earthquake

This skill is useful for poking enemies for harassing and for finishing fleeing enemies. It has a deceptively long range useful for canceling recall and even potentially killing enemies under towers.

Earthquake’s second phase is easy to avoid so in order to make it hit, follow it up with your other skills. Any of your other skills will do the trick but it works exceptionally well with your ultra-skill, Bolder Crash. Especially when your enemies are cramped and grouped up.

Skill 2: Quake

Quake is The Thing’s bread and butter. It allows him to move inside the enemy’s line through the bonus shield and crowd control immunity while simultaneously dealing damage and slow to nearby enemies.

Do not be afraid to get up close and personal with your enemies because you will gain a layer of shield every time you damage enemies. This is a good way to soak up damage and skill shots such as Vision’s Solar Laser Beam.

Also use the skill to bait enemy’s single target crowd control skill like The Hulk’s Jade Giant. You will still receive damage but the crowd control effect won’t take hold because this skill is uninterruptable.

You can use this skill to set up an unexpected Boulder Crash because you can use your ultra-skill even while Quake is in the middle of its effect.

After trampling 5 times, The Thing jumps towards the direction he is facing. The Jump will deal more damage so it is useful for finishing enemies off. Although, it could be also used to disengage if you are outnumbered or doubtful about the engagement.

Ultra-Skill: Boulder Crash

Boulder Crash is a top-tier initiation skill. It pushes aside those hit by The Thing’s charging and knocks up those caught inside the skill’s area of effect.

Boulder Crash’s core strength is that it has near instant casting animation giving the enemy’s almost no chance to react. It also deals significant HP based damage.

If you think your ultra-skill would not reach your enemies, you can reposition yourself mid animation through using your blink so you can hit as much enemies as you possibly can.

Skill Progression

Did you know?: The Thing is practically immortal. He only ages when he is in his human form, which only happens once a year. In Fantastic Four #605, Mr. Fantastic traveled 3,000 years into the future and met The Thing, still alive.”

Item Build

Support/Roamer build

Enhancement Serum is a support item that grants physical and magic resistance for nearby friendly heroes. Buying a support item is a must have for a support bot laner so the gold from the last hits you deal will transfer to your marksman. Glorious Armor is a must have item for The Thing because the constant area of effect energy damage synergizes well with his skill 2, Quake.

Top laner build

Vibranium Suit is the perfect end game item for The Thing as it deals back a good amount of damage to your attackers, perfect for dealing with marksmen who deals large amounts of basic attack damage in the late game.

Power Core

  • Psionic Mark – This core is the perfect balance of offense and defense, giving you bonus damage and a shield 4 seconds after entering combat.
  • Suppression Particle – grants bonus damage and a resistance debuff which is perfect for making your marksman partner in the bot lane deal more damage to your target. The Thing also moves a lot for a tank which synergizes with this core’s condition of being charged every time its user moves.
  • Protection Module – grants the user additional shield upon taking damage from a hero or a turret. This core makes diving towers less risky, even early in the game.
  • Agility Boost – grants additional movement speed upon exiting combat, allowing you easier access to other lanes, increasing your map presence.


Blink is the standard tactic for all heroes. This allows you to have a surprise advantage to your initiations and can also be used to escape dangerous situations. This tactic can also be used to adjust your ultra-skill, Boulder Crash, which is useful for clutch situations.

Teleport is the standard tactic for top laners. It allows you easy access to sustain from the fountain without risking your tower from getting destroyed easily. You can also use this tactic to support other lanes in clutch situations. It is especially useful in contesting The Leviathan (A.K.A. The Black Panther Spirit) as it allows you to help in securing it and quickly get back to your lane.

Paralyze is by far the best tactic for supports because it is useful for both offensive and defensive situations. Offensively, it can be used to secure fleeing opponents. Defensively, it can weaken the damage of burst damage chargers such as Black Knight & Captain America.

Did you know?: In an instance where The Thing lost his powers, Mr. Fantastic created a suit of powered battle armor similar to The Hulkbuster which simulated The Thing’s powers, albeit to a weaker degree..”

Early Game Strategy

  • Play aggressively every time your skill 2, Quake is available. Most heroes won’t be able to win a damage trade with you during the duration of Quake.
  • Spam your skill 1, Earthquake whenever possible.
  • When playing as a support, if you are comfortable that your marksman can survive alone, try to coordinate with your jungler to gank the mid lane or invade the enemy’s jungle.

Late Game Strategy

  • If your allies are near you and you encounter a group of enemy heroes, do not hesitate to initiate with your ultra-skill, Boulder Crash. The skill is almost instant and would surprise enemy’s most of the time.
  • When your ultra-skill is on cool down, do not chase enemies but rather, be a meat shield for your carries. Your skill 2, Quake, can soak of a large amount of damage allowing you to be a shield for your teammates to safely deal damage behind your back.


Ebony Maw

Ebony Maw and The Thing is a match made in Marvel Heaven. The near instant charge of The Thing’s ultra-skill, Boulder Crash, synergizes perfectly with Ebony Maw’s skillset. This allows for an easy execution of the chain control of Ebony Maw’s Bewilderment and Dark Burst.

Groot’s ultra-skill, Growing Pains, has a 1 second delay which makes it hard to land it successfully. But combined with The Thing’s ultra-skill, Boulder Crash, it is a guaranteed crowd control, making it a dangerous combination.


Hulk is a popular partner for The Thing, and that is for good reasons. The Hulk’s ultra-skill, Shockwave, pairs well with The Thing’s ultra-skill, Boulder Crash. The Hulk also makes up for The Thing only weakness, which is having reliable single target crowd controls.


Iceman is the bane of all tanks. He constantly deals HP based damage through his passive, Frost. He is also currently the only hero that could stop The Thing’s skill 2, Quake, through Frost.

Hela can easily peel off The Thing’s HP through the combination of her skills, Nightsword and Spirit Drain. She can also easily kite through The Thing’s offense through the movement speed bonus of Nightsword.

Cull Obsidian nullifies The Thing’s initiation potential through his counter initiation with his ultra-skill, Deadly Spiral.

  • One of the Tankiest heroes in Marvel Super War due to the multiple shield granted by his Skill 2, Quake.
  • Has surprisingly high damage output and above average mobility for a tank.
  • He has a very reliable initiation skill with his ultra-skill, Boulder Crash.
  • Has a straightforward skill kit and can carry games even as a support.
  • The Thing lacks a spammable and reliable crowd control outside of his Ultra-skill.
  • He has no sustain capabilities compared to most tanks which can reliably heal themselves.


The Thing is easily one of your top tier top laner and support/roamer. He sits at the top of the tier list as an S-tier for both positions. If you are a tank main looking for a hero to carry games as a tank, you can never go wrong with The Thing.