Marvel Super War – Thanos Guide




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The Mad Titan, one of the strongest entities in the Marvel Universe, borne from the race of Titatian Eternals, sets out to gather the infinity stones to conquer the universe to seek out balance and for his love of Mistress Death. Thanos has surpassed the level of the already powerful Eternal race through his scientific achievements and mysticism, allowing him to have god-like powers, and with the infinity stones in his hands, there is no one able to stop the rarest hero in Marvel Super War.

Marvel Super War – Thanos Skills

Mad Titan

Passive: If Thanos hasn't taken any damage for 8 seconds, he obtains a shield that can absorb up to 50(+10%Max HP) damage.

Cosmic Power

Thanos channels power for a short duration before charging and punching in the specified direction, dealing 20(+120%Physical Attack) physical damage to enemies in a rectangular area and inflicting a 50% slow effect for 2 seconds. He can move freely while channeling power. He can punch again in the specified direction within 5 seconds of casting, dealing 20(+100%Physical Attack) physical damage to enemies in range and briefly knocking them back. Once Thanos has the Power Stone or Mind Stone, the ability effect will change.

Titan Rage

Thanos stomps the ground to deal 70(+70%Physical Attack) physical damage and inflict a 20% slow effect for 1.5 seconds on nearby enemies, while his next basic attack becomes Brutal Pummel. Brutal Pummel: Thanos' basic attacks deal an extra (+100%Physical Attack) physical damage and launch up targets for 0.8 seconds. Once Thanos has the Space Stone or Reality Stone, the ability effect will change.

Titan Strike

Thanos charges in the specified direction. When the Soul Stone or the Time Stone has been obtained, ability effect is changed.

Infinity Gauntlet

Passive: Every time this ability upgrades, Thanos obtains an Infinity Stone that enhances his abilities. Each ability can only be enhanced once. When Thanos obtains stones, he needs to channel for 3 seconds to activate their power. Active: Thanos punches the specified enemy hero with Infinity Gauntlet, dealing 200(+100%Physical Attack) (+25%Target's Missing HP) physical damage.

Thanos Skill Analysis

Natural Passive: Mad Titan

Thanos passively gains a shield based on his maximum HP every after 8 seconds after receiving any damage. The timer will only set off and refresh his passive if he has no shield left.

Abuse this passive during the early game and play around it. Meaning, trade hits with your enemy every time you have a shield and play safe while waiting for your shield to come back. This way, you will damage your enemy while maintaining your health.

Once you get the hang of using Thanos’s mobility, you should purposely take damage in order to reset your shield when there is just a little amount that prevents your shield to refresh.

Skill 1: Cosmic Power

Cosmic Power is your main damage and initiation tool. The skill has two phases. The first phase has a short casting animation and will make Thanos jump a short distance forward. Hitting the enemy with the first phase will damage and slow the enemy.

The second phase will make Thanos punch the enemy and knock them back. The knock back can interrupt some skills such as Adam Warlock’s Dynamic Punch.

Both phases of Cosmic Power have a short-range and a relatively small hit box so make it a habit to manually target the enemy with it. Also, make it a habit to put in some basic attacks in between the phases to make full use of the slow and enhanced attack passive from your items.

Cosmic Power – Power Stone.

  • Effect: Burst Damage
  • Upgrade recommended at level: 6

The Power Stone imbues the second phase of the skill Cosmic Power with additional burst damage.

The Power Stone is best against squishy lineups in the early game as a Jungler Thanos.

The burst damage part of the skill is unavoidable when you are marked by the first phase of the skill. In other words, when the first phase hits a target, the explosion will happen to the target upon activation of the second phase regardless if the target is hit by the second phase. Curiously, this effect is removed when the power stone is upgraded into the power-space stone meteor punch combination.

Once Thanos gets the space stone after the power stone, Cosmic Power is upgraded once more, conjuring two meteors on the second phase, dealing more damage. The second meteor follows the target regardless of the distance if the first meteor hits.

Cosmic Power – Mind Stone

  • Effect: Mind Control
  • Upgrade recommended at level: 6 or 11 after Reality Stone

Mind Stone imbues Cosmic Power with additional crowd control. When an enemy hero is hit with both phases of Cosmic Power, the target will be mind controlled which will make them helplessly move towards Thanos.

Thanos will also have control immunity while executing the second phase of the skill. This will make you uninterruptible for a short while. But, do not rely on the control immunity this skill gives because the duration of the immunity is so short it is virtually negligible. Although, it does help randomly from time to time.

The Mind Stone is best against mobility heavy lineup especially if your team is lacking in crowd control.

Skill 2: Titan Rage

Titan Rage is your secondary damage and crowd control tool. The skill also has two phases. The first phase is a stomp deals damage and a weak slow in an area around Thanos. The second phase is a basic attack enhancement called Brutal Pummel that makes the next attack of Thanos deal extra damage and knock the enemy upwards.

Titan Rage – Space Stone

  • Effect: Teleportation
  • Upgrade recommended at level: 11 after Power Stone

Space Stone enhances the second phase of Titan Rage, Brutal Pummel by making it a teleportation skill which makes Thanos hit the enemy thrice in mid-air.

Brutal Pummel – Space Stone will make Thanos teleport to the enemy’s location and even if they try to run away, the skill will connect, for a maximum distance of about half of the screen height. If the enemy runs further away, the skill will be canceled.

However, there is a short delay where Thanos does nothing before he executes the teleport. This short delay could mean life or death in a clash in the late game. For this reason, Space Stone is a very unpopular pick in high tier Thanos users.

Space stone could also accidentally put Thanos in the middle of the enemy’s team making the stone unnecessarily risky.

Space Stone in combination with the Power Stone will upgrade the Power Stone, making it drop meteors. The combination looks the prettiest but it is by far the Stone combination with the lowest win rate.

Titan Rage – Reality Stone

  • Effect: Illusions – damage and durability enhancement
  • Upgrade recommended at level: 6 or 11 after Power Stone or Mind Stone

Reality Stone summons two illusions that attacks simultaneously with your basic attacks and receives damage in your place.

The illusions can be used as a meat shield against directional skills such as Star-Lord’s skill 1, Let’s Rock or Vision’s ultra-skill, Solar Laser Beam. You just have to face against the skill before the skill hits.

Area of Effect crowd control skills such as Iceman’s Absolute Zero or Scarlet Witch’s Chaos Magic cannot be tanked by the illusions but they will still receive damage from it making those skills great counters against the illusions.

One of Reality Stone’s strongest quality is that the bonus damage applies on tower damage which can make Thanos a strong tower demolisher.

Skill 3: Titan Strike

Titan Strike is Thanos’s main mobility skill. It allows him to engage or disengage in fights. It also allows him to leap through terrain obstacles. Although it cannot go through higher obstacles such as the ones near the 1st tier middle lane towers.

Titan Strike – Time Stone

  • Effect: Time backtrack
  • Upgrade recommended at level: 16

The Time Stone upgrade grants Titan Strike a second phase where Thanos will go back in the time where he first casts Titan Strike. Upon going back, Thanos will recover some HP he lost between the casting of the first and the second phase.

The backtrack effect is least useful for the sustain effect. It is more useful for poking and for juking.

Poke combo – S2 – S3 – S1 – basic attack – S1 – S3

This combo allows you to dive into the enemy lines and damage them without receiving too much damage in return. Although, this combo has only a little wiggle room. If you get crowd controlled or be late even just a little, you will be stuck in between your enemies and be most like dead. So, be mindful of the phase 2 timer so you can adjust accordingly and teleport back in time.

The backtrack effect is good for juking. You can use the phase one to run in one direction and if they overextend and get too close, you can activate the phase two to run in another direction. You can use this technique to burst down enemies who think you are running away especially squishy heroes who think they are safe under their tower.

Juke combo – S3 – run away a little – S2 – S3 – S1 – Basic Attack – S1 – Ultra-skill

Titan Strike – Soul Stone

  • Effect: Life Drain
  • Upgrade recommended at level: 16

The Soul Stone upgrade grants Thanos a strong sustain skill capable of healing him by around 1k health for each cast while dealing around the same damage at the same time.

The skill is a channeling skill, meaning, Thanos cannot cast another skill or attack while the skill is being cast. Even so, Thanos can still move while channeling the skill. Make sure to maintain a short distance, around the range of a ranged basic attack, because the channeling stops when the distance between Thanos and his target becomes too far.

Choose the Soul Stone upgrade if you are the only tank or if you are the main peeler or space creator for your team.

Ultra-skill: Infinity Gauntlet

Infinity Gauntlet is your execution skill that allows you to finish off low HP targets. The execution HP threshold is as follows:

 Pure Tank buildDamage Build

Thanos jumps towards the target and will follow the target even if they use the blink tactic or any mobility skills, given that the ultra-skill is already casted before the mobility skill is used.

Every time Thanos levels up his ultra-skill, he will be able to upgrade one of his skills.

Remember to hide under towers before you upgrade your skills because it takes some time to finish the upgrading animation where Thanos flexes his newly found stone, admiring it while being vulnerable to enemy attacks.

“Did you know?: Thanos is from the lineage of Eternals but he is born with the Deviant Syndrome which is why he doesn’t look similar to other Eternals, instead he looks similar to the Deviants, an offshoot species or cousin, and enemies, of the Eternals.”

Skill Progression

Stone Progression

Burst Type

Power Stone > Reality Stone > Time Stone/Soul Stone

Control type

Mind Stone > Reality Stone > Time Stone/Soul Stone

Losing Lane

Reality Stone > Mind Stone > Time Stone/Soul Stone

Item Build

Standard Top Lane

Glorious Armor helps Thanos clear the lanes faster so that he can secure his lane and roam and help other lanes faster. Double Daggers enhances Thanos’s damage significantly so it is a must have item across all his builds. Nightsword enhances his basic attacks which synergizes well with Thanos’s kit. Megingjord synergizes well with Thanos’s natural passive and the skill 3 upgrades. And the Titan’s Glory can help Thanos get out in sticky situations with its dispel active.

Tank Top Build

Starlight Armor is the tank item substitute to Nightsword. Captain America’s Shield or Deathly Phantom should be built according to the enemy team’s carrier.

Standard Jungle Build

Tank Jungle Build

Power Core

  • Unstable Radiation – Perfect for burst damage type heroes which makes the hero deal extra damage when using multiple different attacks.
  • Suppression Particle – Moving and basic attacks will charge this particle which is perfect for Thanos with his mobility, and once fully charge will deal bonus damage and apply an armor and energy resist debuff.
  • Resistance Module – Reduces crowd control effects and when paired with the Enhanced Hydra Boots, reduces crowd control significantly, increasing Thanos’s chances of survival against stuns, knock-ups, and the likes.
  • Bestial Boost – Increases the up time of jungle buffs so Thanos can enjoy them longer.
  • Psionic Mark (blue) – This core should be used when you plan on using a tank build because this core grants a shield and HP based bonus damage.


The Blink tactic is the standard tactic for all heroes. This allows Thanos to engage and disengage with relative safety along with his other mobility skills. Cosmic Power can also be repositioned with Blink allowing for a long-distance jump on an enemy carry for a swift assassination.

The Leech tactic is a must for junglers. This allows Thanos to farm quickly and to secure the secondary objectives, Surtur and The Leviathan (The Black Panther Spirit). The upgraded leech tactic can also be used to deal extra damage and grant a speed boost to yourself and slow the enemy at the same time which helps Thanos make successful ganks.

Teleport is the standard tactic for top laners which allows you to respond to clashes far from your lane and to help secure The Leviathan (The Black Panther Spirit) and get back to your lane quickly. This tactic can also be used to recall to replenish your life quickly without risking your tower’s health.

Wound is sometimes substituted for Blink for a more aggressive playstyle. This tactic can be used to execute enemies if your ultra-skill is unavailable or fails to kill the enemy. Wound goes through enemy shields.

“Did you know? Thanos as a child, was a pacifist and would only play with his brother and with animals. But due to his deformities, he became obsessed with the concept of death.”

Early Game Strategy

  • Thanos has a relatively weak early game so focus on last hitting creeps as a top laner or with clearing the jungle camps as a jungler.
  • Play around the shield from your natural passive in trading hits with the enemy heroes.
  • Once you hit level 6 and get your first item and boots, you can begin to be more aggressive and start making plays for your team.
  • As a top laner, try to bully your lane opponent to kill him or force him to recall so you can destroy the 1st tier tower. Look for opportunities to help your mid laner and help secure The Leviathan (The Black Panther Spirit).
  • As a jungler, do not force fights in the early game phase. It is enough to force recalls and make the enemy team fear you. Farming is top priority.

Late Game Strategy

  • Mid game to late game is where Thanos really shines. He can be played both as a tank or as an assassin.
  • When playing as a tank, make sure to disrupt the enemy tanks and keep them away from your teammates. Do not stray far away from your team just to chase enemies.
  • When playing as an assassin or a damager, join team fights a little bit late, hide in the bushes to look for opportunities to jump on the enemy’s carries. Burst down an enemy carry then repeat.
  • Always look for opportunities to push down enemy towers and to steal their buffs.


The Thing

The Thing is the perfect tank to have as a teammate when playing as Thanos because he can provide sufficient peeling and protection for your team so that you can focus on damaging your enemies.

Invisible Woman

Invisible Woman is a great pair up with a jungler Thanos because Thanos is relatively slower than most junglers which makes it harder to surprise enemies with ganks. Invisible Woman’s Invisible Force Field helps with that with the AoE invisibility and movement speed buff.

Ebony Maw

Ebony Maw is another great pairing with a jungler Thanos because his Psychic Entity grants a movement speed buff and shield. A Thanos and Ebony Maw diving into the enemy lines is sure to be devastating.


Iceman is the go-to counter against tanks. His Frost passive deals HP% based damage and every time it procs, Thanos will stop whatever he is doing, canceling out even his mighty ultra-skill, Infinity Gauntlet.

Sandman punishes Thanos in the top lane. Thanos is out-damaged and out-sustained by Sandman in the laning phase. All that Thanos can do when facing Sandman is to hug his tower.

  • One of the most versatile heroes in Marvel Super War. His variety of stone combinations makes him very flexible. He can be played as a tank in the top lane or even as an assassin playing in the jungle. There are cases where he can even be played successfully in other lanes. 
  • He has one of the strongest single target bursts combos which is also very reliable.
  • He has a good balance of offense and defense. Even if he is played as a burst damage hero, he has adequate defense and conversely, when he is played as a tank, he can still deal good amounts of damage.
  • Thanos comes online slowly which makes his early game crucial for him. The problem is, he is weak in the early game. If he loses his lane, he will have a hard time catching up and will be useless for longer.
  • Mastering Thanos takes some time. He will feel weak in the hands of most players that is just beginning to use him. But it is worth to master him.
  • Thanos is behind a massive paywall that takes a lot of money or a lot of time. Personally, it took me 4 months of playing the game before I got Thanos without paying for anything. It will take more or less 2 months if you get the Growth Plan and the Weekly & Monthly Supplies Plan. But of course, you have to factor in your luck.


Thanos reigns at the top of the Marvel Super War universe as a S-tier top laner and Jungler. With his wide variety of possible stone and item combinations, you won’t get tired of playing him. Practice and master him to stylishly pave your wave to the higher ranks!