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Hi, all Marvel Moba Game Fans,

I have decided to create this page for you guys who want to be the contributor of superwarguide with your guides, tips, tricks, builds etc. I think I can’t write about all the heroes because for that I will need to play with that hero to make a guide and it will take too much time to write all the guide myself. so if you know everything about your hero then make a guide and win awesome rewards.

If you want to be a part of this blog, just kindly send me an email to with this information:

  • Email title: Contributor Super War Guide
  • Your Name: Your real name (Not the game name)
  • Your Skype ID or Facebook ID (If Any)
  • Your experience in this: How long have you been playing this game?
  • You can submit anything regarding Marvel Super war: Guides, build, team combo etc.
  • Make sure that this is your own guide and you didn’t copy it from anywhere else.
  • Please use the Search button to make sure your guide/topic wasn’t posted on website before, or make sure it is unique.
  • If you want to attach screenshots into the guide, please upload them to Imgur and paste the links of the images into the guide.
  • At least 750-word guide is strongly recommended. A too-short guide is not going to be posted.
  • For every 1 good Super war guides, you will receive a 275-star credit into your account from the Superwarguide team. Also, your name will be featured on our website. Just remember to mention your name and email in those guides.
  • Write an example guide (using Microsoft Words or Word Pad,…) and attach it with the mail.

After receiving your mail, I will reply as soon as possible.


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