Marvel Super War – Storm Guide




DPS (100%)




Ororo Monroe, more famously known as Storm, is one of the strongest mutants in the Marvel universe. She is capable of controlling the weather and has an Omega level potential which means there are no foreseeable limits to her power. She became the queen of Wakanda for a time and a leader of the second of generation of X-men. And now, she becomes one of the strongest mid laners in Marvel Super War ready to lead the battle in the Wakandan battlefield.

Storm Skills

Wind Shield

Passive: Whenever Storm hasn't taken damage from an enemy hero for 20/18/16/14 seconds, she gains a Wind Shield that absorbs 150(+10*Level) damage. When her Wind Shield disappears, Storm instantly gains 45% acceleration, which decays over 2 seconds. Wind Shield's refresh time decreases at level 1/5/10/15.

Chain Lighting

Storm unleashes chain lightning on the selected enemy, which will ricochet onward to other nearby enemies after 0.75 seconds, dealing 160(+65%Energy Attack) energy damage. This lightning can jump up to 3 times and can only deal damage to the same target once. Every time an enemy is defeated by Chain Lightning, its subsequent damage increases by 10%.


Storm fires off a cyclone in the specified direction, dealing 80(+40%Energy Attack) energy damage to non-hero units in its path as it gradually disperses. The cyclone will rapidly dissipate upon hitting an enemy hero or traveling a long distance, dealing 130(+55%Energy Attack) energy damage and a 1-second stun to nearby enemies.

Eye of the Storm

Storm summons a bolt of lightning at the specified location, dealing 100(+35%Energy Attack) energy damage and a 1.5-second slow of 50% to nearby enemies. The bolt's energy will diffuse outwards in an X-shape from the point of impact after 0.6 seconds, dealing a further 80(+30%Energy Attack) energy damage to nearby enemies. Its damage will be more severe the greater the percentage of HP already lost by the target, up to 3×. This ability will have no cooldown at all if it manages to K.O. an enemy hero.

Storm Skill Analysis

Natural Passive: Wind Shield

Wind shield is Storm’s innate defensive mechanism which grants her movement speed after she her shield is depleted. This make her hard to kill except when she is crowd controlled so consider using the Dispel tactic to make up for her lack of disengage abilities.

Skill 1: Chain Lighting

Chain Lighting is your main farming and poke skill. It deals considerable damage that bounces from across nearby enemies, prioritizing heroes.

Chain lighting has a short delay before the first bounce so keep that in mind before casting. The subsequent lightnings bounces faster.

Chain Lighting’s damage increases for every enemy hero killed using it. To maximize the chances of killing the enemy hero using the skill, use your ultra-skill, Eye of the Storm and follow it up immediately by Chain Lightning.

Skill 2: Hurricane

Hurricane is your crowd control skill. It moves fairly slow so predict where your enemy is going next or use it as a zoning tool instead, making the enemy move where you want them to.

Hurricane is supposed to be a two-step damage at the end of its distance but it doesn’t seem to work that way except when it only hits minions at the end of its distance.

Ultra-skill: Eye of the Storm

Eye of the Storm is your execution skill. It deals more damage the lower your enemy’s HP is. It also slows the enemy around its area and its best feature, it resets when a hero is killed because of it or while under its area.

Do not hesitate to use this skill to “kill steal” your enemies because you will deal more area damage this way.

Always follow-up your Eye of the Storm with your skill 1, Chain Lighting to ensure kills and as a bonus, increase your Chain Lighting damage.

Did you know? Storm once wielded a Mjolnir like hammer called Stormcaster which further amplified her powers.

Storm Skill Progression

Item Build

Cosmic Cube increases your burst damage by a lot because of the item’s passive which grants additional damage on top of her skill damage. Wand of Watoomb increases your damage by a lot. Darkhold increases your damage per second versus tanks. Consider building Frosted Spirit Orb to increase your EP regeneration but do not complete your Arc Reactor until you finished your Wand of Watoomb, at the very least.

Power Core

  • Time Lag – Slows enemy heroes where you deal them damage equivalent to 25% of their maximum HP. In the late game, a single cast of your skill 1, Chain Lightning, is enough to trigger the effect. Most players uses the Cosmic Vortex core but Storm’s wave clear is fast enough even without the help of the purple core.
  • Rend Particle – Helps kill low HP enemies, complementing Storm’s role as a mid lane finisher.
  • Restoration Module – Restores a portion of HP and EP upon kills or assists. It helps Storm fight her enemies kill after kill.
  • Spellcast Boost – Reduces the cooldown of your skills more as you level up.


Blink is the standard tactic for all heroes and a necessary one for Storm because she does not have a natural disengage ability.

Dispel is another useful tactic for storm because she is vulnerable against crowd controls.

Early Game Strategy

  • Clear the lanes as fast as you can so you can help other lanes more than your enemy.
  • Storm snowballs fast through her fast wave clear and ganking so once you have a kill or two begin to bully the enemy team.
  • Avoid bushes especially when your passive and tactics are on cool down.

Late Game Strategy

  • Damage your enemy as much as you can while hiding behind your tanks.
  • Try to chain your ultra-skill as much as possible.


Scarlet Witch as a support is the perfect partner for Storm. Their combined ultra-skills are devastating in team fights.


Doctor Strange out ranges Storm and can do almost everything Storm can do but better and he has Time Manipulation as a utility skill to boot.

  • One of the fastest wave clearers in the game.
  • Extremely high damage output.
  • Chaining her ultra-skill is so satisfying.
  • No real disengage which makes her vulnerable against ganks.
  • Her output is limited when she is under-farmed.
  • She can starve other heroes on her team because her kit requires her to steal kills from her teammates.


You can never go wrong with Storm as your mid laner with her traditional skill kit. She may have a simple skill design but she can still be absolutely devastating when left unchecked. She is currently an a-tier mid laner which is always a solid pick.