Marvel Super War – Star-Lord Guide




DPS (80%)




The half Celestial, half human hybrid, Peter Jason Quill, the leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy joins Marvel Super War in defending the lands of Wakanda from the forces of Thanos and The Black Order. Using his Elemental Blasters and his trusty ship, Milano, Star-Lord controls the battlefield.

Star-Lord Skills

Elemental Blasters

Passive: Star-Lord blasts his enemies with element shots from his Elemental Blasters. 20% basic attack or ability damage from each shot will be converted into #Uenergy damage#.

Let's Rock

Star-Lord unleashes a stream of 11 element shots at the specified enemy, each of which deals 5(+30%Physical Attack) physical damage, but Star-Lord will be unable to execute basic attacks. Star-Lord fires an extra element shot each time his attack speed goes up by 25%.

Rocket Boots

Star-Lord accelerates with his rocket boots for 2.5 seconds.

Milano Strike

Star-Lord commands the Milano to advance in the specified direction and conduct a sustained bombing of any enemy targets in the area for 5 seconds. A bomb will explode every 0.2 seconds, dealing 160(+45%Physical Attack) physical damage to the target but will not damage the same target more than 3 times.

Star-Lord Skills Analysis

Natural Passive: Elemental Blasters

20% of the damage from Star-Lord’s basic attacks and from his skill 1, Let’s Rock is converted into energy damage. This does NOT mean that he has 20% more damage but rather, that he has 80% physical damage and 20% energy damage.

Skill 1: Let’s Rock

Let’s Rock is Star-Lord’s main source of damage. Upon activation of the skill, he will continuously fire upon the closest enemy in front of him.

Let’s Rock initially fires 11 shots at the beginning but it scales with attack speed, increasing by 1 shot every additional 25% attack speed bonus.

The skill will prioritize whoever is closest so your enemies can hind behind their minions to avoid damage. Keep this in mind before activating your skill.

The best way to ensure that all your hits will connect is to activate it when the enemy is alone.

Blink does not disjoint the projectiles already launched. The only way to avoid it is to become untargetable.

Skill 2: Rocket Boots

Rocket boots is one of the strongest mobility skills. It is borderline OP. It is quite hard to control especially in turning. It will take some games to master it.

Star-Lord, while in the effect of Rocket boots will continue to move even while mind-controlled. However, stun, knock-up, and freeze effects will stop him in his tracks.

Rocket Boots makes Star-Lord a superior jungler because it allows him to roam the map efficiently. He can literally make an impact in the whole map by ganking and pushing faster than any other jungler.

Ultra-Skill: Milano Strike

Star-Lord commands his ship to rain upon the enemies in a specified area. Milano Strike damages one enemy every 0.2 seconds but won’t damage a single target more than once every 0.8 seconds. So, a single target can be damaged for a maximum of six times, contrary to three times according to the tool tip.

Milano Strike is exceptionally strong against towers. It is currently the fastest tower demolisher skill. Just remember to cast it when there are friendly minions under the enemy’s tower.

You can also use Milano Strike to quickly capture objectives such as The Leviathan (Black Panther Spirit) and Surtur. You can even use the skill to quickly steal enemy buffs when invading.

Milano Strike should be dropped right in front of the enemy when ganking in order to ensure it will hit. You will be able to do this by utilizing the movement speed bonus from your Rocket Boots.

Did you know? Star-Lord’s Elemental blasters can conjure all the four elements, water, fire, earth, and wind. It is powered by Star-Lord’s willpower and can only be activated by users with his genes, specifically from his father.

Skill Progression

Item Build

Jungle Build

Twilight Beads   is a superior item for Star-Lord because it gives his Let’s Rock two additional hits. Furthermore, the HP% based damage from the item also procs for every hit from Star-Lord’s Let’s rock. Double Daggers  is a must have item for Star-Lord because it increases his damage greatly and has a 15% cool down reduction. Double Daggers gives Star-Lord a huge jump in his damage dealing and tower pushing potential. Stormbreaker enhances the effects of Double Daggers and it gives HP which is not bad for a squishy hero like Star-Lord. Megingjord allows Star-Lord to fight across the map without the need to recall. And Starlight Armor increases his physical armor, cool down reduction, and damage all at the same time. You can opt to equip Heimdall Sword instead when fighting against sustain type heroes or heroes with high burst energy damage.

Bottom Marksman Build

Valkyrie Bow is substituted for Twilight Beads. This item also deals HP% based damage that also works with Let’s Rock.

Power Core

  • Time Lag – This power core slows down the enemy hero when it is damaged by a certain % of his HP. Let’s Rock in combination with Milano Strike will deal a lot of damage when the Time Lag core activates because the enemy will be slowed enough to be hit multiple times by the Milano Strike.
  • Suppression Particle – This particle program reduces the physical and energy defense of the enemy which works well with Star-Lord’s natural passive, Elemental Blasters. It is also charged through moving which synergizes perfectly with Rocket Boots.
  • Restoration Module – Restores HP and EP for every kill and assist which helps Star-Lord chain kills or go for objectives after clashes.
  • Bestial Boost – Increases the buff duration which allows Star-Lord to enjoy the effects of the buffs for longer periods of time.
  • Spellcast Boost – Bottom marksman Star-Lord should choose this core instead which gives additional cool down reduction that scales with level.


Blink is the standard tactic for all heroes. It allows Star-Lord to escape dangerous situation which he cannot escape using Rocket Boots such as Namor’s Deep Sea Vortex.

Leech is required if you are going to play Star-Lord in the Jungle. The tactic allows you to build the Twilight Build and the tactic active allows you to farm faster and secure objectives such as Surtur or The Leviathan (Black Panther Spirit).

Teleport is the perfect tactic for Star-Lord because he thrives on split-pushing. The tactic allows him to quickly arrive on lanes where the friendly minions are near the towers, giving Star-Lord the chance to quickly push the tower before the enemy team can react.

Did you know? The Father of Star-Lord is not originally a Celestial like in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In the comics, his father is J’son, The King of Spartax. Later, Peter Quill, became the king of Spartax himself for a short period of time.

Early Game Strategies

  • In the early game, focus on farming your lane or in the jungle. Star-Lord has a lower killing potential compared to most traditional junglers in the early game but he can snowball fast.
  • Focus your ganking to enemies who are overextending or near the bushes so you can safely do a Milano Strike and Let’s Rock combo.
  • Always look for opportunities to push when your Milano Strike is available.

Late Game Strategies

  • Look for split-pushing opportunities. It is better to arrive in team fights late so you can safely attack the enemies while their skills are on cool down.
  • As a bot lane marksman, look for opportunities to finish the game fast because you are one of the weakest marksman in the later stages of the game.


Ant-Man is one of the strongest teammate Star-Lord can have because both of them can push towers really fast. Combined, they are a split-pushing nightmare.

Thanos is another split-pushing nightmare and has the mobility to be able to cover for Star-Lord.


Black Panther is one of the strongest counters for Star-Lord. His skill 3, Panther Strike can stop Star-Lord on his tracks even with his Rocket Boots activated and his ultra-skill, King Of Wakanda, allows him to teleport and damage Star-Lord at the same time even while Star-Lord is running away.

Spiderman has enough mobility to keep up with Star-Lord and with the max stacks of his skill 1, Web Shot, he can stun Star-Lord and execute him with his ultra-ksill, Web Punishment.

Thanos does not have enough mobility to keep up with Star-Lord but once he gets close to Star-Lord, a single combo is enough to finish Star-Lord in a flash.

  • Star-Lord has one of the strongest mobility skills with Rocket Boots, allowing him to have a map wide team fight and pushing presence.
  • Star-Lord has one of the fastest tower pushing capabilities thanks to Milano Strike.
  • Star-Lord is a strong snowball character which is almost impossible to stop he has a strong early game.
  • He has the weakest damage potential in the late game compared to other marksman heroes.
  • Aside from his strong mobility, he is very squishy.


Star-Lord is an S-tier Jungler because of his mobility that allows him to make an impact on all parts of the map more efficiently compared to other junglers. But he is currently only an A-tier marksman because he doesn’t have enough firepower to be a sure insurance for the team’s late game. Even so, when played well as a split-pusher, Star-Lord can bring you lots of easy games and easy stars for your ranking up grind.