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DPS (80%)




In Marvel Super war, Star-Lord is an extremely Mobile and high damage Marksman hero. Star-Lord is a late-game hero who can kill a suture solo in the late game. In Early game, just focus on cleaning minions and leveling up. Let’s see his skills and gear.

Star-Lord Skills

Elemental Blasters

Passive: Star-Lord blasts his enemies with element shots from his Elemental Blasters. 20% basic attack or ability damage from each shot will be converted into #Uenergy damage#.

Let's Rock

Star-Lord unleashes a stream of 11 element shots at the specified enemy, each of which deals 5(+30%Physical Attack) physical damage, but Star-Lord will be unable to execute basic attacks. Star-Lord fires an extra element shot each time his attack speed goes up by 25%.

Rocket Boots

Star-Lord accelerates with his rocket boots for 2.5 seconds.

Milano Strike

Star-Lord commands the Milano to advance in the specified direction and conduct a sustained bombing of any enemy targets in the area for 5 seconds. A bomb will explode every 0.2 seconds, dealing 160(+45%Physical Attack) physical damage to the target but will not damage the same target more than 3 times.

Star-Lord Build

Option 1

  • Twilight Beads
  • Hunting greaves
  • Double Daggers
  • Gungnir
  • Double Blade
  • Twilight Blade

Option 2

  • Twilight Beads
  • Hunting greaves
  • Nightsword
  • Double Dagger
  • Stormbreaker
  • gungnir

Star-Lord Tactics

  • Protect
  • Blink

Early Game Guide

In the early game, Clear Minions In Lane and also try to get last bow on the minion to get extra gold. Try level up as soon as possible. and avoid too much death because this will slow your level up process in the early game. keep in mind you are the late-game hero so before that you must be ready with everything. In Mid-game, go destroy enemy Turrets whenever you get a chance because not once can destroy a turrets faster than a marksman.

Late Game Guide

Now it’s your time to shine. your can burst and enemy solo but don’t get stuck in between fight because sometime your death might cost the whole match. so make sure you enter the fight after the tank and escape when the tank is dead.

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