Marvel Super War – Squirrel Girl Guide




DPS (60%)




Doreen Allene Green is armed with squirrel-themed powers, a huge fluffy tail, and a her trusty squirrel sidekick, Tippy-Toe. She may look fluffy and adorable in appearance but don’t be fooled by her looks because she has an impressive victories under her belt including wins against Deadpool, Wolverine, and even Thanos! Get ready for the invasion of cuteness that Squirrel Girl will bring to the Marvel Super War universe!

Squirrel Girl Skills


Passive: Each enemy hero present within 600 yard(s) of Squirrel Girl will grant her 3 armor and 3 energy resist bonus.

Knuckle Spike

Passive: Each time Squirrel Girl hits an enemy hero with an ability, she adds 1 Acorn Mark to the target that lasts 6 second(s). Active: Squirrel Girl commands squirrels to quickly attack enemies within range that carry Acorn Marks. Each stack of Acorn Mark on a target inflicts 10(+40%Physical Attack) (+2%Target's Max HP) physical damage while Squirrel Girl recovers 10(+25%Physical Attack) (+2%Missing HP) HP.

Acorn Barrage

Squirrel Girl hurls acorns in the specified direction, dealing 60(+100%Physical Attack) physical damage to enemies in their path and slowing them by 35% for 5 second(s). If she hits an enemy hero or monster, her next basic attack will make her charge toward the target and summon a squirrel nearby. After charging, she gains a 40% attack speed bonus for 4 second(s). If her basic attack hits an enemy during this time, it will reduce the cooldown of Prehensile Leap by 1 second(s).

Prehensile Leap

Squirrel Girl jumps to the specified location, dealing 30(+45%Physical Attack) physical damage to enemies in the area where she lands and gaining a shield that absorbs (+20%Bonus Max HP) (+30*Level) damage. She can also jump off the target to move in the air. If she encounters another enemy or a squirrel along the way, Squirrel Girl can jump again. Squirrel Girl can perform up to 5 extra jumps, and cannot jump off the same target twice in a row.

Squirrel Raid

Squirrel Girl summons a squirrel at the specified location. The squirrel remains for 10 second(s), during which nearby enemies take (+40%Physical Attack) physical damage per second. Hitting the same enemy 3 times will add 1 Acorn Mark to the target.

Squirrel Girl Skills Analysis

Natural Passive: Unbeatable

Squirrel Girl increases her physical and energy resistance depending on the number of enemies around her.

She gains 3 resistance per person and it increases by 1 per level up to a maximum of 21 per hero and 105 dual resistance when she is surrounded by 5 enemy heroes at max level.

Skill 1: Knuckle Spike

Knuckle Spike is your main damage skill and your only source of sustain. The more marks you can accumulate on an enemy hero, up to three times, the stronger the damage you can deal.

You gain marks by damaging enemies with your abilities.

And, the more marks you can accumulate on the enemy team, the stronger the heal you will receive upon activating this skill.

Activating full 15 marks can easily replenish more than half of your HP.

Skill 2: Acorn Barrage

Acorn Barrage is your gap closer. Enemies hit by this skill will be slowed down.

Upon a successful hit, Squirrel Girl’s next attack will make her charge towards the opponent and summon a squirrel. This squirrel can be jumped on while on Prehensile Leap mode.

She gains an attack speed bonus for a short while after charging.

The next four attacks after charging also reduces the cool down of her skill 3, Prehensile Leap by 1 second per hit.

Skill 3: Prehensile Leap

Squirrel Girl jumps around the battle field using this skill. For each leap, you damage and mark the enemies in the area you land, which makes this skill the best way to stack multiple acorn marks on your enemies.

You can jump 5 more times after the first jump. There will be a red mark below the enemy you last jumped on which means that the skill will end if you jump on that marked enemy.

It is better to jump from enemy hero to the next enemy hero but on small skirmishes, you can also jump on your squirrels and on enemy minions or jungle monsters.

Including the first jump and the landing, you can damage the enemy for a total of seven times.

You obtain a sizable shield during jumping but beware that it only lasts during the first three jumps.

Another useful aspect of Prehensile Leap is that you are completely crowd control immune during leaping. Even Hulk’s Jade Giant won’t be able to stop you from leaping from one place to another.

You can activate Knuckle Spike and Squirrel Raid while leaping.

You can use Prehensile Leap to escape especially when targeted by strong crowd control skills like Captain America’s Avenger Vanguard.

Ultra-skill: Squirrel Raid

Squirrel Raid is like an indirect buff to you because it does three things:

  • Increases your damage per second.
  • Stacks acorn marks on your enemies.
  • Grants you a platform for additional jumps.

Remember to activate it during battle in the middle of a clash so you can be sure that your squirrel will always be able to hit someone.

You can activate Squirrel Raid while leaping to give yourself a platform so you can extend your skill 3 or to reach fleeing enemies.

Squirrel Girl Skill Combo

  • Initiate with skill 2, Acorn Barrage to slow down enemies and immediately attack to get close to your enemies.
  • Activate skill 3, Prehensile Leap, and your ultra-skill, Squirrel Raid, to apply as many stacks as possible to your enemies.
  • Use your skill 1, Knuckle Spike before your Prehensile Leap ends so you can activate it in the middle of the enemy’s formation.
  • Use skill 2 again and wait for your Prehensile Leap to be available then repeat.

Squirrel Girl Skill Progression

Did you know? Squirrel Girl may appear like a mutant but she actually is not one. A doctor tested her DNA and said that she is “medically and legally distinct from being a mutant”. The only explanation on how she got her powers is that she has “partially squirrel blood” and no one knows why.

Squirrel Girl Item Build

Squirrel Girl’s play style revolves around damaging her enemies by going in and out of their formation while recovering her HP in the process. So, a bruiser tank build is best for her.

  • Glorious Armor – Increases your AoE damage while near the enemy team.
  • Storm Breaker – Applies the armor break debuff to enemies so you and your team can deal more damage to them.
  • Megingjord – Increases your HP and amplifies your sustain capabilities.
  • Captain America’s Shield – Best physical defense item.
  • Deathly Phantom – Best energy defense item.

Power Core

  • Psionic Mark – Grants a shield and HP based bonus damage on your next attack after entering the battle.
  • Supression Particle – Applies a dual resistance debuff on your enemies.
  • Protection Module – Grants additional shield after receiving hits from enemy heroes or towers.
  • Spellcast Boost – Grants cooldown reduction bonus that scales with level.


Teleport is necessary as a top laner so you can return to your lane fast after helping your teammates or after recalling back to base to replenish your HP.

Wound helps with Squirrel Girl’s lack of finishing move or burst damage to allow her to execute fleeing enemies.


  • Squirrel Girl works best as a bruiser which reduces the enemy team’s HP consistently while being relatively safe herself.
  • Pace yourself on fighting the enemy by always keeping in mind of your skill’s cooldown.
  • While leaping from one enemy to another is always fun, do not overextend yourself because you are quite vulnerable while your skill 3, Prehensile Leap is on cooldown.


Tank supports like Hulk who can keep the enemy away from your team while Squirrel Girl harasses the enemy is best for Squirrel Girl’s team.

While Squirrel Girl excels on reducing the enemy team’s HP, she can have a hard time finishing them off. Mysterio can help with that by sniping down fleeing enemies.


Dr. Strange’s Time Manipulation doesn’t care if a skill has crowd control immunity. When a reverts back in time, its skills will be canceled. Once he cast Time Manipulation on an overextended Squirrel Girl, it is more than likely that she will die.

Anti-heal items, Heimdall Sword for physical attack heroes and Casket of Ancient Winters for energy heroes, are necessary when facing Squirrel Girl to counter her burst sustain from her skill 1, Knuckle Spike.

  • She is the only tank that has a physical defense steroid passive, a shield active, and a sustain skill.
  • Extremely high mobility for a tank which is already hard to kill.
  • Consistent team fight damage.
  • Fun and cute as heck!
  • She has no crowd control skill except for her one slow which can make her feel lacking in some team composition.
  • She lacks the damage and the skill set to finish off opponents.


Squirrel Girl lives up to her reputation as a lighthearted superhero that is unbeatable. She can definitely wreck havoc in team fights in Marvel Super War! She is currently an A-tier top laner and we’ll see how she fairs in the future. But right now, buying her is recommended as she is not only a good comic relief for your games but also a reliable fighter for your rank games!