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DPS (80%)




In Marvel super war spider man is an assassin hero with hard difficulty. He is a very powerful assassin if you know how to handle him. Let’s check out his skills and build guide.

Spider-Man Skills

Spider Power

Passive: Spider-Man will accumulate energy while moving. Once the energy maxes out, his next basic attack or ability will deal an additional 10(+5*Level) (+30%Bonus Physical Attack) physical damage. Passive - Spidey Sense: Spider-Man can perceive the position and direction of all surrounding enemy heroes within a certain range.

Web Shot

Active: Spider-Man shoots four web bombs in the specified direction, dealing 60(+70%Bonus Physical Attack) physical damage to enemies hit. If this ability is used while in Hang status, Spider-Man will shoot a barrage of web bombs at surrounding enemies, dealing 60(+65%Bonus Physical Attack) physical damage to enemies in range. Passive: After a web bomb hits an enemy hero, it will add a Web Mark that lasts for 5 seconds. Up to one mark can be added when in Hang status. Once 4 Web Marks are accumulated, they will immediately deal 60(+70%Bonus Physical Attack) (+6%Target's Max HP) physical damage to the target and stun them for 1.25 seconds. This effect has a 8-second cooldown.

Spidey Flight

When Spider-Man uses this ability on the ground, he will start to fly and gain a 150% acceleration. Long press the ability to extend flight time for up to 1.3 seconds. This ability can be stored up to 2 times. After using this ability, the next basic attack can pull him to the target, dealing (+100%Physical Attack) physical damage and adding one Web Mark while also reducing this ability's charge time by 2 seconds. If this ability or a basic attack is used after flight, he will enter Hang status, during which he can begin flying again.

Web Punishment

If there is a stunned enemy hero within range, Spider-Man can use his web to pull himself to the target, dealing 250(+80%Bonus Physical Attack) physical damage and launching them up for 1 seconds.

Spider-Man Item Builds

Suggestion 1

  • Quantum Rifle
  • Hydra Boots
  • Double Daggers
  • Nightsward
  • Godslayer
  • immortal glaive

Suggestion 2

  • Quantum Rifle
  • Nightsward
  • Double Daggers
  • Hydra Boots
  • Godslayer
  • Starlight Armor

Spider-Man GamePlay

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