Marvel Super War – Rocket Raccoon Guide




DPS (100%)




Rocket Raccoon is a genetically enhanced creature from Marvel Comic. In Marvel Super war his role as is a marksman who can trap enemy with his explosive mine. His Role in the team is to Trap the enemy and help other heroes to finish enemy heroes as soon as possible. here we will discuss his skills, build, power core and strategy for the better gameplay.

Rocket Raccoon Skills

Gun Augmentation

For every 1800 units Rocket Raccoon defeats within 1 yard, spare parts will appear on the battleground (units that were not defeated by Rocket Raccoon will not drop spare parts) and will be automatically picked up. Pick up 15 spare parts to assemble a gun enhancer.

Machine Gun Volley

Rocket Raccoon switches his gun to strafing mode for 5 seconds. The gun’s strafing attack hits enemies in the target area with three volleys, each dealing 12(+35%Physical Attack) physical damage and may also trigger critical and basic attack effects. Cooldown enhancer: Machine Gun Volley increased to 16(+40%Physical Attack) physical damage per volley.

Raccoon Sprint

Rocket Raccoon sprints along on all fours, gaining a 60% diminishing movement speed boost for 2 seconds. Thrust enhancer: Grants Raccoon Sprint a 2-second slow immunity effect.

Explosive Mine

Rocket Raccoon lays a mine at the specified location, which will explode 0.2 seconds after being tripped by an enemy hero, dealing 135(+100%Bonus Physical Attack) (+8%(Increases 1% every 40Bonus Physical Attack)Target’s Missing HP) physical damage to enemies within range and slowing them by 60% for 1 seconds (there can be a max of 4 active mines). Explosion enhancer: Explosive Mine’s slow effect is increased to 80% and lasts for 1.

Rocket Raccoon Item Build

Option 1

  • Twilight Beads
  • Hunting Greaves
  • Silent Hunter
  • Dual Blade
  • Twilight Blade
  • Double Dagger
  • Titan’s Glory (optional)

Option 2

  • Valkyrior Bow
  • Hunting Greaves
  • Silent Hunter
  • Twilight Blade
  • Dual Blade
  • Gungnir

Rocket Raccoon Tactics

  • Teleport
  • Blink

Rocket Raccoon Power Core

Isotope – Swift Pummel
Strength Module – Restoration Module
Combat Boost Program – Vitality Boost
Action Particle Program – Rend Particle

Rocket Raccoon Gun Gun Augmentation Priority

  • Aim Enhancer
  • Explosion Enhancer
  • Attack Enhancer
  • Thrust Enhancer

Early Game Guide

Rocket Raccoon can Easily clear lane from minions. so in the early game, your job is to finish your lane and go to other lanes to support. Once you are able to put mine then put mine in both sides of the middle lane. don’t put mine in middle because minions will active those mines and it will be wasted.

Late Game Guide

In the late game, your job is to slow down the incoming enemy by using mines and also deal with damage constantly. you can also go, clear minions, if no other hero in your team can finish them fast. Always Stay in the max distance with the enemy to keep hitting and maintaining distance.

  • Can easily Trap Enemy using his mines
  • Due to his fast moment speed easily kill enemies who are trying to escape from battle.
  • Can Quickly Clear lane
  • Hard to escape if trapped by enemy control ability.
  • Weak hero in surviving battle as compared to other marksman.