Marvel Super War – QuickSilver Guide




DPS (80%)




QuickSilver is an assassin hero with easy difficulty. Quicksilver is known for his quick action and space-time field. As an Assassin his role to clear jungle monster and help energy hero in mid lane. Also, look for a sneak attack towards the enemy with less HP.

QuickSilver Skills


Passive: Quicksilver will appear by the side of his next basic attack target near instantaneously after any ability, dealing (+130%Physical Attack) physical damage while Quicksilver recovers 20 Force.


Quicksilver quickly charges to deal 130(+130%Bonus Physical Attack) physical damage to the target and nearby enemies, while recovering 0 Force. For each additional target he hits, he recovers 0 additional Force, up to 0 Force.


Quicksilver charges in the specified direction, dealing 105(+55%Bonus Physical Attack) physical damage to enemies in his path and recovering 25 Force for each unit hit. This ability can be stored up to 2 times.

Spatial Relativity

Quicksilver draws on his Force for 3 seconds to create a special space-time energy field that lasts 3 seconds. If Quicksilver is in it, time is accelerated for him by 80%.

Quicksilver Item Guide

Option 1

  • Quantum Riffle
  • Hunting Greaves
  • Nightsward
  • Twilight Blade
  • Double Dagger
  • Godslayer

Option 2 (survivability)

  • Twilight Beads
  • Hydra Boots
  • Migingjord
  • Immortal glaive
  • Deathly phantom
  • Stormbreaker

QuickSilver Tactic Builds

  • Leech
  • Paralyze or Blink

QuickSilver Early Game Guide

  • As Juggler go get red buff first then others. use leech tactics to kill the monster quickly.
  • Do not gank until your ultimate skills open. if it’s urgent then join very carefully or you will get killed easily.
  • Once your ultimate is ready, cast ultimate just before reaching to the enemy, use Hypercharge (Skill 2) to close the distance and follow it up with Normal Attack. Two things need to coincide, Quicksilver being on top of the target and the expiration of 3 seconds-ultimate-priming. Follow it up with Instastrike to finish off the target, and then use skill 2 to escape. However, if the target remains alive, consider using the second charge of Skill 2 to finish off the primary target. and if still, the target is not dead then you are dead :p because you have nothing to escape.

QuickSilver Late game Guide

  • Follow the same strategy to use your skill but in the later game, you need to wait for the right moment for ganking wait for your tank to get the first his and then go.
  • Make sure you don’t take the fight for too long because quicksilver can’t sustain a long fight.

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