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Pietro Maximoff, popularly known as Quicksilver, joins the Wakandan Battle in Marvel Super War as the hero faster than lighting. He is one of the most mobile heroes in Marvel Super War, being able to dodge attacks and jump from one enemy to the next. He can also draw on his Force to create a space-time energy field that slows everything around him.

Quicksilver Skills


Passive: Quicksilver will appear by the side of his next basic attack target near instantaneously after any ability, dealing (+130%Physical Attack) physical damage while Quicksilver recovers 20 Force.


Quicksilver quickly charges to deal 130(+130%Bonus Physical Attack) physical damage to the target and nearby enemies, while recovering 0 Force. For each additional target he hits, he recovers 0 additional Force, up to 0 Force.


Quicksilver charges in the specified direction, dealing 105(+55%Bonus Physical Attack) physical damage to enemies in his path and recovering 25 Force for each unit hit. This ability can be stored up to 2 times.

Spatial Relativity

Quicksilver draws on his Force for 3 seconds to create a special space-time energy field that lasts 3 seconds. If Quicksilver is in it, time is accelerated for him by 80%.

Quicksilver Skills Analysis

Natural Passive: Super-Speed

Using abilities enhances Quicksilver’s next attack which allows him to teleport to the target enemy and deal bonus damage. His basic attack’s range becomes twice as long when Super-Speed is available.

Remember to always use the passive even on minions because it recovers your Force which is basically your resource for your skills.

Skill 1: Intrastrike

Intrastrike will make Quicksilver attack the target and those who are near it in quick succession.

Quicksilver will strike the target enemy first and will end up back at the target’s location. Target the enemy in the middle of the fight to damage everyone around but if you want to play it safe, target the nearest enemy to return near your teammates after the skill ends.

Intrastrike makes Quicksilver untargetable so you can use it to avoid high damage skills or crowd controls. You can even use it to return to your location if you are caught by Ancient One’s Inter-Dimensional Travel.

Skill 2: Hypercharge

Hypercharge is your mobility tool. You have two charges of a blink which you can use for initiation or escape.

Hypercharge also damages enemies caught in your direction and recovers a set amount of Froce for each unit hit.

In the middle of battle, always keep one charge up so you have an additional escape tool. When the cool down for another charge is almost up, use Hypercharge on enemies to recover Force.

Ultra-skill: Spatial Relativity

Upon casting Spatial Relativity, Quicksilver gathers Force for three seconds and releases a field of energy that lasts for three seconds. Everyone inside the field is slowed down while Quicksilver gains a speed buff and control immunity.

Start casting the ultra-skill under the bush when enemies are near so that they would not have enough time to react to your skill. Use your other skills or blink to position yourself correctly before the field appears.

If unsure, or if you cannot reach enemies in time, position yourself between your teammates and the enemies so your ultra-skill can act as a zoning tool to prevent your enemies jumping on your teammates. Do this trick to prevent your enemies reaching your team on time when securing objectives such as towers, Leviathan, or Surtur.

You can also use this skill defensively to discourage your enemy from chasing you or your team.

Remember that this skill does not make you invulnerable especially when under the tower. The tower’s projectile could stack and kill you instantly after your ultra-skill ends.

Did you know? Quicksilver has a snarky and impatient attitude because his brain also processes thoughts at a much faster pace than normal. Everything moves slower than him so it is exhausting for him to slow down to “keep up” with others.

Quicksilver Skill Progression

Item Build

This is a physical damage item build that focuses on dealing burst damage on a hit-and-run style game play.

Some people prefer to use attack speed items on Quicksilver but upon experimentation, we found out that this build consistently deals more damage

Power Core

  • Unstable Radiation – provides additional burst damage.
  • Rend Particle – Deals additional damage over time on low HP enemies.
  • Resistance Module – Provides additional control resistance every 10 seconds. In combination with Upgraded Hydra Boots, your control resistance will become 75% which is perfect against hard crowd control like Mantis’s Force Control.
  • Bestial Boost – Prolongs the effect of your jungle buffs.


Blink is the standard tactic for all heroes. You can use it to escape dangerous situations or to position yourself for a perfect Spatial Relativity initiation.

Leech is the standard tactic for junglers. It allows you to farm faster and secure your buffs or secondary objectives like The Leviathan or Surtur.

Early Game Strategy

  • Focus on clearing your jungle in the first few minutes of the game.
  • Look for opportunities to gank when your ultimate is up. Do not force a kill but you can help your teammates push the tower after forcing a recall.

Late Game Strategy

  • As much as possible, use Spatial Relativity as a follow-up initiation in the middle of the clash so you have more options on how to use your ultra-skill.
  • Focus on the enemy’s core and on killing low HP enemies. Remember that even though you hit hard, you also have extremely low HP.


Invisible Woman‘s Invisible Force Field can turn Quicksilver invisible so he can jump unto the enemy team easily with his Spatial Relativity. This combo can easily decimate an enemy team.

War Machine can destroy enemies under Spatial Relativity with his Precision Guidance ultra-skill.


Mantis can shut down Quicksilver with her Force control unless Quicksilver uses the Upgraded Hydra Boots and Resistance Module.

Gambit will remain untargetable if he casts his ultra-skill, Card Control, for the whole duration of Spatial Relativity because of the slow-down effect. The same goes for Hawkeye, Vision, and Deadpool.

  • Quicksilver has a lot of mobility skills which makes him hard to target with skill shots.
  • High burst damage that scales well.
  • Game breaking ultra-skill that can turn the tide of battle.
  • Low HP. Very susceptible to single target crowd control.
  • Spatial Relativity is a high-risk ultra-skill that can potentially go wrong for your team.


Quicksilver is an A-tier assassin that with enough practice can be used to consistently carry your team in rank games. Rush your way through your rank games with Quicksilver!

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