Marvel Super War – Proxima Midnight Guide




DPS (100%)




The Black Order’s Fiercest Warrior, Proxima Midnight, is one of the strongest villains in the Marvel Universe. She has enhanced physical attributes and a spear forged by Thanos himself that has a tracer that makes it impossible to miss her shot. Prepare to learn the ways of the deadliest warrior of Thanos.

Proxima Midnight Skills


Passive: Proxima Midnight's next basic attack after she casts an ability will become a ranged strike, dealing ( (+100%Physical Attack) (+7*Level) (+25%Physical Attack) ) physical damage to its target, who will also be knocked in the direction of the joystick. You can gain this effect after exiting combat for 2 seconds.

Eclipse Raid

Proxima Midnight charges in the specified direction, dealing 85(+100%Bonus Physical Attack) physical damage to any enemies in her path, while gaining 20% movement speed for 1.5 seconds and a shield that can withstand 90(+50%Bonus Physical Attack) damage. This shield increases by 24(+15%Bonus Physical Attack) each time Proxima Midnight deals damage to an enemy hero, and this effect can be triggered up to 5 times while this shield is active. She can use this ability again within 5 seconds to leap to another specified location, dealing 85(+100%Bonus Physical Attack) physical damage and slowing nearby enemies by 20% for 2 seconds.

Terror's Shadow

Proxima Midnight charges in the specified direction. If there are any enemies near her destination, she leaps into the air and smashes them for 70(+45%Bonus Physical Attack) physical damage, knocking them up for 0.25 seconds and dealing an additional 70(+45%Bonus Physical Attack) physical damage when landing. This ability also reduces the cooldown of Terror's Shadow by 40%. If there are no enemies near the final destination of her initial charge, Proxima Midnight's will travel further.

Spear of Fate

Proxima Midnight throws her celestial spear in the specified direction, dealing 200(+120%Bonus Physical Attack) physical damage and marking the first enemy hero struck. Proxima Midnight will gain the ability to teleport straight to this enemy hero's side for the next 6 seconds by reusing this ability when her target's HP is less than 15%. This will deal fatal damage to her target, as well as 200(+75%Bonus Physical Attack) physical damage and a 80% slow of 1 seconds to any nearby enemies. At the same time, she gains a shield that blocks 450(+100%Bonus Physical Attack) damage.

Proxima Midnight Skills Analysis

Natural Passive: Shadowblade

Your next attack after using a skill becomes a ranged attack that deals bonus damage and allows Proxima Midnight to jump a short distance to the direction where the joystick is pointed.

The tooltip says that the enemy is knocked back but it doesn’t. It probably meant that Proxima Midnight is the one knocked in to the direction of the joystick but got lost in translation.

It is easy to make a mistake with this skill either by driving yourself towards a group of enemy or tower, putting yourself in danger or by jumping away from the enemy when you are in pursuit, allowing your enemy to escape. So, it is important to practice the mechanics of this passive.

Proxima Midnight does the jump a short moment after her spear hits her enemy, almost at the same time. You can control the direction of her jump by pointing the joystick in the direction of your choice on or before the spear hits the enemy. Not only does Shadowblade deals extra damage, proper use of this skill allows Proxima Midnight to kite her enemies and dodge skill shots with ease. The jump is more like a skip, though. It does not allow you to jump over ledges and other obstacles like her active skills.

Skill 1: Eclipse Raid

Eclipse Raid is your main mobility and kiting tool. It has two phase that allows you to dash the location of your choice.

First phase grants a shield regardless if you hit an enemy. It also grants additional shield every time you hit an enemy, up to 5 times.

The second phase slows the enemies it hit, in a small radius.

Do not hesitate to use the skill to move across the map. Both phases of the skill allow you to pass through obstacles.

Remember to hit enemies every after dash to fully utilize your passive.

Skill 2: Terror’s Shadow

Terror’s Shadow is your crowd control skill. It lifts up the enemies it hits stopping them on their tracks. Hitting the enemy reduces the cooldown of the skill by 40%.

If you don’t hit an enemy with the skill, you will travel further. Take note that the enemy should be in the range of the first lift in order for it to be launched.

Minions and creeps can also be affected by the skill so your enemy could hide behind their minions in order to dodge the skill.

Like in Eclipse Raid, you can use this skill to traverse obstacles so do not hesitate to use this as a mobility tool.

Terror’s Shadow could potentially control multiple enemies if they are close enough.

Ultra-Skill: Spear of Fate

Spear of Fate is an execution skill. It also has two phases; both deals massive burst damage with the second part guarantees death once it becomes activatable when the enemy’s HP dips below 15% except if the enemy has a passive to revive them.

Spear of Fate has a deceptively long range both in casting the skill and in activating the second part of the skill.

Use it to execute fleeing enemies. Be careful in casting it, though. It has a very narrow hitbox that makes it very difficult to hit moving enemies.

You can also use Spear of Fate to execute tanks which your team would rather have a hard time killing even in low health like The Thing or Executioner.

Spear of Fate will also execute Mantis if she is using Spirit Bound to your targeted enemy in the moment of casting the execution phase of the skill.

Skill Progression

Did you know?: Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive are husband and wife? They are loyal to each other but there was an instance where Proxima Midnight accidentally killed Corvus Glaive when her spear was deflected by Captain America and hit Corvus Glaive and disintegrated him.”

Item Build

Nightsword has great synergy with her passive, enhancing her basic attacks. Double Daggers has movement speed bonus, cool down reduction, and armor penetration. All of these immensely help Proxima Midnight increase her assassination potential. Twilight Blade increase her DPS which falls hard late in the game compared to other assassins. Godslayerincreases her execution potential and her movement speed.

In a tough game, consider building her tank items in order to stay alive for longer.

Power Core

  • Unstable Radiation – deals additional burst damage. Helpful for assassinating low HP enemies.
  • Suppression Particle – Moving and basic attacks will charge this particle which is perfect for Proxima Midnight, and once fully charge will deal bonus damage and apply an armor and energy resist debuff.
  • Resistance Module – Reduces crowd control effects and when paired with the Enhanced Hydra Boots, reduces crowd control significantly, increasing Proxima Midnight’s chances of survival against stuns, knock-ups, and the likes.
  • Bestial Boost – Increases the up time of jungle buffs so Proxima Midnight can enjoy them longer.


Blink is your insurance policy For Proxima Midnight in case you find yourself with all your skills on cool down in the face of your enemies. Never initiate with blink when using Proxima Midnight.

Leech is required tactic when playing as a jungler. You need it to jungle effectively, secure objectives and buy your Quantum Rifle. The upgraded leech tactic may be used to deal damage and slow down the target to secure your kill.

Did you know?: In the comics, Proxima Midnight once subdued The Hulk almost singlehandedly using her spear. Her spear can produce a net with the weight of a star which was used to hold down The Hulk. Her follow up attack was so powerful that the Hulk was forced to revert into Bruce Banner.”

Early Game Strategy

  • After clearing your buffs, immediately look for a ganking opportunity to kill an enemy or even just force a blink or a recall. Kill one or two creeps and then immediately to continue pressuring the enemy team. Use your skills to quickly move from one lane to another.
  • Pursue enemies deep into your territory because you have an advantage in chases and dragged out fights. Always ask your mid laner and support to come with you in ganks so you can snowball early.

Late Game Strategy

  • Proxima Midnight’s effectiveness falls hard in the late game so be careful in engaging large groups of enemies. Always look for opportunities to pick off low HP enemies.
  • Use your mobility to shove lanes and split push. Never engage the defending enemies because you are at a great disadvantage when dealing with multiple enemies.
  • Look for opportunities to control multiple enemies using your skill 2, Terror’s Shadow.
  • Do not hesitate to use your ultra-skill, Spear of Fate to execute enemy tanks. Its cooldown is low enough in the late game to be used at least twice in a fight.


Mysterio has the mobility to keep up with Proxima Midnight’s fast ganking phase. He also has a strong late game which can help pick up Proxima Midnight’s late game weakness.

Adam Warlock’s Cosmic Explosion can effectively scatter the enemy’s team, making space for Proxima Midnight to pick off enemies one by one.

The Thing is a great partner for Proxima Midnight in a funneling and invading aggressive style of roaming. His kit, which can knock-up and slow enemies while dealing damage and being a meat shield early in the game can allow Proxima Midnight to play with extreme aggressiveness early in the game


Spiderman outclasses Proxima Midnight in all aspects of the game. He can roam better due to his extreme mobility and he scales better late into the game. Consider asking your support to leave the lane and roam with you for a higher chance to snowball in the early game.

Emma Frost steps on Proxima Midnight’s early game effectiveness. She has stronger damage output and more crowd control than Proxima Midnight from the get go. Your only chance of outplaying Emma Frost is to take advantage of your mobility to gank in a faster pace.

  • Proxima Midnight has very high mobility because of her kit full of dashes. A good Proxima Midnight will take full advantage of her kit to dodge and bait skill shots.
  • She can snowball early and a very notable early game map presence potentially allowing an early game finish. She is a strong pick in very aggressive lineups.
  • Her late game falls very hard. Her late game scaling is abysmal. If your Mage and Marksman does not benefit from your early game snowballing, expect your team to lose.
  • She can be extremely difficult to use. All her skills require a certain degree of precision and knowledge on proper spacing in the game.


Proxima Midnight can be a fun hero to master. But she is a niche pick that mostly works only with aggressive lineups. So far, even with her buff, she remains as a B-tier jungler.