Marvel Super War – Pixie Guide




DPS (80%)



SUPPORT (100%)

Pixie is a support hero. Using her elvish mutant abilities, she can enter and leave the battle with great flexibility, provide friendly heroes with shields, and frequently control enemy targets. Let’s check out her skills and what gear is best for her.

Super War Pixie Skills

Natural Passive: Soul Strike

Passive: Pixie gains fairy energy when moving or using her blink ability. Once she gains 100 layers, her next basic attack deals additional energy damage to the target and enemies behind them, slowing them in the process.

Ability 1: Dust Explosion

Pixie releases magic dust in the specified direction, dealing energy damage to the first enemy struck and slowing them. The dust explodes after a brief delay, dealing additional energy damage to the target and enemies around them.


Pixie teleports herself to the specified location, dealing energy damage to enemies in range and blinding them. Pixie returns to her original position after a set period of time. She will be unable to move during this period.

Fairy Favor

Pixie charges in the specified direction, granting a shield to herself and friendly heroes in her path.Ultimate Ability: Demon Banishment

Ultimate Ability: Demon Banishment

Pixie uses a demon banishment spell, knocking back all enemies around her and dealing energy damage.

Marvel Super War Pixie Build

Suggestion 1 (Temporary )

  • Enhancement Serum
  • Hydra Boots
  • Starlight Armor
  • Captain America’s Shield
  • Cloak of Levitation
  • Megingjord

Pixie Gameplay

Pixie Gameplay