Marvel Super War – Vision Guide

Every inch is a human being but constructed of synthetic materials. Vision is the perfect artificial life form powered by the Solar Jewel which makes him capable of discharging powerful radiation. Interfacing through an unknown dimension he can pass through walls and structures to outmaneuver his opponents. vision is a marksman hero. His specialty is … Read more

Marvel Super War – Captain Marvel Guide

Captain Marvel is a good fighter and assassin hero. She is also quite a decent at 1v1 fight, which makes her suitable both for jungle and top lane. Let’s check out her skills and item build. Captain Marvel Skills Captain Marvel Item Build Option 1 Quantum Riffle Upgraded Hydra Boots Double Dagger Godslayer Nightsword Immortal … Read more

Marvel Super War – Thor Guide

Thor is a good fighter hero in marvel super war but his skills are easily predictable by the enemies and they can get enough time to prepare for the attack. Lets check out thor skills and item builds. Marvel Super War Thor Skills Marvel Super War Item Builds Option 1 Glorious Armor Hydra Boots Stormbreaker … Read more

Marvel Super War – Hulk Guide

Hulk is a tanky, easy to control hero in marvel super war. Hulk all skills control enemies. He comes under the tank category but his defense is a little bit if you are the only tank in your team so build tanky items to make a strong defense. Let’s check out his skills and … Read more

Marvel Super War – Black Widow Guide

Black Widow is a High Damage Assassin Hero with Normal Difficulty in Marvel super war. Let’s check out her skills, gameplay strategy and item build. Black Widow Skills Black Widow Item Build Option 1 Quantum Rifle Hydra Boots Double Daggers Godslayer Nightsword Immortal Glaive Black Widow Gameplay Video

Marvel Super War: Spider-Man Guide

In Marvel super war spider man is an assassin hero with hard difficulty. He is a very powerful assassin if you know how to handle him. Let’s check out his skills and build guide. Spider-Man Skills Spider-Man Item Builds Suggestion 1 Quantum Rifle Hydra Boots Double Daggers Nightsward Godslayer immortal glaive Suggestion 2 Quantum Rifle … Read more

Marvel Super War – Ancient One Guide

The former Sorcerer Supreme and mentor of Dr. Strange protected earth from mystical threats for centuries using her absolute mastery of the Mystic Arts. Her presence alone is enough to keep the multi-dimensional beings at bay. Ancient One is a fighter and energy type hero with Hard Difficulty. Ancient One Skills Ancient One Skills Analysis … Read more

Marvel Super War – Iceman Guide

Robert Drake, famously known as Iceman, is the coolest member of the X-Men. Capable of turning everything around him into Ice. In Marvel Super War, he is capable of extreme damage and continuous crowd control, making him a deadly mid laner or support. Iceman Skills Iceman Skills Analysis Natural Passive: Frost Iceman’s basic attacks and … Read more

Marvel Super War – Quicksilver Guide

Pietro Maximoff, popularly known as Quicksilver, joins the Wakandan Battle in Marvel Super War as the hero faster than lighting. He is one of the most mobile heroes in Marvel Super War, being able to dodge attacks and jump from one enemy to the next. He can also draw on his Force to create a … Read more

Marvel Super War – Iron Man Guide

Tony Stark is a Billionaire Industrialist who used his resources and intelligence to create a suit of armor which he used to fight crime. He is one of the founding members of the Avengers to protect global stability. With his technology, Iron Man is one of the strongest members of the the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. … Read more