Marvel Super War – Lady Sif Guide

One of Thor’s greatest ally and friend, Lady Sif is an Asgardian hero in her own right. Lady Sif is an extremely gifted combatant. The graves of Asgard are filled with those who underestimated Lady Sif’s prowess. Lady Sif Skills Lady Sif Skills Analysis Natural Passive: Bellicosity Lady Sif gains a charge of Bellicosity that … Read more

Marvel Super War – Emma Frost Guide

Also known as the White Queen, Emma Grace Frost is one of the most central member and leader of the X-Men. She is a mutant with enormous telepathic abilities and is also capable of transforming into an organic diamond state with enhanced strength and durability in exchange of suppressing her telepathy. She is a unique … Read more

Marvel Super War – Mysterio Guide

The failed actor turned gifted special effects artist, Quentin Beck, turned into a villain when his Hollywood aspirations failed. He uses his world class effects producing drones to confuse and manipulate his enemies. Mysterio Skills Mysterio Skills Analysis Natural Passive: Perilous Fog Fogs randomly appear at regular intervals between an enemy hero and when you … Read more

Marvel Super War – Daredevil Guide

If you have seen Netflix daredevil TV series, you will easily understand Matt Murdock’s abilities. Because of his sensing ability daredevil is an perfect assassin for marvel super war. In this guide i will discuss all this skills, builds and skills combos. Marvel Super War – Daredevil Skills Daredevil Skills Analysis Natural Passive: Man Without … Read more

Marvel Super War – Cull Obsidian Guide

Cull Obsidian is a tank/support hero the marvel super war. he is very durable and can control enemies very well. his ultimate is very good to disengage the battle. let’s check out his build and skills. Marvel Super War – Cull Obsidian Skills Cull Obsidian Item Build Suggestion 1 Glorious Armor Hydra boots Captain America’s … Read more

Marvel Super War – Black knight Guide

Wielding the Ebony Blade, Dane Whitman, the Black Knight, shoulders both the dark past and the bright future of his family. Through many trials and tribulations, the Black Knight has become an important member of the Avengers due to his perseverance and dedication. Black Knight is a fighter class hero in super war. Here we … Read more

Marvel Super War – Pixie Guide

Pixie is a support hero. Using her elvish mutant abilities, she can enter and leave the battle with great flexibility, provide friendly heroes with shields, and frequently control enemy targets. Let’s check out her skills and what gear is best for her. Super War Pixie Skills Marvel Super War Pixie Build Suggestion 1 (Temporary ) … Read more

Marvel Super War – Cloak & Dagger Guide

Cloak & Dagger is a support hero with easy difficulty in the marvel super war. Cloak & Dagger is a very good healer and her AOE healing is just amazing. he is the best alternative for mantis in support heros. Lets check out her item build and skills. Cloak & Dagger Skills Cloak & Dagger … Read more

Marvel Super War – Scarlet Witch Guide

Scarlet witch is a very good energy hero with AOE damage skills. Let’s check out her skills and item build. Scarlet Witch Skills Scarlet Witch Item Build Option 1 Shining Ether Rocket Boots Darkhold Cosmic Cube Loki Scepter Wand of Watboob Scarlet Witch gameplay video

Marvel Super War: Ant-Man Guide

Ant-man is a strong fighter hero with normal difficulty in the marvel super war. Ant-man is a very tricky hero if you know when to use his skills combo, you can easily do damage to the enemies while taking very little damage to yourself. Let’s check out his item builds. Ant-Man Skills Marvel Super War … Read more