Marvel Super War – Mysterio Guide




DPS (100%)




The failed actor turned gifted special effects artist, Quentin Beck, turned into a villain when his Hollywood aspirations failed. He uses his world class effects producing drones to confuse and manipulate his enemies.

Mysterio Skills

Perilous Fog

Passive - Fog: Mysterio creates fog at a random location between himself and an enemy hero every 10/8/6/4 second(s) (cooldown changes at Lv. 1/6/11/16). Touching the fog will give Mysterio 20 deception and deals 10(+22%Energy Attack) (+3*Level) energy damage to one nearby enemy while inflicting a 10% slow effect that stacks up to 5 time(s). Mysterio will lose 10 illusion per second after exiting combat. Passive: Mysterio enhances his next basic attack after using an ability, dealing 10(+80%Physical Attack) (+30%Energy Attack) (+3*Level) energy damage to the enemy.

Lethal Element

Mysterio shoots an elemental projectile at the specified enemy, dealing 80(+40%Energy Attack) energy damage to the target and randomly creating 1 area(s) of Fog around them. Using the ability at max deception enhances the projectile, dealing 200(+140%Energy Attack) energy damage to the enemy hero.

Deadly Orbit

Mysterio selects a specified location as the center point and glides in a full circle, dealing 140(+50%Energy Attack) energy damage to enemies in his path. If he hits an enemy hero, he gains 20 Deception. Use the ability joystick to adjust the gliding radius before using the ability. Mysterio has control immunity while gliding and gains a shield that absorbs 200(+120%Energy Attack) damage.

Mirror Illusion

Mysterio creates an illusion that lasts 7 second(s) at the specified location and gains a 30% movement speed boost. The illusion mirrors his movements. Using this ability again allows Mysterio to switch places with the illusion. This can be done up to 2 time(s).

Holographic Assault

Mysterio uses drones to make the specified enemy hero hallucinate, making all heroes within their field of vision look like Mysterio. The drones can be attacked by heroes othen than the target. The hallucination will end when the target's teammates destroy all 3 drone(s) or after 5 second(s) have passed.

Mysterio Skills Analysis

Natural Passive: Perilous Fog

Fogs randomly appear at regular intervals between an enemy hero and when you use your Skill 1, Lethal Element. Even though you damage your enemies when you pick it up and gain charges for your Lethal Element, do not pick it up when it is to dangerous to do so. Use your Skill 2, Deadly Orbit to pick it up instead.

Skill 1: Lethal Element

Lethal Element is your main source of damage. Make sure to spam it often to produce your fog and to enhance your basic attack. Once you gather enough fog your Lethal Element will be Enhanced.

  • Minions and creeps hit by Lethal element produces 1 fog and heroes hit produces 3 fog.
  • The enhanced Lethal Element deals over thrice the amount of damage of the basic version of it.
  • The enhanced Lethal Element shot cannot be canceled no matter how far your distance to your target gets.
  • The enhanced Lethal Element shot cannot be used on creeps or minions.

Skill 2: Deadly Orbit

Deadly orbit deals damage and gives you a shield. But the biggest uses of your Skill 2 are:

  • Increase the range where you can hit your Skill 1, Lethal Element. Use your Skill 2 then press your Skill 1 once you fly into the range of the enemy.
  • You can safely collect multiple fogs in a single cast from a distance. Remember to adjust your path to collect most of the fog in the area. Fogs collected this way will deal multiple amounts of extra damage and slow
  • The further you cast the larger the radius becomes.
  • You can also use your Deadly Orbit to dodge skill shots such as Iron Man’s missiles or Storm’s tornado.  Mysterio is also Crowd Control Immune while the skill is in effect.

Mirror Illusion

Mirror Illusion allows Mysterio to teleport back and forth with his illusion’s position twice. Although, there is a slight cooldown to recasting the switch.

The illusion moves, like the name suggest, as if a mirror is in front of Mysterio. So, it will move in an opposite y-axis (vertically. You go up, the illusion goes down) and the same x-axis (horizontally. ou go left, the illusion goes left).

You can use the Skill 3 to overextend safely by either:

  • Sending yourself towards the enemy and teleporting back after using your skills.
  • Sending your illusion towards the enemy, teleporting, then teleporting back. Be mindful not to teleport yourself under enemy towers.

The illusion shows under the minimap in a slightly different color:

Ultra-skill: Holographic Assault

Holographic Assault makes the target enemy perceive all nearby heroes as Mysterio. Make sure to use it right before or in the middle of a clash to enhance its psychological effects.

Enemies under this effect can target their allies although no damage will be dealt. The allies of the target can destroy the effect by attacking their affected ally.

Did you know?: In ‘Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Vol. 1 issues 11-13’, Mysterio literally went to hell and back?”

Skill Progression

Item Build

Item build 1

This is the standard build with Mysterio which amplifies his poke with  Darkhold and Cosmic Cube. While  Virus Cannon amplifies his DPS through synergizing with his enhanced attack natural passive.

Item Build 2

This is the alternative build focusing on a more defensive gameplay.

Power Core

  • Cosmic Vortex – Helps Mysterio clear lanes as he cannot clear lanes as fast as traditional mid heroes such as Scarlett Witch or Ironman.
  • Suppression Particle – Bonus damage with armor penetration. This core charges as you move. Perfect for Mysterio with high mobility skills.
  • Restoration Module – Augments Mysterio’s sustain in lane.
  • Spellcast Boost – Additional cooldown reduction to increase Mysterio’s spamming capabilities.


Standard tactic for almost all heroes for escape and initiation. You can use blink to further your distance and of your illusion. Create an illusion then blink. If the enemy catches up, switch with your illusion.

Wound is for finishing enemies. You can use your Mirror Illusion and send your illusion near your fleeing enemy. Switch and wound. Switch again. Profit.

Paralyze is more of a defensive choice of tactic useful for neutralizing burst damage chargers such as Captain America, Black Knight, or Beast.

Mysterio, on average, is weaker than most Mid laners in the early game phase. Teleport can augment that by allowing you to go back to base to heal and return quickly.

“Did you know?: In the comic, ‘Spider-Men’ Mysterio actually travels to and fro another version of Earth, which makes his lie in the movie ‘Spider-man: Far from Home’, in a sense, true.” 

Early Game Strategy

  • Keep your distance and play safe. Remember, you are weaker than the traditional mid laner. Spam your Lethal Element on creeps to clear your lane fast. Do not pick up fog near bushes as the enemy jungler could be lurking there.
  • Use Deadly Orbit to pick up fog and to attack your enemies with your enhanced Lethal Element.
  • When supporting your allies in the side lanes, activate your Mirror illusion halfway through going the lane so you can easily switch back to your lane after visiting the side lanes.

Late Game Strategy

  • Late game is where Mysterio shines. Stay in the back lanes and spam your Lethal Element andDeadly Orbit as much as you can in clashes.
  • Remember to use your Mirror Illusion before engaging in a fight. Switching with your illusion also activates your enhanced attack passive.
  • Choose and time the usage of Holographic Assault wisely. It is better to use it on single target heroes such as Hawkeye or Thanos or heroes that require precision and timing such as Cloak and Dagger or Mantis.


Ant-Man is a great synergy to Mysterio because Ant-Man has a very strong mid game and he is capable of creating space and chaos where Mysterio thrives.

Star-Lord and Mysterio is a chaotic combo that would result in a war of attrition that is stressful for enemies to deal with.

Spiderman is surprisingly a good teammate of Mysterio. With their mobility, no low HP hero is safe.


Storm can easily destroy an inexperienced Mysterio in the mid lane. She can clear lanes faster and help her teammates earlier. The same goes with other traditional mid laners like Scarlett Witch, Ironman, and Doctor Strange. Play safe and don’t let them get fat so you can catch up later in the late game where you will outshine them.

Cloak and Dagger can place her silence where you will land after you use your Deadly Orbit. A well-placed silence will result in a dead Mysterio. Make sure to cast your Ultra-skill, Holographic Assault on her to mitigate her supporting impact.

Of course, Mysterio’s nemesis will be here as well. Mysterio’s never safe as Spiderman can out-mobility him.

  • Mysterio is a high mobility, high burst damage hero which can make plays and create a big impact in a game in many ways. He is one of the highest late game damage mages along with Doctor Strange on the top spot.
  • Mysterio has a huge sphere of influence. He can easily be in the bot lane and suddenly back to the mid lane. He can also pick off enemies two screens away.
  • This hero is, in a lot of way, a hell lot of fun. Not for your enemies, of course. He is so annoying to play against.
  1. Mysterio is weaker than most traditional mid laners and your team can miss the early-mid game impact of most mages.
  2. Mysterio has quite the high skill requirement. You can easily lose track of your illusion and switch inside the enemy’s tower or in the middle of the enemy’s team. His Ultra-skill can practically have no effect if used without consideration.


Mysterio is indeed an intriguing addition to the Marvel Super War universe. He is an A tier mage. He might have a B tier early game but he has definitely a S+ tier late game. A team well-built around him can turn him into a stressful illusion monster.

Written By : Charles Flores ( 15 years MOBA experience. Legendary Master Rank playing since season 0. PH Server. )