Marvel Super War – Moonstar Guide




DPS (80%)




Danielle “Dani” Moonstar, a.k.a. Psyche and later Mirage, is a mutant with emphatic psi and also a Valkyrie who received blessing from Hela. She can talk with animals and other creates and bring them as her aide in battle. She wields her bow and arrow and can bring forth psionic arrows using her mutant abilities. And in time of grave danger, she can call upon Hela’s powers and use it as her own.

Moonstar Skills

Telepathic Empathy

Passive: Moonstar can tame monsters to assist her in battle while receiving EXP and Coins from them. The tamed monsters help attack Moonstar's enemy targets, and taming different monsters activates different abilities for Moonstar . Taming the Muspelheim Spider or Wendigo activates the Terror Shot ability. Taming the Mindless One or Man-Thing activates the Resist Death ability.

Psionic Volley

Passive: Moonstar marks enemies and gains vision of them when she and her tamed monsters deal damage to them. Marks last 4 second(s) and stack up to 5 times. Active: Moonstar releases her Psionic Volley, dealing multiple psionic attacks to marked targets within range. The number of attacks equals the number of marks stacked, and each attack deals 25(+45%Bonus Physical Attack) (+1.4%Target's Max HP) physical damage. When Moonstar and her tamed monsters move toward a marked target, their movement speed increases by 10%.

Neural Arrows

Moonstar charges in the specified direction, shooting arrows at a maximum of 3 nearby enemies, dealing physical damage and slowing them by 10% while increasing her own attack speed by 20% for 2.5 second(s).

Telepathic Empathy

Tame Muspelheim Spider or Wendigo to assist Moonstar in battle and to activate Moonstar's Terror Shot ability. Tame Mindless One or Man-Thing to assist Moonstar in battle and to activate Moonstar's Resist Death ability.

Hela's Embrace

Moonstar embraces Hela's dark power for 10 second(s), during which she increases her attack by 30 and attack speed by 20%. She also enhances her tamed monsters, increasing their attack speed by 20% and movement speed by 20%. The cooldown of Neural Arrows reduces while the ability is active.

Moonstar Skills Analysis

Natural Passive: Telepathic Empathy

Moonstar’s natural passive is to tame monsters to assist her in battle. In doing so she gains an ability depending on what jungle monster she tames.

She gains Terror Shot when she tames the Muspelheim Spider or Wendigo

She gains Resist Death when she tames Mindless One or Man-Thing

You gain the experience and gold from the monster after taming it.

The length of time to tame the jungle monster shortens as you level up.

It is recommended to get the Terror Shot as a jungler for faster clearing and Resist death as a bot laner for additional sustain while laning.

Skill 1: Psionic Volley

Enemies attacked by Moonstar are revealed and marked for 4 seconds. Marks stacks up to five times. Marks also appear when enemies are attacked by her tamed monster and when enemies are strucked by the passive of the item Sky Shadows.

When Moonstar activates her skill 1, she releases volleys of psionic arrows to the marked enemies. This skill has an exceptionally long range so fleeing enemies have no chance of escaping you if they are marked.

Skill 2: Neural Arrows

Moonstar dashes to the specified direction and fires three arrows to the lowest HP enemy heroes around her. This skill is perfect for kiting enemies because the skill slows down enemies while increasing her own movement speed.

Even it is tempting to use the skill to jump into the middle of the enemy’s lineup, do not do it. It is best to dash around the outskirts of the battle so you can safely hit the enemies but still be ready to escape anytime you want.

Skill 3(a): Terror Shot

Terror Shot is the offensive version of your skill 3. Activating it increases the damage of your next three attacks. The third attack also has a fear effect on the target.

Use the skill to farm your jungle faster and always activate it before jumping into a gank or a team fight.

Skill 3(b): Resist Death

Resist Death is the defensive version of your skill 3. It is the superior choice as a bot lane marksman. Activate it when receiving damage and spam it when you are low in health because the unused shield is converted into health after the duration is over.

Ultra-skill: Hela’s Embrace

Hela’s Embrace increases Moonstar’s attack damage and attack speed while also increasing her tamed monster’s attack speed and movement speed. The cool down of her skill 2, Neural Arrows, is also reduced while the ability is active.

Knowing when to activate your ultra-skill is crucial to winning fights. It is preferable to activate it when you are sure that the enemy has committed to the fight so you won’t waste your ultra-skill as it has a fairly long cool down. But you are unstoppable while it is active.

Did you know? One of the most important moment for Moonstar is meeting Brightwing, a flying horse of the Valkyries. Because of her bond with Brightwing, she became a Valkyrie which led to her being blessed with Hela’s power.

Moonstar Skill Progression

Moonstar Item Build

Jungle Build

  • Quantum Rifle – Attack damage jungle item is best for Moonstar so you can capital on on the damage scaling for your Psionic Volley.
  • Nightsword – has bonus hp and enhanced attack damage which suits Moonstar kiting playstyle.
  • Double Daggers – greatly enhance Psionic Volley Damage.
  • Valkyrie bow – Brings sustain, attack speed, and HP% based damage which is perfect for whittling down enemy tanks.
  • Sky Shadows – Sky Shadows is the perfect late game item for Moonstar because its fragmented attack passive also works with Psionic Volley, increasing your team fight presence by a multitude.

Bottom Lane Build

Twilight blade is your substitute item as a bottom laner which increases your critical damage by a lot because 20% of it is converted into true damage. You can also opt to sell your Quantum Rifle in the late game to replace it with the Twilight blade.

Power Core

  • Swift Pummel – Increases your attack speed. This core is the reason you don’t need too much attack speed items early in the game. This core’s effect is enough to quickly stack 5 marks on a enemy.
  • Rend Particle – One of Moonstar’s strength is her ability to finish fleeing enemies. Rend Particle’s bonus dps on low HP enemies augments this strength of her.
  • Restoration Module – Provides additional HP regeneration on kills and assists to help with chaining kills.
  • Bestial Boost – Increases buff duration to so you can enjoy its effects for longer. When laning in the bottom lane, opt for the green or the blue one instead.


Blink is the standard tactic for all heroes. Never use it to initiate for Moonstar. Reserve it for emergencies and dangerous situations.

Leech is the standard tactic for junglers. With it, Moonstar can easily farm the jungle camps and secure objectives.

Paralyze is perfect for a bottom lane Moonstar as she wants to be present on team fights as much as possible. Paralyze helps with securing kills or fleeing enemy heroes.

Early Game Strategy

  • Ask your teammates to start killing the red buff for you while you tame the spider. This way, you can clear your jungler faster.
  • Prioritize clearing your jungle and gank as soon as you clear all of it and reach level 4. You can almost always kill if you land your fear on your prey while your ultra-skill is activated.
  • If playing in the bottom lane, tame the jungle monster near your lane to gain the Resist Death skill which will help you sustain your lane. Focus on farming and ask your jungler to gank your lane as soon as you reach level 4.
  • Activate your Psionic Volleys only when low HP enemies are starting to flee. Avoid using against enemy tanks if you are not sure that it will kill them.

Late Game Strategy

  • Use the Terror shot ability as much as possible in clashes. In the later stages of the game, it is advisable that you have this ability more often than not. Only acquire the Resist death skill if you have trouble surviving against assassins.
  • Always position yourself in clashes behind your tanks in the outer sides of the fight but try to jump to enemy cores when you have Terror Shot available.
  • Spam your Psionic Volleys as much as possible at this point.


Hulk is the best pair for Moonstar as she can protect her whether as a jungler or as a bot laner. His ultra-skill, Shockwave, also clumps up enemies which is a perfect setup for Moonstar’s attacks. Colossus also does the same job but not as effective, although his armor break will make Moonstar’s attacks deal more damage.


Deadpool is devasting against a jungler Moonstar because his power spike comes faster than Moonstar’s. The support should assist Moonstar when facing against Deadpool. Emma Frost and Black Knight is also a hard match up because of the same reason.

Gambit outmaneuvers Moonstar because he has two blinks and the other one is also has an untargetable effect. Gambit’s burst damage also exceeds Moonstar’s. Moonstar can have better DPS than him but only when her ultra-skill is active.

  • Moonstar has one of the fastest jungle clear if she is assisted by her team.
  • She is the only marksman that has a built-in sustain.
  • She can choose between two skills that can change her game play between being a killer and being hard to kill.
  • She has one of the highest DPS when her ultra-skill is active, rivaling Hawkeye and Rocket Raccoon.
  • She requires good team coordination to maximize her effectiveness as a jungler.
  • She has extremely low HP which can be a problem for her as her kit requires her to be hands-on in battle.
  • Taming a jungle monster as a bot laner will take away gold and experience from the jungler which is a big deal in the early game.


Moonstar is definitely an intriguing addition to Marvel Super War. It will be exciting to see how teams will bring her into their compositions. She is definitely meta changing with her unique skill set. Right now, she is an A-tier marksman and Jungler as she as a solid pick but it looks like she is too novel to be top tier material. We will see soon enough if this changes. Even so, she is a good buy for fun and for ranking up!