Marvel Super War – Mantis Guide




DPS (20%)



SUPPORT (100%)

The Celestial Madonna, a powerful empath, and an important member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Mantis is a powerful support figure in Marvel. She can feel emotions and manipulate them, forcing anger, fright, and even pain and unconsciousness to her enemies. But to her allies, she can bring great healing.

Mantis Skills


Passive: Mantis can see into the nearest brush within 600 yards, not including the brush she is currently in.

Life Drain

Mantis releases a solar blast in the specified direction, which deals 160(+80%Energy Attack) energy damage to enemies in its path and explodes when hitting enemy heroes, slowing them by 65% for 1.25 seconds while healing Mantis for 70(+65%Energy Attack) HP.

Spirit Bond

Mantis establishes a spirit bond with a specified friendly hero, healing them both for 20(+22%Energy Attack) HP every second and granting them both 15 physical defense and 15 energy resist for the bond's duration. When this bond is active, Mantis and her bound ally will share 20% of all damage taken, and 50% of Mantis' healing effects will be passed to this ally. This bond lasts for 3 seconds, and Mantis can extend this duration by 0.5 seconds with each attack she makes, up to a maximum of 3 additional seconds.

Force Control

Mantis exerts her mind control abilities over a designated enemy hero, causing them to enter a sleep state for 2.5 seconds and dealing an additional 200(+75%Energy Attack) energy damage at the end of this duration. Mantis gains 45% damage reduction while controlling enemies, but is unable to move.

Skills Analysis

Natural Passive: Perception

Perception is one of the most useful passives in the game. It prevents surprise ganks from the bushes. Always roam around nearby bushes to check if there are enemies hiding. 

This passive increases the incentive of always being near your allied carries.

Skill 1: Life Drain

Life Drain is your poke skill. Always use this whenever it is on cooldown to chip away on your enemy’s HP while healing yourself at the same time. This skill has a fairly long range and a strong slow so try to use it whenever possible.

The healing from life drain is quite strong and you can transfer half of it to the ally connected to you via Spirit Bond so try to capitalize on this skill mechanic.

Skill 2: Spirit Bond

Spirit Bond is one of the strongest support skills in the game. It has three main functions:

  1. It heals both you and the target ally every second for three seconds. You can extend the the duration of the spell by 0.5 for each successful basic attack you make.
  2. Spirit Bond increases both Mantis’s and the target ally’s physical and energy resistance by a fix amount. Furthermore, 20% of damage received by both heroes are shared to each other. Be wary of this though, because if both of them receives the same AoE damage, they will receive an approximate of 10% increase in damage instead.
    *because of the shared damage mechanic, Mantis will die as well when Proxima Midnight executes a bonded ally.
  3. 50% of all healing effects that Mantis receives will be transferred to the bonded target. Take advantage of this effect by doing the following while bonded:
    • Using the tower’s med kit.
    • Hitting enemies with Life Drain.
    • Using the First Aid tactic.
    • Megingjord’s passive bonus HP regeneration.

Ultra-skill: Force Control

Force control is arguably one of the strongest single-target crowd control skill. It goes through Dispel and most immunity skills.

You can use the skill both offensively and defensively.

Offensively, you can execute a blink-in, then Force Control to surprise an enemy core. It is important to note to only do this when your allies are near and have their skills available. Do not do this to enemy tanks.

It is much better to use it defensively because it acts as an insurance against surprise attacks to your friendly carries. Use it when your marksman or your mage gets ganked by the enemy’s assassin or carries.

“Did you know?: Mantis in the comics lived in earth as a half-vietnamese, half-german who grew in a Vietnamese Temple of the Priest of Pama, a sect of the Kree. This is inconsistent with the movie’s Mantis who grew up with the Celestial Ego.”

Skill Progression

Item Build

Regeneration Cradle is a cheap support item that has a regeneration boost that fits perfectly with Mantis’s skill set. Arc Reactor helps with Mantis’s EP issues as she eats EP fast. Arc Reactor also has a unique passive that reduces the ultra-skill’s cooldown for every kill or assist, so it will allow you to use your ultra-skill more often. Megingjord amplifies all healing effects received by its wearer so it is also a must have item for Mantis. Consider building Enhancement Serum as your first item when faced with burst damage marksman such as Gambit or Vision.

Power Core

  • Heart of the Defender – adds bonus damage on the next attack of you and the ally you healed.
  • Suppression Particle – adds bonus damage to your next attack and a debuff that reduces the physical and energy resistance of the affected enemy. 
  • Restoration Module – Restores your HP/EP on kills and assists.
  • Spellcast Boost – provides cool down reduction that scales as you level up.


Blink is the standard tactic for all heroes. You can use the tactic to escape or for a surprise ambush with your ultra-skill, Force Control.

First Aid is a popular tactic for Mantis because it provides burst healing in combination with her skill 2, Spirit Bond.

Paralyze is provides offensive and defensive utility through it’s slow and damage reduction. It can be used offensively to secure a kill and defensively to prevent your cores being killed through its damage reduction.

Teleport can be a useful tactic for Mantis because she depletes her EP quickly. This tactic allows her to replenish her EP through recall and get back quickly.

“Did you know?: Mantis was granted the title ‘Celestial Madonna’ because she is the one destined to give birth the ‘Celestial Messiah’, the most important being in the universe.”

Early Game Strategy

  • Stay with your marksman in the bottom lane and always use your skill 2, Spirit Bond when engaging damage with the enemy. The heal and the dual resistance buff will help you win and out-sustain your lane counterpart.
  • Poke the enemy as much as you can with your skill 1, Life Drain and with your basic attack but do not overextend yourself. Always stay behind your minions and near your tower.
  • Always check the bushes with your passive, Perception whenever you have a chance.

Late Game Strategy

  • After destroying the bottom tower, roam with your marksman to help your team destroy the towers in the other lanes.
  • Do not hesitate to heal your other teammates but do not stray too far from your marksman. Remember to use your skill 2, Spirit Bond on your tanks while they are soaking up damage for your team.
  • Always look for opportunities to use your ultra-skill, Force control but never force the issues and overextend yourself for the chance to do so.



Gambit is a marksman who needs to get up close and personal with his enemies. The tool kit of Mantis allows him to play extra aggressively without worrying about his HP too much. Her ultra-skill, Force Control allows Gambit to land a full hand of Energy Cards at max power with ease.

Mantis’s Force Control and Iron Man’s ultra-skill, Unibeam is always a sure kill no matter how tough an enemy is.

Thor’s ultra-skill, Thunderclap charges for a while and could be hard to land but Mantis’s Force Control makes it a sure hit at full charge, ensuring an execution.


The anti-heal items, Casket of Ancient Winters for energy heroes and Heimdall Sword for physical heroes are a must have if your team is facing Mantis.

The combination of Resistance Module and Upgraded Hydra Boots provides 75% control resistance every 10 seconds. This means that the 2.5 seconds Force control will now last for only 0.625 seconds! 

  • One of the easiest heroes to play in Marvel Super War.
  • She has one of the most reliable scouting tools with her natural passive, Perception.
  • Very reliable sustain is useful throughout the game.
  • The most reliable and longest stun in the game in her ultra-skill, Force Control.
  • She is very teammate reliant. It is impossible to win with Mantis with so-so teammates, she is not recommended for solo players.
  • Abysmal damage. She literally has the lowest possible damage output in the game.


Mantis is a beginner friendly hero which makes a good place to start when you are just new to Marvel Super War, but being a B-tier support, there is a lot of other support who can do better than her. Use her as a stepping stone to learn the game but learn other heroes as well. Even so, she can be useful in some team composition especially if you have a reliable marksman.