Marvel Super War – Lady Sif Guide




DPS (80%)




One of Thor’s greatest ally and friend, Lady Sif is an Asgardian hero in her own right. Lady Sif is an extremely gifted combatant. The graves of Asgard are filled with those who underestimated Lady Sif’s prowess.

Lady Sif Skills


Passive: Lady Sif accumulates Bellicosity whenever she manages to strike an enemy hero with an ability, boosting her basic attack by 5(+1*Level) (+5%Bonus Physical Attack) energy damage per Bellicosity up to a maximum of 4 Bellicosity. However, Bellicosity only lasts for 8 seconds. Lady Sif unleashes the full power of her Asgardian Swords upon accumulating the maximum amount of Bellicosity, receiving an attack speed boost of 30%/40%/50% (increased at Lv. 6/11).

Warrior's Sword

Lady Sif flings out Asgardian sword energy in the specified direction while jumping backwards, dealing 145(+85%Bonus Physical Attack) physical damage and a slow of 20% for 2 seconds to the first enemy struck, before recovering all her blades upon landing.

Blades of Asgard

Lady Sif launches Blades of Asgard in the specified direction, dealing 120(+100%Bonus Physical Attack) physical damage to enemies in its path. Her sword drops to the ground after hitting an enemy hero or jungle monster, dealing a further 12(+10%Bonus Physical Attack) physical damage to nearby enemies. Lady Sif stores one Asgardian sword per 8 seconds, up to a maximum of 2 swords. Lady Sif will recall her swords once they are more than 1300 yards away from her, inflicting a 1-second stun to any enemies in their path.

Sword Pursuit

Lady Sif will rush over to her Asgardian swords based on the order in which she launched them before recovering each sword and dealing 40(+100%Physical Attack) physical damage to nearby enemies. Lady Sif will also be immune to all damage and control effects while sprinting over. This ability will be refreshed when it hits the target.

Asgardian Swordstorm

Lady Sif throws a flying blade in the specified direction, dealing 125(+50%Physical Attack) physical damage and inflicts a 1-second stun to the first enemy hero struck before landing to form a triangular matrix of blades of 3 seconds duration shortly thereafter. This field of blades will deal 250(+100%Physical Attack) physical damage and inflict a 3-second slow of 40% to enemy heroes attempting to pass through it.

Lady Sif Skills Analysis

Natural Passive: Bellicosity

Lady Sif gains a charge of Bellicosity that increases her basic attack damage every time she hits an enemy. She can gain a maximum of four stacks and having maximum stacks will activate an attack speed bonus.

Remember to use your basic attack as much as possible in between activating your skills to maximize damage with Lady Sif.

Skill 1: Warrior’s Sword

Lady Sif steps back and flings out sword energy that damages and slows enemies. This skill two purpose:

  1. To initiate. Offensive Stun Combo: S2-S1-S3. Using your Skill 1, Warrior’s Sword, will make your Skill 2, Blades of Asguard, fly back to you which will inflict a one second stun to any enemy caught in the blade’s trajectory. After stunning the enemy, you’ll fly towards the sword by activating your Skill 3, Sword Pursuit, that will deal a substantial amount of damage to the enemies caught by the combo.
  2. To escape. Defensive Stun Combo: S2-S1. If you are in a disadvantage, use your Skill 2 then Skill 1 to stun the enemies and step back into an escape route to safely disengage a fight.
  3. To dodge skill shots. Use Skill 1, alone, immediately.

Remember: Lady Sif will jump against your target direction.

Skill 2: Blades of Asguard

Blades of Asguard is a crucial aspect for your other skills so do not spam it blindly. You gain one charge every 8 seconds.

Thrown swords will fly back to Lady Sif when they are more than 1,300 yards away from her. (around one screen length.)

 Skill 3: Sword Pursuit

Sword Pursuit is Lady Sif’s main source of damage. It deals 100% of her basic attack plus the skills base damage in a radius around where Lady Sif picks her swords.

Lady Sif basic combos (Without Ultra-skill):

  1. Standard DPS Combo – S2-S1-S3-BA-S2-BA-S3-BA-S1 – The idea is to get as much basic attack (BA) in between hitting your skills to maximize the bonus damage from your passive.
  2. Burst Combo – S2-S2-S3-BA-S1 – Use this combo sparingly when enemies are clumped up and you have a tank to control your enemies. This combo will cause your skill 3 to activate twice in quick succession. But this is extremely risky as you will burn all your escape options quickly.

You can also use Sword Pursuit to escape or evade skill shots as Lady Sif has damage and control immunity while she is in flight.

Be mindful of when to activate your Sword Pursuitbecause its cooldown will only reset when it hits an enemy.

Ultra-skill: Asguardian Swordstorm

When Lady Sif casts Asguardian Swordstorm, she throws a sword that stuns for one second and deals moderate damage then a triangle will appear which can damage and slow enemies that passes through it.  

Asguardian Swordstorm is a great zoning tool which can isolate an enemy or disrupt a team fight to your advantage. Pairing it with another Area of Effect skill like Thor’s Thunderclap or Magneto’s Magnetic Storm will surely have devastating results for your enemies.

Asguardian Swordstorm has one of the smallest hitboxes so be sure to take your time in aiming the skill as it could be a crucial tool in a team fight. You could wait for your ally to hit their crowd control skill so it would be easier to aim as a follow up initiation.

Asguardian Swordstorm Combos:

  1. Full Aggressive Combo – S2-S1-S3-BA-US-BA-S2-BA-S3-BA – It is important to land your S2-S1 stun combo first before you fully commit to your combo because you will surely land your ultra-skill (US) if you stun your enemy first.
  2. Defensive Double Stun Combo – S2-S1-US – You can use this combo to zone out your enemies if you are behind in gold and want to disengage or force your enemies to fight your team while they’re outnumbered.

Of course, there’s no one stopping you initiating with your ultra-skill if you are confident in aiming it.

Did you know? Lady Sif and Heimdall are brothers and sisters?

Skill Progression

Item Build

Lady Sif’s style of alternating between skills and attacks synergizes really well with the item Nightsword that has a Heavy Attack passive which enhances the next basic attack right after using a skill. Twilight Blade is another candidate for good synergy because the attack speed bonus on Lady Sif’s natural passive pairs well with this item’s crit damage nature. Megingjord is our defensive item that allows Lady Sif to recover when going in and out of long fights.

Power Core

  • Unstable Radiation – Perfect for burst damage type heroes which makes the hero deal extra damage when using multiple different attacks.
  • Suppression Particle – Moving and basic attacks will charge this particle which is perfect for Lady Sif, and once fully charge will deal bonus damage and apply an armor and energy resist debuff.
  • Resistance Module – Reduces crowd control effects and when paired with the Enhanced Hydra Boots, reduces crowd control significantly, increasing Lady Sif’s chances of survival against stuns, knock-ups, and the likes.
  • Bestial Boost – Increases the up time of jungle buffs so Lady Sif can enjoy them longer. This is important for Lady Sif because she especially needs the blue buff as she has mana issues often in the earlier stages of the game.


Blink is your insurance policy in Lady Sif in case you find yourself with all your skills on cool down in the face of your enemies. Never initiate with blink when using Lady Sif.

Leech is required tactic when playing as a jungler. You need it to jungle effectively, secure objectives and buy your Quantum Rifle. The upgraded leech tactic may be used to deal damage and slow down the target to secure your kill.

Did you know: Lady Sif only falls in love with those who are worthy of wielding the Mjolnir. Namely, Thor and the Korbinite Beta Ray Bill.

Early Game Strategy

  • Lady Sif has mediocre jungle creep clear so it is important that you ask for help in clearing at least the very first jungle creep. Go for the red buff first and immediately proceed to the blue buff to avoid it being stolen. Bring the blue buff to half HP and then throw your sword towards the opposite jungle creep so you can clear them both at the same time.
  • Wait for your enemies to get near the bush you are hiding in so you can execute the stun combo on them. This increases your chance of killing the enemy or at least, it will force them to waste their blink tactic.
  • Do not initiate in large groups of enemies. Let your tank initiate the fights and proceed to jump the backlines once chaos ensues.

Late Game Strategy

  • The early game and late game strategies for Lady Sif does not differ that much. Lady Sif is always in a position of kill or be killed. Like in the early game, do not act as the initiator versus large groups of enemies. Commit to a fight later when they are less aware of your position and preferably, their skills are already burned.
  • Choose the usage of your ultra-skill wisely. It is usually a bad choice to use it to kill a single target because you can accomplish that without using your ultra-skill. Instead, use it as either a secondary initiation to secure a team fight or you can use it as a zoning tool to prevent your enemies from grouping up.  
  • Always look for opportunities to sneak towards the enemy’s mage or marksman because you can kill enemy cores in a flash if they are unprepared.


Ebony Maw is a perfect partner of Lady Sif. Using Psychic Entity, Lady Sif and Ebony Maw can dive through the enemy lines and do game-breaking multiple mind control and knock-ups.

Namor’s Dead Sea Barrier Vortex zoning capability works surprisingly well with Lady Sif’s Asguardian Swordstorm either by isolating a single enemy or a small group of enemies for easy pick off or packing up large groups for multiple AoE combos.

Scarlet Witch’s Chaos Magic combined with Lady Sif’s skills makes for an unparalleled burst damage combo in the game. Scarlet Witch can initiate and through Chaos Magic that would clump up the enemies together, Lady Sif can finish them like hot knife on butter. Lady Sif can also initiate with Asguardian Swordstorm and Scarlet Witch will have an easy time landing her Chaos Magic.


Hulk is a difficult enemy for Lady Sif. His Jade Giant and Hulk Smash can shut down a Lady Sif through the continuous crowd control.

Cloak & Dagger can save her allies from dying before Lady Sif can execute a full combo and their Dark Fear can render Lady Sif useless and immobile for an easy pickoff.

Emma Frost has an early power spike that can easily snowball over any contribution Lady Sif can make later in the game. If Emma Frost goes aggressive and invades, Lady Sif is going to have a hard time especially if your support and mid are late to rotate and help you.

  • Lady Sif has a lot of Mobility skills that helps her navigate the battlefield and jump to the backlines.
  • Lady Sif has a strong mid game where she can easily burst down most cores. If you managed to snowball her in the early game through bagging a kill or two, she is definitely going to be a mid-game beast.
  • She has adequate crowd control and team fight disruption capabilities thanks to her stuns and Asguardian Swordstorm.
  • Lady Sif has one of the slower jungle clearing capabilities in the game which does not bode well for her most of the time because if she does not get her item timings by mid game, she can be useless for most of the game.
  • She is not a very versatile fighter. She can be a good jungler but she does not belong to the top lane as she cannot create space for the team like a traditional top laner should.
  • Lady Sif is a little squishy compared to most fighters. She would not be able to survive if she was stunned in the middle of the enemy team so a good Lady Sif player would think twice before diving the backlines.
  • She has a very steep learning curve. Her combos require a lot of practice to master and it is very easy to mess in a guide and find yourself helpless in the middle of the enemy team.


Due to her low pick rate and her kit compared to most top tier junglers, Lady Sif sits as a B-tier jungler. But this doesn’t mean that she is a garbage pick. In the hands of a proficient player, she can be a dangerous assassin capable of bursting down cores and possibly even creating Penta K.O. plays. Bottomline, she is fun to play and carries a lot of potential so deciding to buy and use her is definitely worth the risk!