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Tony Stark is a Billionaire Industrialist who used his resources and intelligence to create a suit of armor which he used to fight crime. He is one of the founding members of the Avengers to protect global stability. With his technology, Iron Man is one of the strongest members of the the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

Iron Man Skills

Pulse Cannon

Passive: After using an ability or 3 basic attacks, the next basic attack emits a powerful beam with a 200-yard range, dealing 5(+100%Physical Attack) (+5*Level) (+20%Energy Attack) energy damage to the target and enemy units around them.


Iron Man launches a cluster of mini-missiles at the specified area, dealing 50(+26%Energy Attack) energy damage to enemies in the blast radius.

Electromagnetic Shock

Iron Man fires his electromagnetic beam in the specified direction, blasting enemies hit for 90(+40%Energy Attack) energy damage, knocking them back for 0.6 seconds, and slowing them by 65% for 1.5 seconds.

Flight Thrusters

Iron Man activates his thrusters and takes flight at speed to gain 80% movement speed and ignore obstacles. He can keep flying for up to 12 seconds.


Iron Man fires his laser in the specified direction, blasting enemies in its path for up to 10 hits of 100(+35%Energy Attack) energy damage every 0.3 seconds.

Iron Man Skills Analysis

Natural Passive: Pulse Cannon

Pulse Cannon is usually overlooked in terms of the added damage per second it provides for Iron Man but it is not something to take for granted so remember to attack your enemy every time you cast your skills for the added damage.

Pulse Cannon also increases your damage to towers making you a potent split-pusher along with your skill 3, Flight Thrusters.

Skill 1: Micro-Missiles

Micro-Missiles are your main source of poke damage. It deals a lot of damage but could be easy to avoid since it takes some time for the missiles to arrive and the enemy is alerted of the incoming attack.

To make sure your missiles hit the target, manually aim it towards the direction your enemy is going to. Use it after casting your skill 2, Electromagnetic Shock, will make it easier to land your missiles due to the slow effect from the skill 2.

Skill 2: Electromagnetic Shock

Electromagnetic Shock is your crowd control and defensive skill.

Offensively, you can use this skill to slow down the enemy before using your skill 1, Micro-Missiles, or your ultra-skill, Unibeam. Remember that this skill has a knock-back effect which may push your enemy to the safety of their tower so be mindful of casting the skill.

Defensively, you can take advantage of the knock-back and slow effect against charging enemies. The skill can cancel Hulk’s Shockwave, Black Knight’s Knight’s Charge, it makes Ronan cast his Worldshaker prematurely and it can do a lot of other skill interactions.

Skill 3: Flight Thrusters

Flight Thrusters is your mobility skill. Always cast this skill before engaging in battle to take advantage of its effects.

During flight mode, you gain bonus movement speed and the ability to fly over obstacles making it a lot easier to execute a good cast of your ultra-skill, Unibeam.

Take advantage of flying over obstacles to easily kite melee opponents.

Remember that casting the skill and after its duration, there will be an animation that cannot be cancelled. You are extremely vulnerable during that time. So, keep in mind to cast the skill away from your enemies and fly under your tower’s or teammate’s protection before the skill ends.

Ultra-skill: Unibeam

Unibeam is hands down the strongest DPS ultra-skill in the game. It is the only skill that can consistently kill enemy heroes with it alone from the early game to the late game.

The down side of this skill is that it is extremely hard to hit and it takes considerable practice to master using it. But when a proficient Iron Man user casts his Unibeam, there will surely be a kill or two every single time.

Always cast your Unibeam when you are in flight mode and look for opportunities to chain your ultra-skill with your teammate’s crowd controls.

Did You Know? A fully powered Iron Man suit can lift 100 tons. That’s 200,000 pounds!

Skill Progression

Item Build

Cosmic Cube provides your first power spike with its burst damage passive that when in combination with a full hit Micro-Missiles attack, could easily shave half the HP of the enemy’s Marksman. Wand of Watoomb signals your second power spike which makes you able to kill almost all enemy heroes with your Unibeam alone. Virus Cannon enhances your basic attack in combination with your passive and Darkhold and Loki’s Scepter helps deal major damage against enemy tanks.

Power Core

  • Time Lag – slows down the enemy’s movement speed by 80% (!!) when you deal a set amount of damage based on the enemy’s HP. A good hit from Micro-Missile or 2 to 3 ticks from Unibeam will surely activate Time Lag’s effect.
  • Strike Particle – increases all your damage by 4% when your HP dips below 70%. Since you will be kiting enemies, your HP will be at this level most of the time.
  • Restoration Module – Restores a portion of your HP and EP upon kills or assists. Helps with chaining kills in late game clashes.
  • Spellcast Boost – Provides additional cool down reduction which scales by level which allows you to spam your skills more often.


Blink is the standard tactic for all heroes. This tactic allows you to escape dangerous situations. You can also use it offensively by repositioning yourself during your Unibeam.

Dispel makes you immune to crowd control effects. In combination with your Flight Thrusters, Iron Man is almost untouchable.

Early Game Strategy

  • Focus on clearing your lane faster than your enemy. Once you reach level 3, begin to gank other lanes with the help of your Flight Thrusters.
  • Your Flight Thrusters can help you reach the top or bottom lane, fight for 3-5 seconds and get back to your lane before the end of its duration. Practice mastering this timing so you can create an impact early in the game.
  • Strive to get your items faster than the enemy mid laner.

Late Game Strategy

  • Once you get your Wand of Watoomb, you can kill most enemy heroes with your Unibeam. Look for opportunities to cripple the enemy team by killing one of them every time your Unibeam is off cool down.
  • But do not spam your Unibeam, look for opportunities to cast it safely or together with crowd control skills from your teammates.
  • Play safe when your Flight Thrusters is on cool down.
  • Look for opportunities to split-push or even just shove lanes.


Groot‘s Growing Pains is a perfect crowd control setup for Unibeam. Any hero caught by Groot is an easy kill for Iron Man.

Namor‘s Deep Sea Vortex is another good crowd control skill which Iron Man can use for an easy killl.


Dr. Strange is Iron Man’s bane in the middle lane. He can easily poke Iron Man without being damaged himself by making his Bolts of Balthakk bounce or by using his Time Manipulation before engaging against Iron Man. He can use his Inter-Dimensional Portal to redirect Unibeam and make it useless.

Spiderman can hunt down Iron Man even while on Flight Mode.

One full combo from Thanos can snap Iron Man out of existence.

  • One of the most mobile mid laner.
  • Has above average skill and basic attack damage.
  • Easy to learn,
  • Has no real disengage. When you get caught by the enemy when you are not in flight mode, chances are that you will die.
  • Hard to master, especially using the Unibeam consistently.


Iron Man has a solid fundamentals of a mid laner which are fast wave clear, mobility, and burst damage. He has all the tools a team needs from an energy hero. This puts him in the A-tier as a reliable mid laner. An Iron Man user who knows the strengths of his hero can easily carry his team to victory.

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