Marvel Super War – Invisible Woman Guide




DPS (40%)



SUPPORT (100%)

Sue Storm wields the power of the Cosmic Storm as Invisible Woman! She can manifest her psionic powers to bend light to her will to trick enemies. She can also project fields of hypersonic psionic energy to subdue her foes or protect her allies.

Invisible Woman Skills

Without a Trace

Passive: 6/5/4/3 second(s) after Invisible Woman leaves a fight, she becomes invisible (effect changes at Lv. 1/5/10/15). If there are enemy heroes within 700 yards of her, she changes from invisible to stealth mode. While invisible or in stealth mode, if Invisible Woman receives damage, actively attacks, or remains in stealth mode for more than 1.5 second(s), she will reveal herself. At which point, her next basic attack deals an extra 15(+25%Energy Attack) (+4*Level) energy damage and slows the target by 50% for 1.5 second(s).

Psionic Guard

Invisible Woman releases a psionic wave in the specified direction, dealing 120(+65%Energy Attack) energy damage to enemies in its path and granting a 60% speed boost for 1.5 seconds. The psionic wave returns after reaching its max distance and grants her and friendly heroes in range a shield that absorbs 120(+70%Energy Attack) damage. Each enemy hero struck by the wave adds an extra 30(+17.5%Energy Attack) shield value.

Psionic Light

Invisible Woman releases psionic energy in the specified direction, dealing 60(+30%Energy Attack) energy damage to enemies in its path. The first enemy struck is marked for 4 second(s) and slowed by 55% for 1.5 second(s). While the mark is present, basic attacks from herself and friendly heroes add more marks. At 4 marks, they deal 120(+75%Energy Attack) energy damage to the target and stun them for 1.25 second(s).

Invisible Force Field

Invisible Woman creates a force field around her, turning herself and friendly heroes within range invisible for 3 second(s) while granting a 80% speed boost for 3 second(s). Using the ability again within a set time allows Invisible Woman to blink in the specified direction, dealing 200(+100%Energy Attack) energy damage to enemies in the target area and imprisoning them for 2 second(s). She also gains a shield that absorbs 300(+120%Energy Attack) damage.

Invisible Woman Skills Analysis

Natural Passive: Without a Trace

Invisible Woman becomes invisible after a set time leaving a fight. This allows her to roam around without being detected and have a surprising factor for supporting and ganking activities across the map.

The invisibility turns into stealth mode when there is an enemy that enters the detection radius. In stealth mode, your silhouette is barely visible to the enemy. This mode lasts for 1.5 seconds before fully revealing yourself.

The invisibility also breaks after attacking, using a skill, or receiving damage. After your invisibility breaks, your next basic attack will deal enhanced damage and will slow the enemy.

Remember to replenish your invisibility under bushes or away from enemy vision to psychologically enhance its effect.

Skill 1: Psionic Guard

Psionic Guard is your main defensive skill with a little bit of offense mixed in. It grants a shield that increases effectiveness depending on the number of enemies you damage with the skill. It also grants a short movement speed boost to you.

The initial animation is fairly fast so you don’t have to advance it too much but take note that it grants the shield after a little delay so take note of it when making defensive plays.

Skill 2: Psionic Light

Psionic Light is your main offensive skill. It latches on the first enemy hero it hits and marks it. After attacking 3 times, the mark explodes dealing additional damage and stunning the enemy.

This skill projectile speed is rather slow compared to her skill 1 so predict where your enemy is going as you cast the skill.

Ultra-skill: Invisible Force Field

Invisible Force Field is a superior initiation skill that turns you and your allies invisible while giving your team a major movement speed boost. The skill then gains a second phase that allows you to jump on a target location which makes you deal damage and imprison enemies while giving yourself a shield.

Activating the skill inside the bush with your teammates exponentially increases your chances of winning your ganks and team fights.

The second phase of the skill has a short delay which is a window for the enemy to escape. Reposition yourself with the Blink tactic to make sure you imprison fleeing enemies but beware that you will lose your only disengage tool if you do so.

Do not hesitate to cast your ultra-skill to aid your escape or to bring your team more advantage in the middle of a team fight.

Did you know? Sue Storm can create force fields inside the body of her enemies, mutilating them in the process.

Invisible Woman Skill Progression

Item Build

  • Regeneration Cradle increases your shield effects.
  • Rocket Boots allows you to roam the map more efficiently with its additional movement speed bonus when outside fights.
  • Arc Reactor reduces your ultra-skills cool down for every kill or assists allowing for a more aggressive gameplay.
  • Casket of Ancient Winters increases your HP and grants additional slow on your skill damages.
  • Goblin Mask has a unique active that doubles your dual resistances.

Power Core

  • Heart of the Defender – Grants basic attack damage enhancement to you and a receiver of your shield.
  • Suppression Particle – Applies a resistance debuff to an enemy hero you have attacked, effectively amplifying your teammate’s damage.
  • Restoration Module – Restores your HP and EP on kills and assists.
  • Agility Boost – Increases your movement speed when outside of battle, further improving your roaming capability.


Blink is the standard tactic for all heroes. Invisible Woman has no natural disengage so reserve your blink to escape dangerous situations but you can use your blink to land game changing ultra-skills.

Paralyze is perfect for Invisible Woman because this tactic in combination with your skill 2, Psionic Light will almost always be a secure kill.

Early Game Strategy

  • Support your marksman until you are confident that you can leave him alone in the bottom lane safely.
  • If you are dominating your lane, clear as fast as you can so you can roam and support your mid lane or jungler earlier.
  • Always look out for your side of the jungle to guard against ganks and invades.
  • Always try to gank with your jungler every time your ultra-skill is available.

Late Game Strategy

  • Use signals to gather your teammates for ganks and to initiate team fights.
  • Invisible Woman thrives on an aggressive play style so coordinate fight after fight with your team as long as you don’t over-commit on fights.


The Thing‘s Boulder Crash in combination with your ultra-skill will come too fast in the eyes of your enemies that they will not have enough time to react against your deadly combination.

Black Widow’s Final Tempest will decimate your opponents as they are helplessly imprisoned by your Invisible Force Field.


Ancient One can see where Invisible Woman on demand using her ultra-skill, Inter-Dimensional Travel. Heimdall and Daredevil can do it similarly but it bounded by a long passive interval. The reveal tactic also works well against Invisible Woman.

  • You have map-wide impact because of your natural passive as you will keep your enemies on their toes wondering where you’ll hit them next.
  • Consistent team-wide shielding that effectively increases your team’s HP.
  • Invisible Woman has an array of crowd controls, she has a slow, a stun, an immobilize that makes her very hard to deal against.
  • Invisible Woman is very squishy and has no natural disengage.
  • Very teammate dependent. Communication is necessary to win fights.


Invisible Woman is an S-tier hero in the hands of the right player and the right team. If you communicate with your team, you can set-up highlight worthy plays with her!