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DPS (80%)




Robert Drake, famously known as Iceman, is the coolest member of the X-Men. Capable of turning everything around him into Ice. In Marvel Super War, he is capable of extreme damage and continuous crowd control, making him a deadly mid laner or support.

Iceman Skills


Passive - Frost: Iceman's basic attacks and abilities will also tag enemies with Frost, dealing 28(+7*Level) (+30%Energy Attack) (+8%Target's Max HP) energy damage and freezing any target for 1 seconds when 100 Frost has been accumulated. If the target is not struck again by Iceman's abilities after 3 seconds, any Frost they have will quickly dissipate. Passive: Iceman's abilities will receive a 0% damage boost when attacking frozen enemies.

Bone Chill

Iceman blows a continuous stream of cold air in the specified direction, dealing 55(+25%Energy Attack) energy damage to non-hero units hit and the first enemy hero in its path every 0.3 seconds, while adding 20 Frost to the target each time damage is taken. Damage is reduced by 15% each time this gust hits an enemy, down to a minimum of 55%. Can deal damage to the same target up to 4 times.


Iceman summons thick ice at the specified location, dealing 45(+25%Energy Attack) energy damage, slowing enemies hit by30% for 4 seconds, and adding 30 Frost to them. The ice will explode after some time, dealing 90(+50%Energy Attack) energy damage to nearby enemies, slowing them by 30% for 4 seconds, and applying 30 Frost to them.

Absolute Zero

Iceman's condensed frost spreads in the specified direction, dealing 160(+70%Energy Attack) energy damage and freezing the first enemy hero struck for 0.5 seconds. The greater the distance from the spreading chill, the more severely frozen the hero is, for up to 1.8 seconds. Upon hitting an enemy hero, an area of extreme cold forms around them, dealing 90(+40%Energy Attack) energy damage to any enemies within it, while instantly adding 40 Frost. Enemies still trapped within this area will accumulate 10 Frost per second. These areas lasts up to a maximum of 2 seconds.

Iceman Skills Analysis

Natural Passive: Frost

Iceman’s basic attacks and abilities applies layers of Frost to enemies. When the layers reaches maximum or 100, the affected enemy is frozen and is dealt energy and HP based damage while giving Iceman a shield.

Frost is a strong crowd control that stops a lot of abilities in their track. It can cancel Magneto’s Magnetic Storm, Ronan’s Worldshaker, Thor’s Thunderclap, and many other skills.

Make sure to use your basic attack in between your skills as much as possible to continuously apply layers of frost on your enemies.

The layers of frost dissipates slowly if an affected enemy is not attacked by Iceman for three seconds.

The layers reset after being frozen so there is a short delay before an enemy can be frozen again.

Skill 1: Bone Chill

Bone Chill is your main source of damage. An enemy can be damaged by this skill up to four times in a period of 1.2 seconds. It can apply up to 80 layers of frost.

Attack the enemy twice or cast your other skills first in order to increase your chances of freezing the enemy during the duration of Bone Chill.

You can move while Bone Chill is in effect.

Attacking during the duration of Bone Chill will cancel the channeling of the skill.

Skill 2: Frostcoming

Frostcoming slows down the enemies and deals considerable amount of damage, especially in the second part of the skill where the ice explodes.

The downside of the skill is that there is a delay between its two phases which make it hard to land perfectly. But in combination with Iceman’s other skills, this skill becomes a deadly tool.

Ultra-skill: Absolute Zero

Absolute Zero instantly freezes the first enemy it hits dead center which deals massive amount of burst damage. It also deals considerable amount of AoE damage.

Make sure to hit the enemy with the initial freeze because most of the damage comes from the head-on explosion.

The animation is almost instant so you can use Absolute Zero to stop the enemy from casting their spells.

In combination with his other skills, Absolute Zero can instantly delete an enemy hero.

Iceman Skill Combo

  • Drop skill 2, Frostcoming in an unexpecting enemy.
  • Immediately followup with your ultra-skill, Absolute Zero.
  • Use your basic attack and skill 1, Bone Chill on the remaining enemies.

Iceman Skill Progression

Did you know? Iceman is one of the few LGBTQ+ representations in the Marvel universe. He received help getting out of the closet from his teammate, Jean Grey.

Iceman Item Build

Mid build

The focus of the mid build is to build up consistent damage fast through Cosmic Cube and Darkhold .

Support build

Regeneration Cradle is your go-to support item because it enhances your energy damage as well as your shielding capabilities.

Power Core

  • Cosmic Vortex – Helps Iceman clear the lane and deal more damage to low mobility heroes, especially tanks.
  • Suppression Particle – Reduces the resistances of enemy so they will be receive more damage from your skills.
  • Restoration Module – Grants you HP and EP regen every kill and assist.
  • Spellcast Boost – grants you extra cooldown reaction that scales with your level.


Blink allows Iceman to escape perilous situations because he has no natural escape for himself.

Paralyze is another defensive tactic that you will use against burst damage assassins like Beast or Captain Marvel.

Dispel is your defensive tactic is the enemy assassin relies on crowd control like Captain America.


  • Always stay behind your front liners. Do not overextend to initiate.
  • It is safer to use your combos as a follow-up initiation or as counter-initiation.
  • You can save your ultra-skill if the enemy has strong ultra-skills you can counter like Black Widow’s Final Tempest.


Corvus Glaive‘s Deadly Abyss can pull enemies close together for a deadly combo attack with Absolute Zero. Corvus Glaive can also effectively zone and protect enemies for Iceman.


Daredevil‘s extreme mobility allows him to evade Iceman’s skills with ease. He can also easily burst down Iceman with his kit.

  • Burst damage coupled with constant crowd control.
  • Tank killer with his HP based damage.
  • Easy to use.
  • Abysmal mobility with no escape mechanism.
  • Short range skills for a mid laner.


Iceman sits comfortably in the A-tier as a reliable mid laner and support. But in certain lineups, especially those reliant on tanks and initiation can suffer a lot against Iceman. As he is a basic hero that comes with a cheap prize, he is definitely worth mastering.

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