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DPS (80%)




Iceman is an Energy hero with normal difficulty in the marvel super war. his control ability to slow down/ freeze the enemies make is him one of the best energy heroes in the game. Iceman is not a solo hero but very effective in team fights. lets checkout iceman build and gameplay strategy.

Iceman Skills


Passive - Frost: Iceman's basic attacks and abilities will also tag enemies with Frost, dealing 28(+7*Level) (+30%Energy Attack) (+8%Target's Max HP) energy damage and freezing any target for 1 seconds when 100 Frost has been accumulated. If the target is not struck again by Iceman's abilities after 3 seconds, any Frost they have will quickly dissipate. Passive: Iceman's abilities will receive a 0% damage boost when attacking frozen enemies.

Bone Chill

Iceman blows a continuous stream of cold air in the specified direction, dealing 55(+25%Energy Attack) energy damage to non-hero units hit and the first enemy hero in its path every 0.3 seconds, while adding 20 Frost to the target each time damage is taken. Damage is reduced by 15% each time this gust hits an enemy, down to a minimum of 55%. Can deal damage to the same target up to 4 times.


Iceman summons thick ice at the specified location, dealing 45(+25%Energy Attack) energy damage, slowing enemies hit by30% for 4 seconds, and adding 30 Frost to them. The ice will explode after some time, dealing 90(+50%Energy Attack) energy damage to nearby enemies, slowing them by 30% for 4 seconds, and applying 30 Frost to them.

Absolute Zero

Iceman's condensed frost spreads in the specified direction, dealing 160(+70%Energy Attack) energy damage and freezing the first enemy hero struck for 0.5 seconds. The greater the distance from the spreading chill, the more severely frozen the hero is, for up to 1.8 seconds. Upon hitting an enemy hero, an area of extreme cold forms around them, dealing 90(+40%Energy Attack) energy damage to any enemies within it, while instantly adding 40 Frost. Enemies still trapped within this area will accumulate 10 Frost per second. These areas lasts up to a maximum of 2 seconds.

Iceman Item Builds

Option 1

  • Casket of Ancient Winters
  • Martyr’s Boots
  • Cosmic Cube
  • Darkhold
  • Wand of watoomb
  • Loki Scepter

Option 2

  • Darkhold
  • Clairvoyant Boots
  • Antimatter cannon
  • Cosmic cube
  • Wand of watoomb
  • Loki Scepter

Iceman Tactics

  • Blink
  • Protect or teleport

Iceman Early Game Guide

will update soon

Iceman Early Game Guide

will update soon

Iceman Early Gameplay video

Iceman Gameplay

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