Marvel Super War – Hela Guide




DPS (80%)




Odin’s executioner and ruler of Hel, Hela is a the Asguardian incarnation of death who brings destruction everywhere. She is a superior being capable of massacring armies by herself. She is the conqueror of Odin and nothing will stop her from conquering the Wakandan battlefield for herself.

Hela Skills

Goddess of Death

Passive: When Hela's basic attack strikes an enemy hero, it applies 15(+10%Energy Attack) (+3*Level) Death Energy to the target. Death Energy lowers the target's max HP. Death Energy is erased when the target leaves combat but they lose HP equal to 50% of the Death Energy. If the target is KO'd, Hela recovers HP equal to 30% of the Death Energy. When Hela obtains gear with cooldown reduction, every 10% of cooldown reduction grants a 10%/15%/20%/25% attack speed bonus (increases at Lv. 1/5/10/15).


Passive: When Hela's basic attacks strike an enemy hero, she gains 1 Undead Mark. At 4 marks, she summons Nightsword and deals 80(+25%Energy Attack) (+2%Max HP) energy damage to enemies around her (135% damage to minions), while adding 80(+25%Energy Attack) (+2%Max HP) death energy. Active: Hela increases her own attack speed by 30% and movement speed by 20%(+2%*Level) for 4 second(s). She can use basic attacks while moving at this time.

Spirit Drain

Hela draws from the spirit of nearby enemies and deals 60 energy damage to the target. If the target has death energy, Hela will reabsorb the death energy and deal true damage at 100% of the death energy. She also recovers HP equal to 30(+25%Energy Attack) (+4%Bonus Max HP) and 30% of the death energy.

Black Thorns

Hela releases an orb in the specified direction, dealing 100(+40%Energy Attack) (+1.5%Max HP) energy damage to struck enemy heroes while applying 50(+20%Energy Attack) (+1%Max HP) Death Energy. A field of thorns appears under the target's feet, applying additional 5(+3%Energy Attack) Death Energy while dealing 10 energy damage every 1 second(s) for 5 second(s). If the target crosses the edge of the field while it is active, they get stunned for 1 second(s).


Hela summons an undead warrior in the specified location, dealing 150(+25%Energy Attack) energy damage to enemies within range while applying 200(+40%Energy Attack) Death Energy. The undead warrior can be summoned for 15 second(s), dealing 20 energy damage every second to surrounding enemies. Every 2 of the undead warrior's basic attacks grant Hela 1 Undead Mark while it takes 25% of damage for her.

Hela Skills Analysis

Natural Passive: Goddess of Death

Hela’s basic attacks is imbued with Death energy which lowers the affected target’s max HP. The death energy will be triggered as damage when the enemy exits combat or when the enemy is affected by Spirit Drain.

Hela’s attack speed scales with cooldown reduction. It is imperative to build her around cooldown items as she also thrive on spamming her skills.

Skill 1: Nightsword

Once Hela learns the Nightsword skill, her fourth attack will summon Nightsword which falls upon the enemy and dealing bonus energy damage and additional Death Energy.

An animation of Hela’s crown builds up as she attacks, before landing the fourth attack, position yourself near the enemy team to hit as many heroes as possible with your Nightsword.

Activating your skill 1 will increase your movement speed and attack speed for a short duration. You can also attack while moving during this time. Use the active part of the skill to kite and weave through the enemy’s team while applying as much Nightsword as possible.

Nightsword has a wide range that will allow you to damage two jungle monsters at the same time, although it is recommended that your support join you in the jungle in the first 2 minutes if possible.

Skill 2: Spirit Drain

Spirit Drain turns the stacked Death Energy into a true damage nuke. The Death Energy siphoned is converted into HP for Hela.

Initiate with Spirit Drain to apply death energy then use it again after every activation of your Nightsword. This pattern is crucial to having a consistent damage and sustain for Hela.

Alternatively, if you have superior positioning and you are not concerned with consistent sustain, you can stack Death Energy and put off activating Spirit Drain until the skill button glows. When your skill 2 glows, it means that someone will be executed when Spirit Drain is activated. This pattern will surprise your enemies with the massive burst damage.

Skill 3: Black Thorns

Black Thorns is your crowd control skill. Upon a successful hit, black thorns will appear in a large radius and will continue to deal energy damage and apply Death Energy unless the enemies leave the field of black thorns.

If the enemies inside exit the field, they will be stunned for 1 second.

Ultra-skill: Necromancy

Hela summons an Undead warrior to fight alongside her. The undead warrior deals damage over time and absorbs damage that is meant for Hela.

The aforementioned effects are just the icing on the cake. The cake is the initial burst damage and Death Energy application is the often overlooked effect of the skill. It should be utilized because the initial effects is more or less equal to two or more Nightsword applications.

Because of the initial effects, it is better to cast it in the middle of the team fight, preferably simultaneously with a Nightsword drop followed by a Spirit Siphon. This combo will deal a considerable amount of burst damage.

Hela Skill Combo

  • Initiate with skill 3, Black Thorns immediately followed by skill 2, Spirit Siphon.
  • Release your ultra-skill, Necromancy.
  • Use your basic attack as much as possible.
  • Spirit Siphon after 1 Nightsword if you need HP sustain.
  • Spirit Siphon after 2 Nightsword or when it glows if you have full HP for burst damage.

Skill Progression

Did you know? In the comics, Loki is the father of Hela. Because of this, Hela inherits his powers of time travel and illusions.

Hela Item Build

Jungle Build

  • Shining Ether – Chosen over Twilight Beads because it has energy attack bonus and cooldown reduction. The passive HP burn helps a lot against tanks in all stages of the game.
  • Antimatter Cannon – Increases your sustain capabilities by almost twice the amount.
  • Arc Reactor – Grants you almost unlimited EP and the ability to spam your ultra-skill more often.
  • Megingjord Increases your HP and amplifies your lifesteal.
  • Eye of Agamotto – grants the ability to become immune to damage for 2.5 seconds. Useful as an emergency tool for escape and outplays.

Top/Mid Build

Power Core

  • Swift Pummel – grants a short burst on attack speed on you can last your Nightsword faster.
  • Strike Particle – Hela will spend most of her time in the middle of battle so this particle’s effect of 4% bonus damage when HP is below 70% would almost always be in effect.
  • Resistance Module – Grants additional crowd control resistance every 10 seconds.
  • Bestial Boost – Increases the duration of jungle buffs.
  • Spellcast Boost – Choose this core if you are going to play Hela in the top or middle lane.


Blink is the standard tactic for all heroes. This tactic is Hela’s insurance in case she finds herself trapped in the middle of heroes with crowd controls.

Leech is the standard tactic for jungler. It allows you to clear the jungle fast and secure Leviathan and Surtur. This tactic when upgraded also deals a little true damage and steals the movement speed of the target enemy.


  • Ask your support to join you in the jungle for the first two minutes. She has one of the slowest jungle clear but it is worth it if she is babysitted in the jungle because she can snowball hard.
  • Always look for a gank or clash when your ultra-skill is available.
  • Use your skill 1, Nightsword’s active, to reposition yourself so you can continuously kite your enemies while avoiding crowd controls.


Cull Obsidian‘s skill kit is all about repositioning and disrupting enemies which gives Hela enough room to continuously damage her enemies while being safe herself.


Thanos is a hero with both burst damage and crowd control capabilities that is both Hela’s weakness.

Anti-heal items, Heimdall Sword for physical attack heroes and Casket of Ancient Winters for energy heroes, are necessary when facing Hela.

  • Hela has a high damage and sustain potential making her capable of killing 5 enemies by herself if she is not crowd controlled.
  • She snowballs extremely hard which leaves little room for comebacks.
  • Hela has currently one of the slowest jungle clear in all jungle heroes.
  • She can be useless if she falls behind in net worth.
  • She has no reliable crowd control which makes her very teammate reliant,


Hela has been massacred with continuous nerfs and tweaks to her kit. Even so, she can carry games 1v5 when played right. For now, she is demoted to the B-tier as she currently looks for her place in the meta.