Marvel Super War – Hawkeye Guide




DPS (100%)




Clinton Francis “Clint” Barton, also known as Hawkeye, is a skilled marksman, a former special agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. and one of the founding members of the Avengers.
Known for his use of the bow and arrow as his primary weapon, Barton had become one of the best agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Responsible for the recruitment of Black Widow, whom he developed a strong friendship with.

In Marvel Super War, Hawkeye is a marksman which you can obtain for free. Now let’s have a breakdown of everything you need to know about him.

Hawkeye Abilities

I Never Miss

Passive: Both Hawkeye's range and vision get progressively better as his level increases. Hawkeye's range will increase by 7 yards and his vision by 30 yards every time he levels up. Hawkeye also has the ability to sense enemy heroes in his field of vision who would have otherwise remained invisible.

Blast Arrow

Hawkeye shoots an explosive arrow in the specified direction, inflicting a 35% second slowdown on enemies hit. The arrow will explode after 1.5 seconds, dealing 80 (+80% physical attack) physical damage to its target and any nearby enemies.

Multipurpose Bow

Hawkeye activates a special sighting device on his bow, locking onto the enemy hero within range who has the least HP for 6 seconds. Hawkeye will receive an extra 15% attack speed boost when attacking this hero, who will take an additional 20(+3% TargetMax HP) true damage. Use Blast Arrow to shoot at the locked target after activating Hawkeye’s bow sighting ability.

Arrow Rain

Hawkeye shoots a lot of arrows while jumping backward, dealing 65(+40% Physical Attack) physical damage and a 1.5 second slow of 30% to enemies in the area three times. Hawkeye will become briefly immune to all damage and control effects while in the air.

Hawkeye Skills Analysis

Natural Passive: I Never Miss

Hawkeye’s passive allows him to detect enemies within his range and shows their hologram-like figures. His attack ranged also increases everytime he levels up, giving him a lot of advantage when kiting enemies.

Hawkeye’s maximum range at higher levels allows him to hit towers outside its range.

Skill 1: Blast Arrow

This is Clint’s main poking ability. He blasts an arrow to the specified enemy/minion. When an enemy is struck by the arrow they are slowed and the arrow detonates, dealing damage to to enemies within the area of effect.

This ability has a short cool down and can be used as a poking ability or clearing minion waves. So make sure to spam this skill whenever available. Also it helps you and your teammate to chase someone because of it’s slow effect.

This ability will latch unto the first hero it will hit but using it while your skill 2, Multipurpose Bow, will make it latch unto your lock-on target.

Skill 2: Multipurpose Bow

Hawkeyes activates a special function which increases his attack speed and lock on to the enemy hero with the least HP. This ability is good for kiting and trading with the enemy marksman.

While this ability is active, you can activate your skill 1, Blast Arrow, and because of the lock-on effect, your skill will surely hit the target even if there’s a bunch of minions along its way.

Ultra-skill: Arrow Rain

Hawkeye jumps backwards while throwing arrows in the air, damaging and slowing enemies while it lands. This is Hawkeye’s only escape or dodge ability because he becomes untargetable and immune to any damage or crownd control before he lands.

You have to use this ability wisely because Clint has no disengage abilities. Be alert and be ready to use this skill when facing against crowd control type heroes and getting away from fatal skill combos like Scarlet Witch’s Chaos Magic or Captain America’s Avenger Vanguard and the likes.

This ability can help your teammates chase down enemy heroes that tries to run away because of its slow effect. Although, remember to use it only for sure kills and play safely while it is on cool down.

Did you know? Hawkeye might not have superpowers but he is in the top of human physique. He has a 250 pound bow draw weight . In comparison, according to experts, the strongest professional marksmen have a draw weight of 75 pounds.

Skill Progression

Item Build

Silent Hunter is your farming tool because it has an AoE damage passive. But you can opt to buy Valkyrie Bow first if you are against a tank heavy lineup or need additional sustain to survive the laning phase. Never build Dual Blade as your first item because it is a sustain focused item without much damage potential in the early game.

Power Core

  • Swift Pummel – Increases your attack speed after hitting enemies a couple of times. This is the default core for marksman as it increases your damage per second by a lot especially in the late game.
  • Rend Particle – Deals additional damage over three seconds when the target’s HP drops below 30%. Perfect for finishing off targets that are running away.
  • Restoration Module – Restores a portion of your HP and EP on kills and assists. Helps on dealing with multiple enemies in the later stages of the game.
  • Vitality Boost – Hawkeye is weak in the early game and the HP and EP restoration per level provided by this core in the early game copes a little with that weakness.


Blink is the standard tactic for all heroes. Only use your blink tactics for escaping and never for initiation.

Teleport allows you to recall to base to restore your HP and get back to your lane quickly. It also allows you to farm other lanes or split push quickly.

Early Game Strategy

  • Hawkeye is one of the weakest early game heroes because he can’t deal that much damage against other heroes without his items.
  • It is better to farm as much as possible while sustaining your lane because his peak is later at about the 10 minute mark.
  • Poke enemies with your Skill 1 but avoid trading with your enemies.

Late Game Strategy

  • Late game is hawkeye’s strength. He becomes literally a walking turret. His passive gives him a wide attack range while dealing a lot of damage per second.
  • Always look for opportunities to free hit enemy heroes when you’re protected by your teammates because your DPS is needed during a teamfight.
  • Just keep an eye of yourself and always be ready cast your ultra-skill, Arrow Rain, because you’ll be the main target of enemy assassins and mages.


Cloak and Dagger

Cloak and Dagger is a defensive hero with a lot of sustain and defensive mechanisms that is perfect for baby sitting Hawkeye until he gets his items.

The Thing

The Thing can bully enemies in the lane enough for Hawkeye to safely farm his items.



Vision has strong harass in the laning stage which can hinder Hawkeye’s early game. If Hawkeye is not careful, he can be killed by Vision from afar.


Gambit has more mobility and burst damage than Hawkeye which makes him stronger than Hawkeye in most stages of the game except in the late game.

  • He’s a late game monster. Because of his passive and his attack speed boost, Hawk eye can easily kill anyone in the late game.
  • Hawkeye is a good scout because of his passive, pinging your teammates whenever someone hides on a bush is a good advantage.
  • He’s an easy to use marksman. You won’t have trouble learning to use him.
  • Extremely weak during early game.
  • Lacks disengage abilities, making him making him an easy target when not protected.
  • He can be easily killed by assassins and mages during late game if he’s crowd controlled consecutively.


Hawkeye is your basic Marksman putting him at A-tier. It can be troublesome in the early game against newer Marksman such as Vision or Gambit but when the late game comes, he is simply one of the strongest heroes in Marvel Super War.