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Hawkeye is a long-range marksman hero in the marvel super war. He is a very high damage hero in the game. Play with a tanks like hulk and avoid a direct fight with the enemy. Hawkeye is an end game hero who can make your team when easily in the later game.

Hawkeye Abilities

I Never Miss

Passive: Both Hawkeye's range and vision get progressively better as his level increases. Hawkeye's range will increase by 7 yards and his vision by 30 yards every time he levels up. Hawkeye also has the ability to sense enemy heroes in his field of vision who would have otherwise remained invisible.

Blast Arrow

Hawkeye shoots an explosive arrow in the specified direction, inflicting a 35% second slowdown on enemies hit. The arrow will explode after 1.5 seconds, dealing 80 (+80% physical attack) physical damage to its target and any nearby enemies.

Multipurpose Bow

Hawkeye activates a special sighting device on his bow, locking onto the enemy hero within range who has the least HP for 6 seconds. Hawkeye will receive an extra 15% attack speed boost when attacking this hero, who will take an additional 20(+3% TargetMax HP) true damage. Use Blast Arrow to shoot at the locked target after activating Hawkeye’s bow sighting ability.

Arrow Rain

Hawkeye shoots a lot of arrows while jumping backward, dealing 65(+40% Physical Attack) physical damage and a 1.5 second slow of 30% to enemies in the area three times. Hawkeye will become briefly immune to all damage and control effects while in the air.

Hawkeye Item Build

Option 1

  • Valkyrior Bow
  • Hunting Greaves
  • Dual Blade
  • Silent Hunter
  • Twilight Blade
  • Gungnir
  • Stormbreaker

Option 2

  • Valkyrior Bow
  • Hydra Boots
  • Silent Hunter
  • Dual Blade
  • Twilight Blade
  • Stormbreaker

Hawkeye Power Core Build

IsotopeCosmic Vortex
Action programSuppression Particle
Combat ProgramAgility Boost
Strength ProgramRestoration Module

Early Game

Hawkeye is weak in the early game. so make focus in the early game is to get coins and increase level fast. Also, defend your lane and try not to die. Do not directly engage with the enemy in early stage.

Late Game

Once Hawkeye level and skill increase he is ready to beat enemy team. Stay behind your tank and kill the enemy. Keep track of enemy assassins on the map and try to stay away from him.

  • A very good Late game Hero
  • High damage on a single target
  • Can see heroes that are invisible or hidden in the brush.
  • Weak in Early Game
  • He might be dead if caught by an enemy assassin While farming in the jungle.

Hawkeye Gameplay Video

Hawkeye Gameplay

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