Marvel Super War – Groot Guide




DPS (20%)



SUPPORT (100%)

Groot is a Flora Colossus from the Planet X. He is a gentle plant giant that could control his body to grow and move to his will. He is one of the strongest crowd control tank support in Marvel Super War.

Groot Skills


Passive: Groot can survive a K.O. in the form of Baby Groot. Baby Groot can move around, but cannot deal damage. Both friendly and enemy forces will be able to see Baby Groot, who will grow back to his normal size when enough time has passed. Passive - Windwalker: Groot gains 32% movement speed for 1.5 seconds whenever he enters brush and will also regenerate 5(+0.4%Max HP) /5(+0.8%Max HP) /5(+1.2%Max HP) /5(+1.6%Max HP) /5(+2%Max HP) HP per second when out of combat. The amount of HP regenerated increases at Lv.4/8/12/16.

Bark Stab

Passive: When Groot's basic attacks hit enemies, this ability's cooldown is reduced by 1 seconds. Active: Groot extends his arms and stabs in the specified direction, dragging back the first enemy he hits to deal 180(+80%Energy Attack) (+5%Bonus Max HP) energy damage and knock them up for 0.6 seconds.

Branch Slap

Groot waves his arms for a frontal slap, dealing 100(+40%Energy Attack) (+5%Target's Max HP) energy damage to enemies caught within range and knocking them up for 0.6 seconds. When hitting an enemy hero, Groot gains a shield that absorbs up to 50(+6%Max HP) (+20*Level) damage for 2 seconds.

Growing Pains

Groot sends out climbing vines toward all enemy heroes within 1200 yards, which after 1 seconds immobilize the targets for 1.6 seconds and deal 200(+45%Energy Attack) energy damage. Groot triggers his natural passive effect Windwalker when using this ability.

Groot Skills Analysis


Groot turns into a sapling when he dies allowing you to roam the map while waiting for your respawn. This effectively turns you into a walking ward.

Use the sapling form to scout your opponents. It is especially good for scouting enemy ganks, buffs, and objectives such if their taking on Leviathan or Surtur.

Groot also has the Windwalker passive when he is inside bushes. He gains passive increase in his movement speed and HP regeneration.

He is hard to catch up to when he is inside bushes because of the massive increase in movement speed and the HP regeneration helps a lot especially during the laning phase.

The Windwalker passive activates when activates his ultra-skill, Growing Pains.

Bark Stab

Bark Stab is a deadly crowd control that pulls the enemy to your location. It also interrupts the action of the affected enemy the way a knock-up would.

Bark Stab affects minions so be wary of minions near your target.

This skill can be used to interrupt the enemy jungler by pulling his target jungle creep which would reset the creep’s life. In the same manner, you can use the skill to reset the Leviathan’s HP to delay the enemy team from acquiring the Leviathan buff.

Bark Stab can be used after Growing Pains for a sure immobilize and pull combo.

Branch Slap

Branch Slap is an offensive and defensive skill. It knocks up the affected enemy hero and at the same time grants Groot a shield. Take note that Groot would only gain a shield if Branch Slap hits an enemy hero.

Branch Slap could be used right after Growing Pains to make sure that the Growing Pains will connect.

Growing Pains

Growing Pains is a wide range crowd control skill which can turn the tide of battle into Groot’s favor. The only catch of this skill is that it has a delay which can be an opportunity for the enemy to get away from its grasps.

Growing Pains should be connected with your other skills or with your teammate’s crowd control skills for it to reliably connect successfully.

This skill could also be used to counter-initiate to put the enemy in a disadvantage if they started the team fight.

Did you know? Groot loses his memories when he resurrects as a sapling. He is basically a new entity every time he dies and comes back again.

Groot Skill Progression

Item Build

Groot’s item build is focused on increasing his tankiness so that he can contribute more on the battlefield as a disruptor and a bruiser for his team.

Power Core

  • Psionic Mark – Grants bonus damage and shield upon entering battle.
  • Burst Particle – Deals AoE damage around yourself when you deal crowd control effects on the enemy. This is especially effective in conjunction with Branch Slap.
  • Protection Module – Grants additional shield when hit by enemy heroes or by the tower.
  • Agility Boost – Grants additional movement speed when out of combat which is a good synergy with Groot’s Windwalker passive.


Blink is the standard tactic for all heroes. Groot can use this tactic with Branch Slap or Bark Stab but it is not advisable. It is better to reserve the skill to disengage when Groot is put in a dangeroes situation.

Paralyze is an offensive and defensive tactic. Groot works well with Paralyze as he is an offensive support. Bark Stab in combination with Paralyze is most likely a secured kill.

Early Game Strategy

  • On the beginning of the game, Groot should find out where the enemy’s jungler would get their first buff so he can pull the jungle creep to disrupt the enemy jungler and put him into an early disadvantage.
  • In the lane, he and his marksman should clear the lane fast so he can always rotate to the middle lane to look for ganking opportunities.
  • Try to pull the enemy marksman to you to force him to blink out or even die early.

Late Game Strategy

  • Look for opportunities to initiative with your teammates using growing pains.
  • You can also use Bark Stab to punish overextending enemies.
  • Do not stray too far away from your marksman so you can protect him against enemy assassins.


The Thing’s Boulder Crash in combination with Growing Pains is a deadly initiation combo that can quickly clear out the enemy team.

Gambit and Groot is a deadly combination. Once an enemy hero is hit by Bark Stab, it is easily dead meat.

Iron Man can decimate enemies who are caught by Growing Pains using his abilities.


Cloak and Dagger can use her ultra-skill, Dark Dimension to save her ally pulled by Bark Stab.

Cull Obsidian‘s ultra-skill Deadly Spiral can protect his teammates by pushing away Groot’s team if they are caught by Growing Pains.

  • Groot has one of the strongest crowd control skill kit.
  • His sapling passive is one of the strongest scouting skills in the game.
  • Extremely fun to play.
  • Groot is not as tanky like other tank supports.
  • Bark Stab is hard to master and can be frustrating sometimes.


Groot is a fun to play hero that can bring a lot to team fights. As people are learning to play him, he is slowly becoming a rank game staple. He is an A-tier support that can turn the tides of battle as he shouts “I am Groot”!