Marvel Super War – Emma Frost Guide




DPS (80%)




Also known as the White Queen, Emma Grace Frost is one of the most central member and leader of the X-Men. She is a mutant with enormous telepathic abilities and is also capable of transforming into an organic diamond state with enhanced strength and durability in exchange of suppressing her telepathy. She is a unique hero who possesses two sets of skills for both sides of her mutations.

Emma Frost Skills


Passive: Enemy heroes damaged by Emma's basic attacks and abilities will also be tagged with Diamond Fire. Enemy heroes tagged a full 4 times will immediately suffer 50(+12*Level) (+25%Energy Attack) energy damage, plus an extra 1.5-second 50% slow if Emma is currently in Psychic Form, while Emma gains 50% acceleration for 1.5 seconds. If Emma is in Diamond Form, enemies are also stunned for 1 second, while Emma gains a shield that absorbs 100(+35%Energy Attack) (+15*Level) damage. When stunning the same target within 5 seconds, the stun effect is reduced to 0.3 seconds.

Telepathic Pulse

Emma releases a telepathic pulse in the specified direction, dealing 80(+40%Energy Attack) energy damage to any enemy heroes in its path. When hitting an enemy hero, Emma gains vision of them for 4 seconds. The pulse then returns to Emma's current location after a short while, dealing a further 50(+30%Energy Attack) true damage to any enemies in the path of its return trajectory.

Psionic Shield

Emma creates a psionic shield at the specified location, dealing 130(+45%Energy Attack) energy damage to all enemies in its way and charming them for 1 seconds.

Diamond Form

Passive: Use this ability to empower Emma to charge straight up to her target for her next basic attack. Active: Emma rushes in the specified direction and switches to her Diamond Form, permanently increasing her physical defense and energy resist by 30.

Skills Analysis

Passive: Charm

Every basic attack Emma Frost makes adds a layer of Charm to her enemies. Enemies attacked four times will activate the passive which creates effects on the enemies and on Emma Frost depending on what form she is on.

In Psychic form, activating the layers of charm will damage and slow down the enemy while granting Emma Frost a speed boost. This is perfect for poking and repositioning. 

In Diamond form, activating the layers of charm will stun the enemy while granting Emma Frost a shield. This is perfect for disrupting enemies while being in the middle of the fight. The stun effect is reduced to a short stagger interruption when the enemy was stunned in the last five seconds.

Skill 1: Telepathic Pulse (Psychic form)

Telepathic Pulse is an okay poke which deals energy damage when going outwards and true damage when coming back. But the utility aspect of this skill is what makes it useful because it tags enemies hit making Emma gain vision of them for four seconds so make it a habit to check bushes with this skill.

Skill 1: Diamond Edge (Diamond form)

Diamond Edge fires a total of 6 shards. Firing all 6 shards in a single enemy would result in a total damage of x2.5 versus firing only a single shard. But even if a single enemy receives all 6 shards, it will only be marked twice by Emma’s passive, Charm.

Don’t hesitate to fire your shards unto groups of enemy heroes because in combination with your basic attack and your skill 2, you will be able to stun multiple enemies and activate layers upon layers of shield for your survival.

Try to activate the skill on low HP fleeing heroes because even if they blink after activation of the skill, the shards will follow them to ensure their death.

Skill 2: Psionic Shield (Psychic form)

Emma Frost conjures a sort of psionic wall that explodes and mind controls the enemies affected. The mind control effect makes the enemies walk towards Emma Frost, making a successful hit of Psionic Shield a perfect time to switch to Diamond form and go on the offensive your enemies.

Psionic Shield has a short casting delay so practice using it a couple of times to get used to its timing. It helps to cast it from the bushes so your enemies would have less time to react and evade your skill.

Do not carelessly spam your Skill 2. Being patient with Psionic Shield usually pays off. Afterall, a missed skill is a useless skill.

Skill 2: Diamond Zone (Diamond form)

Diamond Zone is perfect to cast in the middle of a team fight because it slows and damages enemies caught within its radius while adding a layer of charm to them. Additionally, it grants Emma Frost bonus attack speed and when this skill hits an enemy, Emma Frost gains a shield that negates control effects and skill damage.

Ultra-skill: Diamond Form (Psychic form)

(to clarify: the skill Diamond Form is found while she is in her Psychic form and transform her into her Diamond Form.)

Her Ultra-skill transforms her into her Diamond form granting her new abilities focused on team fights and assassinations. Her Diamond form, as the name suggests, makes her exceptionally tough compared to most of her other mage & jungler counterparts.

You can use this skill to traverse walls to escape or chase enemies.

Ultra-skill: Psychic Form (Diamond form)

(to clarify: the skill Psychic Form is found while she is in her Diamond form and transform her into her Psychic Form.)

Her Psychic form, on the other hand, is focused on kiting enemies, scouting, and initiation through her skill 2, Psionic Shield.

Transforming into her Psychic form grants her next basic attack bonus energy damage and a short speed boost which is useful for escaping and for setting up a Psionic Shield initiation.

Did you know: Emma Frost’s diamond form is a secondary mutation that happened during the destruction of Genosha. Before that event, she only possessed psychic powers.

Skill Progression

(Emma Frost has automatically one level of her ultra-skill at level 1)

Item Build

Item Build 1

This is the standard build for a jungler Emma Frost capable of dealing large amounts of burst damage.

Shining Ether is your basic energy damage item for junglers which deals HP based damage. Virus Cannon enhances your basic attacks which synergize with your passive, Charm, which incentivizes liberal usage of your basic attacks. Antimatter Cannon increases her survivability through Energy Leech as she is capable of dealing energy damage in short bursts.

You can change the last two items with Eye of Agamotto and Megingjord for additional survivability if you are having a hard time positioning yourself in the later stages of the game.

Item Build 2

This item build is for a support Emma Frost which focuses on surviving in the middle of the fight, soaking damage and offering offensive utility to her team through crowd control as much as possible.

Build Casket of Ancient Winters first if there are enemy who relies on lifesteal or energy leech. Otherwise, build the Cloak of Levitation as your fourth item.

Power Core

  • Cosmic Vortex – Increases your already insane jungle clear speed and helps to shred HP of tanks who Emma Frost have most trouble dealing with.
  • Rend Particle – Helps take care of fleeing low HP enemies. Works especially well with Diamond Edge.
  • Restoration Module – Increases your sustain during the laning phase so you can gank aggressively.
  • Spellcast Boost – The cool down reduction from this core helps Emma Frost to increase her spamming capabilities. Allowing her to cast more spells and activate her passive, Charm, more frequently.


Blink can help you escape or place yourself in a better position for favorable initiations.

Leech is the standard tactic for junglers. You need it to jungle effectively, secure objectives and buy your Shining Ether. The upgraded leech tactic may be used to deal damage and slow down the target to secure your kill.

Paralyze is the go-to tactic for a support Emma Frost since you can use it offensively to secure kills or defensively to reduce burst damage of enemies or prevent a chase.

“Did you know: Emma Frost was a villain before becoming a heroine. She was once a leader of the high society club called the Hellfire Clubwhich sought power through influencing world events.”

Early Game Strategy

  • Ask your teammates to help you clear the first red buff. Do not use your leech tactic unless there is an enemy trying to invade your buff. Proceed to the blue buff and try to kill it along with the jungle creep opposite of it at the same time. Use your leech to last hit the blue buff to avoid having it stolen. Look for opportunity to gank after clearing both buffs. Stay for two to three seconds inside the bush in the mid lane. If the opportunity does not present itself, proceed to clear the rest of your jungle creeps or ask your support to come with you to invade the enemy jungle.
  • Abuse bushes for ganks and be aggressive but do not dive into enemy towers. Forcing them to waste their blink tactics or forcing them to recall is already a big win for your team.
  • If you are playing as a support, play aggressively and keep them on their toes. Make sure they fear your crowd control capabilities. Clear your lane fast and rotate to your mid lane for ganking opportunities. Go back immediately to support your Marksman.

Late Game Strategy

  • In the later stages of the game, you transition from assassin into a team fight disruptor. Still try to look for opportunities to isolate and kill the enemy’s mage and marksman but help crowd control other enemies when necessary. If you have trouble position yourself or landing your Psionic Shield to mind control enemies, play as a secondary initiator by chaining your skills after your main initiator land their skills on your enemies.
  • Remember that you are not as scary as you are in the early game. So, tone down the aggressiveness and adjust to a safer playstyle.
  • A support Emma Frost in late game should focus on being a meat shield to protect your marksman and mage.


Ronan’s knock-ups combined with Emma Frost’s crowd controls will leave your enemies helplessly pounded with no chance of fighting back.

Thing is a great partner for early game invades as they are very strong during the earlier phases of the game.

Gambit is a great laning partner for a support Emma Frost because his burst damage couples well with Emma Frost’s pokes and crowd controls.


Mysterio is practically impossible for Emma Frost to kill without any help in the early game while he can reduce Emma’s HP to nothing in the late game even before she can contribute anything for her team.

Star-Lord will continue to move into the direction he is moving to even if you hit him with Psionic Shield when Rocket Boots is activated.

Heimdall can strip you of the armor provided by your Diamond form with his Epee Attack leaving you vulnerable to counterattacks.

  • Emma Frost has one of the strongest early game impact. She can clear jungle creeps faster than most junglers and once she hits level 2, she can start ganking and bag kills. All of early game is her power spike so gank aggressively to take advantage of this fact.
  • She is extremely versatile as you can play her as a pure energy damage or as a utility tank or as someone in between. You can also play her as a top laner or as a mid laner but she is best suited as a jungler or a support.
  • Her relevance and impacts fall heavily once late game comes and she becomes vulnerable to crowd control and burst damage. The bonus defense from her Diamond form doesn’t scale as well as most damage from mages and marksman so you have to play safer during the later stages of the game.
  • Her Psionic Shield is not that reliable as an initiation tool. It is better as a chain stun or secondary initiation tool.


The White Queen rules the realm of the A-tier heroes as one of the strongest snowball junglers in the game. But even as an A-tier hero, she is definitely worth the buy as her versatility is second to none. Shine in your rank games with Emma Frost!