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If you have seen Netflix daredevil TV series, you will easily understand Matt Murdock’s abilities. Because of his sensing ability daredevil is an perfect assassin for marvel super war. In this guide i will discuss all this skills, builds and skills combos.

Marvel Super War – Daredevil Skills

Man Without Fear

Passive - Radar Sense: When an enemy hero uses an ability within the Perception range, Daredevil gains their vision. Passive: Daredevil gains an attack speed boost after using the ability to blink. His next basic attack is enhanced and deals extra damage while he recovers HP.

Billy Club Bash

Daredevil hurls his billy club in the specified direction, dealing damage and marking the enemy. Using the ability again allows him to leap toward his marked target and deal damage.

Blink Pursuit

Daredevil somersaults in the specified direction. He will change course in the direction of the joystick to advance farther if he encounters an obstacle in his path.

Guardian Strike

Daredevil attacks the specified enemy hero, dealing damage to the target and nearby enemies and knocking them back.

Daredevil Skills Analysis

Natural Passive: Man Without Fear

Daredevil has enhanced perception. He can “see” his enemies around a large area around him when they use their skills every 45 seconds. Minions around the area will also be revealed. It will also cancel out Invisible Woman’s cloaking ability if she uses her ultra-skill, Invisible Force Field.

Daredevil gains attack speed bonus, damage bonus, and heals every time he uses his blink ability. Using the enhanced attack also reduces his second ability’s cool down. This effect can stack up to three times.

Using the second phase of your skill 1, Billy Club Bash will grant one stack and the jumps from the skill 2, Blind Pursuit, will also grant one stack each.

Each successful landing of the enhanced attack will reduce the cool down of your skill 2, Blind Pursuit. Three consecutive attacks will make your skill 2 available for use again.

Skill 1: Billy Club Bash

Daredevil hurls his weapon towards the target location. Keep in mind that his weapon can mark heroes, minions, and even jungle creeps. It also has a very narrow hit-box so there is a need to time this ability well.

Enemies hit by the skill will receive a mark that persists for 4 seconds until you use this ability again or if the distance is more than 1800 yards. (roughly about 1 and a half screen away from the enemy).

If you use this ability again, you will fly towards the marked enemy. Using this ability can cost you death if you are not mindful of the enemy’s position.

If you are feeling confident, use your skill 2, Blind Pursuit, before using your skill 1 again so you will have three full stacks of the Man Without Fear enhanced attack passive.

Skill 2: Blind Pursuit

This skill is what makes or breaks a good Daredevil player. The second ability allows Daredevil to jump twice when he encounters an obstacle, a wall, or a tower. Also, a destroyed tower counts. You should try to make it a habit to jump twice while using this ability of Daredevil especially when clearing your jungle. This is because it will also allow Daredevil to gain another stack of his enhanced attack passive.

As you can see in the screenshots, the direction where you point the second ability will determine the direction of your first jump. The direction where you point your cursor movement will determine the direction of the second jump.

If you are feeling confident, use your skill 2, Blind Pursuit, before using your skill 1 again so you will have three full stacks of the Man Without Fear enhanced attack passive.

Your enhanced attack will reduce the cool down of your skill 2. Three successful hits will make Blink Pursuit immediately available for use again.

Ultra-skill: Guardian Strike

Daredevil’s Ultra-skill displaces his target enemy and also other enemy heroes around his target enemy. Be careful to use his Ultra-skill as it can also disrupt your team’s favorable position.

Use the skill too knock the enemy back towards your tower. A clean pull-off will result in a sure kill.

If enemies are crowded together, position yourself right in the middle of their team and use your Ultra-skill. This will throw one or two enemies near your teammates and the other enemies further away from them. Remember, only use this tactic if you have your flash up and if the enemies have recently used their crowd control skills.

Daredevil Full Combo

  • Use your Skill 1, Billy Club Bash, to mark your target enemy.
  • Jump twice using Skill 2, Blind Pursuit.
  • Press Skill 1 again.
  • Attack once.
  • Use your Ultra-skill, Guardian Strike.
  • Immediately attack the enemy right after Guardian Strike.
  • Proper execution of this combo will kill almost any hero.
  • Escape the battle using Blind Pursuit. Look for another hero to kill.

Did you know? Daredevil created his own fake twin brother “Mike Murdock” as a cover. He even used his super senses to make it appear like as if he can see.

Daredevil Skill Progression

Daredevil Item Build

  • Quantum Rifle – your basic jungler item for Daredevil. Some people prefer Twilight Beads but since all of Daredevil’s skills scale on bonus physical attack, it is counter-intuitive to focus on attack speed.
  • Upgraded Hydra Boots – Increases crowd control resistance to help manage stuns and other control effects.
  • Nightsword – further enhances your basic attacks so you can burst down cores fast.
  • Double daggers – Increases all your damage through the bonus physical penetration.
  • Twilight Blade – Boosts your damage per second through its critical bonus which has a true damage component.
  • Godslayer – Executes opponents with its bonus damage to low HP targets.
  • Megingjord – Build this item over Godslayer if you find yourself dying a lot in the late game for the extra HP and sustain.

Power Core

  • Unstable Radiation – provides bonus burst damage.
  • Rend Particle – deals bonus damage per second on low HP targets.
  • Resistance Module – grants additional crowd control resistance every 10 seconds.
  • Bestial Module – prolongs jungle buffs.


Blink is the standard tactic for all heroes. It is a insurance for Daredevil in case he gets stuck in a dangerous situation when his skills are on cool down.

Leech is the standard tactic for junglers. Use the tactic to secure objectives or help get kills.

Early Game Strategy

  • Focus on clearing your jungle first. If ever you get an attack module, the red clickable buff, attempt a gank before level 4.
  • Once you have cleared all jungle monsters, proceed to hunt enemies. Do not over commit by diving towers. Instead, if kills are not possible, help your allies take down towers.

Late Game Strategy

  • In the later stages of the game, focus on hunting enemies who are alone. You are capable of killing anyone in a one on one scenario. Avoid jumping in groups of enemies and assassinate low HP heroes instead.
  • You have high mobility and fast damage per second which you can use to split-push enemy towers. If you are sure that only one enemy is going to defend, you can also attempt to kill that defender.


Ebony Maw can make Daredevil, a one on one hero, a team fight machine. Ebony Maw’s AoE crowd controls can give Daredevil enough time to freely hit grouped-up enemies.

Ant-Man can heavily disrupt team fights which discourages enemies to stay together making it possible to pick off enemies one by one.


The Hulk can disrupt Daredevil and ruin his flow using his crowd controls skills. Hulk is an excellent peeler which will punish anyone who attempts to hunt his allies.

  • Daredevil has extreme mobility. His skills allow him to sneak in and out of the battlefield with extreme precision.
  • This hero also has an insane amount of burst damage. Squishy enemies can be easy prey for Daredevil even if they use their escape skills/tactics in the best possible way.
  • Daredevil has an adequate sustain. His passive heal allows him to gank and roam with minimal need to return to the base.
  • Daredevil has a very high learning curve. His skills are not easy to master. As a beginner, you will be able to use him to some extent but it takes serious skills and practice to use him to his full capacity.
  • Daredevil’s health is extremely low. If you are not careful while using your skills and while diving the enemy lines, a single crowd control skill can bring you down.


Daredevil is the kind of hero which has a skill set that will make you want to play over and over again. It takes a lot of games to master him but it is worth it. He has the potential of an A-tier hero that can carry games and bring a lot of stars for you.

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