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DPS (80%)




If you have Seen Netflix daredevil tv series. you can easily understand his skills and ability. Because of his sensing ability daredevil is an perfect assassin for marvel super war. In this guide i will discuss all this skills, builds and skills combos.

Marvel Super War – Daredevil Skills

Man Without Fear

Passive - Radar Sense: When an enemy hero uses an ability within the Perception range, Daredevil gains their vision. Passive: Daredevil gains an attack speed boost after using the ability to blink. His next basic attack is enhanced and deals extra damage while he recovers HP.

Billy Club Bash

Daredevil hurls his billy club in the specified direction, dealing damage and marking the enemy. Using the ability again allows him to leap toward his marked target and deal damage.

Blink Pursuit

Daredevil somersaults in the specified direction. He will change course in the direction of the joystick to advance farther if he encounters an obstacle in his path.

Guardian Strike

Daredevil attacks the specified enemy hero, dealing damage to the target and nearby enemies and knocking them back.

Marvel Super War – Daredevil Item Build

Always try to keep build item for jungle , DPS and Burst.

Suggestion 1

  • Quantum Rifle
  • Clairvoyant Boots
  • Double Daggers
  • Nightsword
  • Godslayer
  • Immortal Glaive

Daredevil Tips and Combos

  • Unlock all Skills then focus on upgrading first skills.
  • Use your first ability wisely. you can hit once while entering the battle to the hero with lowest HP. while using it 2nd time to leap towards enemy make sure enemy is not under his turret or else you might be dead if he uses control ability while you are inside the enemy turret. you can take the risk if you are sure that you will kill the target after leaping towards him.

Marvel Super war daredevil gameplay

Daredevil Gameplay

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