Marvel Super War Colossus Guide




DPS (60%)



SUPPORT (100%)

Piotr Rasputin, a mutant with a body of Osmium Steel has a fearful appearance but with a kind and gentle soul. He joins the Wakandan Battlefield as a strong defender and supporter of his teammates.

Colossus Skills

Colossus Skill Analysis

Natural Passive: Organic Steel Body

Organic Steel Body allows you to tank more physical damage when you enter a fight with an added slow immunity as a bonus.

The passive recovers 15 seconds after leaving a battle. This passive does not immediately refresh upon reviving. 15 seconds is too long to wait so it is not advisable to play around it during the laning stage so just treat it as a bonus you are going to have once in a while.

Skill 1: Double Power Punch

This skill is your main crowd control skill. It clumps up your enemies which is good to synergize with your teammate’s area of effect damage skills.

The enemies affected will be brought to the center of the direction you chose. However, the skill has a very short distance when used faced forward.

The horizontal length of the skill is longer than its vertical height, a rectangular box. Use this fact to your advantage by casting the skill sideways, effectively increasing the skill’s reach.

Do not use the skill to a lone enemy. It is not worth it. Although you can knock down a lone hero when it is collided with a minion.

Due to the skill’s nature of being hard to execute properly, it is better reserved as a follow-up initiation or counter-initiation tool.

Double Power Punch can be used to reposition buffs, especially The Leviathan (The Black Panther Spirit). Use the skill to bring The Leviathan closer to your side of the map.

Skill 2: Metal Charge Tackle

Metal Charge Tackle is your main engagement tool. It has a fairly long range and slows the enemy hit while giving yourself a movement speed boost.

Thanks to the combination of the slow and movement speed boost, you can run past your enemy and tackle them towards your allies. It takes some practice but it is worth doing because if you simply spam the skill, you will knock your enemy further away from your team.

You can choose another target for your tackle instead of the one you affected by the first stage of the skill.

You could use the skill to escape by slowing down your enemy while giving yourself a movement speed boost.

Metal Charge Tackle could also be used to reposition The Leviathan although, using the first stage of the skill on minions or creeps won’t make the second stage available.

UItra-skill: Osmium Elbow Drop

Colossus’s ultra-skill is an offensive and defensive skill which has a variety of effects. It could be only used when an enemy is knocked down through his skills or through your teammate’s skill like from Black Widow’s Widow Sting or Proxima Midnight’s Terror’s Shadow.

Always look for opportunities to use the skill because it gives a lot of benefit for you and your team, which are:

  1. It gives you a substantial amount of shield which allows you to tank damage from the enemy. Considering this, if not necessary, do not spam your ultra-skill. Deplete your shield first before using it so you will be able to use the defensive utility from the skill efficiently.
  2. It breaks the armor of the enemy boosting your team’s damage. Again, in order to fully utilize this effect, do not spam the skill but wait for the effect to refresh first.
  3. The skill breaks the enemy team’s formation and causes damage based on their HP which are good against tanks.
  4. The skill has a fairly long range that makes it a good gap closer.

“Did you know?: Colossus does not need to eat, drink or breathe in his metal form. He once survived for 5 days without eating and he can survive underwater and in the vacuum of space.”

Skills Progression

Item Build

Top Lane

Glorious Armor is the standard top lane first item because it gives a passive AoE energy damage which helps clear lane faster and constantly damage enemies while in you are in the middle of a team fight. Starlight Armor increases both your offense and defense because of its enhanced attack passive. Captain America’s Shield is the strongest physical defense item which perfectly fits Colossus as an anti-physical damage hero. Deathly Panthom is the strongest energy defense item which helps dealing with energy heroes. And, Megingjord has a strong built in sustain function that will allow Colossus to stay and fight for longer.

Support Build

Enhancement Serum is a great support item for Colossus as it increases both hp and dual resistances. Build Vibranium Armor against heavy physical lineups but if it’s a energy heavy lineup, build Deathly Phantom Instead.

Power Core

  • Psionic Mark – Grants a shield and a powerup on your next basic attack based on your HP.
  • Suppression Particle – Colossus needs to go around the battle field to be effective by peeling for your allies while bruising your enemies. This core synergizes well with your ultra-skill, Osmium Elbow Drop, because it adds an additional 10% resistance debuff, increasing the debuff to your enemies by a total of 30%.
  • Protection Module – This gives another layer of armor which is perfect for diving into enemy lines.
  • Agility Boost – grants additional speed boost when out of battle so you can roam better.


Blink is the standard tactic for all heroes in Marvel Super War. It can be used to land your skill 1, Double Power Punch, against multiple enemies.

Teleport is the standard tactic for top laners. This tactic allows you to roam other lanes to help your teammates or to recall to replenish your HP and quickly get back to your lane so it won’t be left alone to be pushed.

Paralyze is the go-to tactic for supports. This tactic can be used offensively, to slow down enemies and secure a kill or defensively, to reduce the damage of gankers.

“Did you know? Colossus became one of the most powerful being in the X-Men universe after gaining the powers of Juggernaut which increased his strength and durability many times over.”

Early Game Strategies

  • Maintain your distances during the early game. Especially during level 1-3.
  • In the top lane, focus on clearing creeps and look for opportunities to knock down your enemy together with their minion.
  • As a support, be a meat shield for your marksman and react only defensively.
  • Once you reach level 4, you can begin to engage on overextending enemies using your skill 2, Metal Charge Tackle and quickly follow it up with your ultra-skill, Osmium Elbow Drop to gain a shield while applying a debuff to your enemy.
  • Always look for opportunities to rotate and help your mid laner.

Late Game Strategies

Colossus is a good late game peeler. Meaning, he should focus on protecting the team, taking damage while dealing damage as well in return. He can either bring an enemy closer to your team or push an enemy away using his skill 2, Metal Charge Tackle and he can punish grouped up enemies using his skill 1, Double Power Punch.


Black Widow is a great synergy with Colossus. Her passive armor penetration stacks with the break of Colossus. Their combined armor penetration is 45%. With Double Daggers, Black Widow will be able to deal pure damage to the enemies in the early and mid game. Her skill 2, Widow’s Sting can knockdown enemies allowing Colossus to activate his ultra-skill, Osmium Elbow Drop immediately. A successful landing of Double Power Punch is a devastating combination with Black Widow’s ultra-skill, Final Tempest.


Gambit is a great pair in the bottom lane with Colossus for an aggressive play style. The Double Power Punch can be used to set up a killer Energy Card combo.

The Thing

Colossus is great when paired with initiating tanks such as The Thing, Namor, The Hulk, and Ronan because he plays better as a support and his skill 1, Double Power Punch is a strong follow-up initiation skill.


Iceman is the go-to counter for all tanks. He causes HP% based damage on Colossus and his natural passive, Organic Steel Body only reduces physical damage. And a well-timed freeze can prevent Colossus from gaining shield from his ultra-skill.


The Hulk is a tough matchup against Colossus both in the top lane and in the bottom lane because both his skill 1 and skill 2 can be used to interrupt the skills of Colossus.

  • Colossus has a relatively high mobility and reach compared to other tanks. He does not have an obvious initiation skill but he can constantly give utility through his knockdowns, slow and debuff.
  • Colossus has a high physical resistance which allows him to peel well and cover for his teammate, especially in the bot lane.
  • He can bring constant damage output and he boosts the damage of his teammates as well through the break debuff caused by his ultra-skill.
  • His defensive mechanism from his natural passive has a really long cool down. It is not reliable enough to play around with. His shield from the ultra-skill has an animation delay which sometimes could spell death for Colossus.
  • He has no real initiation skill which makes him an unreliable tank. He is better played as a support tank. He also loses most matchup in the top lane given the unreliable nature of his passive and his skill 1.
  • He has a low base HP and no real defense mechanism against energy damage except for the shield given by his ultra-skill.


Colossus is currently a niche pick which only works with certain lineups. Putting him as a B-Tier top laner and support. If you already bought him, do not fret. He can still be a good hero to rank up with if he is played well and not to mention, he is really fun to play with all that smack downs and muscle flexing.