Marvel Super War Season 4 Update (New Battle For Vibranium Guide!)

Season 4 rolls out this October 10 with a whole lot of updates! Magik, the Darkchylde is released and Battle of Vibranium is revamp along with a whole lot of gameplay tweaks. We’ll discuss most of them here.

Battle For Vibranium

Battle for Vibranium has been the lesser played arcade game that has been reduced to only be played during certain time slots because of the scarcity of players of the said mode.

Because of this, the developers have revamp the whole mode which gave it a more enjoyable, capture the flag feel.

Before, only hauling Vibranium can bring you points but now, killing enemies does the same. One of the downside of Battle For Vibranium is that it is not as straight forward compared to Free-For-All. It may not still be the case right now, but in our initial trials of the mode, we voted unanimously that the mode has definitely improved in terms of gameplay and fun factor.

The most notable change is that there will only be one spawn of Vibranium at a time. The Vibranium spawn will be contested by both teams and the hero that picks up the Vibranium will have to carry it for a certain amount of time while having a buff before the drop off point reveals itself.

The hero which carries the Vibranium will have a notable damage buff and even have a bonus damage to execute enemies when they have low HP.

The thing which makes the new Battle For Vibranium mode fun is the addition of the Vibranium Supply Boxes which adds a certain amount of unpredictability to the game. The Supply boxes spawns after a certain time interval in three fixed locations in the map. The buffs contained inside the boxes can be acquired by destroying the boxes using attacks or skills.

There are three varieties of supplies:




Each type of supply has its uses and can turn the tide of battle. This makes it much more important to contest it along with fighting for the Vibranium resource.

Hero Changes


The elemental projectiles fired from Star-Lord’s Let’s Rock are too efficient at triggering some of his gear’s special effects, allowing him to deal more damage than expected when equipped with low DPS gear. We hope to reduce Star-Lord’s use of attack effects by enhancing his buffs on attack-oriented gear.
🔻Ability 1🔻
Damage bonus from elemental projectiles has been increased from (30%*physical attack) to (33%*physical attack).
The weakening coefficient for triggering the elemental projectile’s attack effect has been reduced from 30% to 24%.

This probably means that the HP% damage from Twilight Beads and Valkyrior Bow that transfer into Star-Lord’s skill 1, Let’s Rock has been reduced in exchange with increasing the physical attack scaling. It’s a double edge patch because it means that his damage increases against low HP damage while reducing his damage against tanks.

This change doesn’t change his location in the tier list.

Emma Frost

We’ve increased Psionic Shield’s effective radius in hopes of strengthening her initiation stability.
🔻Basic Stats🔻
HP growth coefficient has been increased from 210 to 220.
🔻Ability 2🔻
Psionic Shield’s effective radius has been increased from 150 yards to 200 yards.

Her HP scaling has been buffed and the size of her crowd control skill 2 has been increased. While these changes are welcome, it doesn’t fix the fact that Emma Frost has an expiration. Which means that her effectiveness falls hard in the late game.


We hope by reducing the cooldown for Deep Sea Vortex to increase Namor’s movement speed, thereby making him more of a threat in teamfights.
🔻Basic Stats🔻
Base movement speed has been increased from 365 to 375.
🔻Ability 4 (Ultimate)🔻
Cooldown has been decreased from 50 seconds at all levels to 50/47/44/41 seconds.

Namor’s slight tweaks are nowhere near on bringing him to his former glory. Although his ultra-skill is now kind of spammable and can hit hard if you build him a Stormbreaker.


🔻Ability 4 (Ultimate)🔻
After a K.O., the regen bonus within the field has been increased from (2%/2.5%/3%*max HP) to (2%/3.5%/5%*max HP).

This is actually a pretty nice buff with Heimdall. The 2% increase in the max level of his ultra-skill can mean a lot in late game fights. His ultra-skill can turn around team fights when executed at the right time and this buff is a welcome one to Heimdall mains.

Item Adjustments


We realized that trying to stack Stormbreaker’s passive ability to full is more difficult than expected, putting it at a disadvantage compared to other cooldown-reducing gear. We hope to fulfill its potential by making it easier to trigger the gear’s passive ability.
The maximum stack has been reduced from 6 to 4. The armor reduction given by each stack has been increased from 4% to 6% and its duration has been reduced from 6 seconds to 5 seconds.

With this buff, Stormbreaker is now a must have item for top lane fighters. By reducing the maximum stack from 6 to 4, it is now an almost guarantee that the Stormbreaker debuff will reach its full effect. A neglected part of Stormbreaker, maybe due to the difficulty of reaching the maximum stacks, is that it gives a substantial movement speed bonus upon reaching max stacks. We will now see the item’s full effects more often due to this buff.


We realized that players who are able to buy Megingjord early had marked endurance advantage, allowing them to benefit in the early and mid-game. We hope to encourage players to consider buying this gear in the mid to late game for more economic growth by increasing the cost for combining this gear. We’ve also weakened the increased healing effect provided by this gear.
The price has been increased from 1,865 Coins to 2,015 Coins.
The “increased healing received” effect has been reduced from 30% to 25%.

Megingjord’s increaased healing effect and its price is increased by 150 gold. While this may not seem much, most tanks are often gold starved so this small change will probably set them back by a little. Tanks should consider choosing another first or second core item other than Megingjord.


We’ve optimized the effective range for Sky Shadows’ extra attack, allowing the extra attack to hit targets within the attack range more effectively.

In my opinion, Skyshadow’s buff is a big one. And in extension, Moonstar should definitely buy Skyshadows now. Why? Because the effective range for the additional hits are now HUGE. It does not affect only the heroes near the target but also enemies around your hero. This is a big buff for Moonstar because the extra attacks also activates her marks for her skill 1. Increasing her area DPS by a ton!

Cloak of Levitation

Cloak of Levitation currently carries two passive effects. The first is more defense-oriented and provides immunity against one ability, while the second is more attack-oriented and reduces the energy resist of nearby enemies. We hope that the adjustments will allow the gear to be more defense-oriented.
Removed passive: Divine Aura
The trigger interval for Cloak of Levitation’s passive has been reduced from 40 seconds to 30 seconds.

This is more of a nerf than a defense buff. You don’t really buy Cloak of Levitation for the defense unless you are up against an Iceman or a Scarlet Witch. You buy this item for the energy penetration aura. Because of the removal of the aura, staple users of this item like Ancient One and Hela should consider other alternatives like Megingjord or Eye of Agamotto instead.

Enhancement Serum

We hope to better differentiate the two pieces of defense-oriented support gear, Gemstone Prism and Enhancement Serum, to satisfy the attack needs of certain support players.
Added 25% EP regen acceleration.
Enhancement Serum’s passive effect has been changed from increasing armor and energy resist to increasing (12+1*level) physical attack and (18+1.5*level) energy attack.

Enhancement serum is now a must buy for supports. An cheap HP item which grants a damage buff to my team? Shut up and take my money.

Surtur and Bast Adjustments

Long story short, they made Surtur and Bast more tougher and they made its effects swing the game more on the side that secures the objectives.


The most notable change in Surtur is the addition of a buff that the summoning team gains when they accompany Surtur in its conquest.

Heroes near Surtur gains damage and durability buff as well as the ability to deal continuous fire damage to turrents. At the same time, Surtur’s damage and durability increases according to the number of friendly heroes nearby. This change encourages players to play around Surtur instead of using him as a split pushing tool.

Another notable change is that the Eternal Flame area of effect damage skill of Surtur activates less frequently now but it gains a wider range in comparison. Minions killed by the flame away from the summoning team also grants its gold equally to their heroes.

Avatar of Bast (Black Panther Spirit)

The initially team gold bonus for securing the Avatar of Bast increased from 20 gold per person to 150 gold person. This is a 750 team gold swing in the early game which is a pretty big deal.

The bonus attack damage also changed to splash damage buff that goes on cool down after usage.


This patch is definitely a big one. I, for one, am glad for the improvements that is happening for this game. The new minion models are amazing and the tweaks on the gameplay is just almost perfect. Here’s to hoping to more awesome moments in Marvel Super War! Cheers to the new season!