Marvel Super War Update Patch Note [23 April 2020]

The weekly update is completed! Please update the game and restart it!
The detailed update are listed as following:
Update Notes:

📍Free Hero Rotation Update

This week’s free hero rotation has been updated!
On April 23, 2020 (Thursday) at 5:00 AM, the new roster of heroes that are free to use in 5v5 battles will be: Black Knight, Cloak & Dagger, Doctor Strange, Ghost, Magneto, Namor, Rocket Raccoon, Ronan, Storm, and War Machine. Go forth into battle, Watcher!

📍New Heroes – 4


Gambit is a Marksman hero. He can convert potential energy into powerful explosive weapons. He uses playing cards and a Bo-Staff to wound his enemies.

🔻Natural Passive: Energy Transform🔻
Passive: Once Gambit uses abilities, the next 3 basic attacks used within the set time are enhanced. His attack speed increases and he throws an extra card at his target for physical damage. If he hits an enemy hero, he gets 3 Energy Cards instead.

🔻Ability 1: Energy Cards🔻
Active: Gambit throws all the Energy Cards in his hand in the specified direction, dealing physical damage to all enemies in their path. If more than one card hits the same target, subsequent Energy Cards after the first hit deals extra energy damage. The damage dealt by a single Energy Card decreases each time it passes through an enemy.
Passive: Each time Gambit’s basic attack hits an enemy hero, he gets 2 Energy Card and can store up to 14 Cards. If they aren’t used within a set time, the stack returns to 1.

🔻Ability 2: Card Strike🔻
Gambit throws a set of cards in the specified direction, dealing physical damage to enemies in their path. Once the cards reach their max distance or hit an enemy hero, they scatter and deal physical damage to enemies in range.

🔻Ability 3: Leap Hit🔻
Gambit leaps in the specified direction, dealing physical damage and inflicting a Slow to enemies in range where he lands.

🔻Ultimate Ability: Card Control🔻
Gambit pole vaults in the specified direction, becoming immune to enemy damage and control effects. He also throws 8 cards in all directions around him, each dealing physical damage to enemies in its path. The cards explode after a brief delay upon reaching the max distance, dealing physical damage to enemies in range.
After using this ability, Gambit gets 8 Energy Cards and refreshes his Ability 1: Energy Card cooldown.

All Gambit data has been collected. Remy LeBeau will be joining you all in battle this week, and his Chandilar Spy skin will be added to the Shop.
From today until 11:59:59 PM on April 29th, all Watchers can purchase the Gambit Data Pack, as well as recruit this hero and unlock his skins! There’s even a 20% off discount on this pack in its first week!

Latest Events – 9

Season Special Training II
Event Duration: After maintenance on April 23rd, 2020 to April 29th, 2020
Challenge Special Training quests to gear up for the new season! During the event, complete specified quests to get great rewards.

📍Added Content – 10

1. New Resource
New arrivals in the shop! Buy the new Supply Box for a chance to get valuable items such as Trial Vouchers, Skin Shards, Hero Shards, and more. There’s even a chance of getting permanent heroes or skins.

📍Hero Adjustments – 3

👉The Thing

The Thing is a tank hero whose early game burst and initiate capabilities exceeded our expectations. We have therefore adjusted the distance required to use his ultimate and the damage of his abilities.

Ability 1
Damage to enemies in the path of the fracture has been increased from (6%*extra max HP) to (8%*extra max HP).
Launch-up damage bonus has been reduced from (40%*physical attack+3%*extra max HP) to (20%*physical attack+2%*extra max HP). The Slow inflicted after launch-up has been reduced from 80% to 40%. The duration has been reduced from 1.5 seconds to 1 second.

Ability 2
Trample damage has been adjusted from (25/35/45/55/65/75/85+30%/37%/44%/51%/58%/65%/72%*physical attack) to (40/65/90/115/140/165/190+40%*physical attack).
Shield value has been adjusted from (40/55/70/85/100/115/130+4%*extra max HP) to (30/40/50/60/70/80/90+5%*extra max HP).

Ability 4
Max distance has been reduced from 1,100 yards to 850 yards.
Launch-up radius has been reduced from 400 yards to 350 yards.
Collision damage has been reduced from (70/110/150/190+25%*physical attack) to (60/100/140/180+20%*physical attack).
Launch-up damage has been adjusted from (140/220/300/380+75%*physical attack+8%/10%/12%/14%*max HP) to (120/200/280/360+60%*physical attack+9%/12%/15%/18%*max HP).


Deadpool is too much of an all-rounder compared to other heroes, so we have reduced his damage reduction capability and mark damage.

🔻Ability 2🔻
Cooldown has been adjusted from 18/17/16/15/14/13 seconds to 18/17.5/17/16.5/16/15.5 seconds.
Maximum damage reduction has been reduced from 90% to 70%.
Maximum duration has been reduced from 4 seconds to 3 seconds.

🔻Ability 4🔻
Mark damage has been reduced from (35%*physical attack) to (25%*physical attack).


Blade has very high sustained DPS capabilities that have been paired with decent burst abilities, so we made a slight reduction to his ability damage to better suit his core gameplay.

🔻Ability 2🔻
Damage bonus has been reduced from (120%/125%/130%/135%/140%*physical attack) to (120%/120%/120%/120%/120%*physical attack).


🔻Ability 4🔻
Damage reduction while the ability is active has been increased from (35%/40%/45%/50%) to (45%/50%/55%/60%).

👉Black Panther

We raised the upper limit for Black Panther’s agility and burst damage to better improve his performance.

🔻Ability 2🔻
Cooldown has been reduced from 8 seconds to 7 seconds.
Blink distance has been increased from 550 yards to 650 yards and the width increased from 240 yards to 275 yards.

🔻Ability 4🔻
Base damage has been increased from 170/260/350 physical damage to 220/360/500 physical damage.

👉Lady Sif

🔻Ability 2🔻
Damage bonus has been increased from (75%*extra physical attack) to (100%*extra physical attack).

🔻Ability 3🔻
Base damage has been increased from 15/55/95/135/175 physical damage to 40/100/160/220/280 physical damage.

📍Gear Adjustments

Extra damage has been reduced from (6%*target’s current HP) to (5%*target’s current HP).

👉Glorious Armor
HP increase has been reduced from 1,000 to 900.
Damage per second has been adjusted from (50+2*level) energy damage to (35+2%*extra max HP) energy damage.

📍Adjustments and Optimizations

1. Optimized the screen display for gift mail
2.Optimized the effect and interruption logic of The Thing’s ability 2 “Quake.” When Quake is activated, the control effect inflicted by the ability has been changed to the “immobilized” effect. Also, certain effects can interrupt the ability, such as Fear, Mind Control, Hypnosis, and Hulk’s Fury.