Marvel Super War Patch Note (Skills Adjustments) Update – 4th June 2020

This post serves only as a preview and is subject to change. Please refer to the updated notes for finalized details.

📍Skills Adjustments

👉Dr. Strange

Using his abilities and the portal, Dr. Strange can be a huge threat to the enemy backline from a great distance, while being able to well protect himself at the same time. This makes a Dr. Strange that has farmed efficiently very difficult to deal with.
Therefore we are planning on weakening his poke from a great distance while increasing some of his base stats. Also, we are lowering the protection of his passive to give his opponents more room to maneuver.

🔻Natural Passive “Cloak of Levitation”:
No longer prevents the damage that triggers the passive.
The trigger effect will be strengthened and CD will be lowered to compensate for this change.

🔻Ability 2 “Bolts of Balthakk”:
Bolts of lightning that passes through the gate do not ricochet an extra time. The damage of the bolts is increased for compensation.

🔻Ability 3 “Inter-Dimensional Portal”:
The portal stays open for a little bit longer.


Compared to other marksmen, Angel is relatively weak in lane.
Therefore we are increasing his strength during the laning phase to allow him to farm better.

🔻Ability 1 “Judgement”:
Base damage by the mark is slightly increased.

🔻Ability 2 “Sacred Feathers”:
Optimized the target-selection algorithm to focus the feathers on the same target as much as possible.
The target-selection range and damage for each feather will be increased, to ensure the total damage will remain relatively the same.
Angel’s feathers will now also deal more damage to minions to increase his laning power.


Vision’s laning phase is too oppressive at the moment.
Therefore we are weakening his early game and relatively strengthening his late-game powers.

🔻Ability 2 “Solar Radiation”:
CD at early levels will increase, while the slow effect will also be weakened.

🔻Ultimate Ability “Solar Energy Beam”:
After using this ability Vision’s damage and attack speed will increase, strengthening his fighting power in the late game.

👉Cloak and Dagger

Ideally Cloak and Dagger will not only be a healer but also provide some attack power. Therefore we are increasing the efficiency of building Energy Attack items to hope for a more all-round performance.

🔻Ability 1 “Light Daggers”:
Damage and Energy Attack bonus increased. Slow effect strengthened.

🔻Ability 2 “Living Light”:
Adjusted the ratio of base and bonus stat for the healing, making it scale more on Energy Attack bonus.

🔻Ultimate Ability “Darkforce Dimension”:
Stats for healing adjusted.


Groot’s has awesome crowd control capabilities, but his damage is relatively low when compared to other tanks.
Therefore we are increasing Groot’s damage to make him a bigger threat to the opponents he jumps upon.

🔻Natural Passive “Sapling”:
Acceleration is strengthened as Groot levels up, making him stronger in the late game.

🔻Ability 1 “Bark Stab”
Damage increased.

🔻Ability 2 “Branch Slap”
CD decreased, base damage increased.


We are increasing her base stats in hope of strengthening her for a better laning phase, while increase the scaling of her Energy Attack to let her provide more in attacking power.

🔻Base Stats
Base HP and Armor increased.

🔻Ability 1 “Life Drain”:
Damage and bonus increased, while also increasing the scaling of Energy Attack on the healing. The slow duration is slightly increased.

🔻Ability 2 “Spirit Bond”:
Adjusted the ratio of base and bonus stat for the healing, making it scale more on Energy Attack bonus.

👉Rocket Raccoon

🔻Base Stats
Base HP and Armor increased.

🔻Ability 1 “Machine Gun Volley”:
Physical attack bonus slightly increased.