Best Heroes For Higher Rank in Marvel Super War

In Top Ranking it will be very hard to push rank and without a proper team and proper hero you can not climb the ranking. so here is a small guide by a Reddit user that help you to understand which heroes to choose and which to ban in a higher rank Match.

Best Heroes For Higher Rank in Marvel Super War

Best Heroes For High Rank
Best Heroes For High Rank

Fighter (Top Lane)

Pretty much Ant-Man dominated. He’s by far the best hero at this Lane although sometimes he’s not the primary ban often has the insta first pick. The reason why Antman is so good is because he has it all , Silence, stun, damage, escape, heal you name it. The second place is Hulk followed by Ronan/The Thing. Recently I encounter many Ancient One on this lane but so far her performance is no near the ant-man level.

Assassin ( Jungle )

Spiderman used to rule this position , but after the nerf he fall from his throne. I would say Ghost is the most lethal jungler now damage wise , with Spiderman and Black Panther not far behind. But the thing about Ghost is she doesnt have CC like other assassins have, so playing her it’s kinda tricky. Another interesting thing is Captain America. Yes, Cap after the nerf (although he’s not suffering so much like spidey) put him out of comfortable place as no.1 top laner, instead people use him as jungler now and in this position, he actually performs pretty well. He have control and damage, perfect for set up or clean up like assassin should be. Another wild card is Emma Frost because She’s magic damage based hero you can use her to set up or open up tricky formation.

Power/Energy ( Mid Lane )

This role really depends on your team strategy, but lets say the game we playing is a general 12-15 minutes my choice would be Dr. Strange. The reason is while his early game is rather weak compared to other energy (damage-wise ) but his skill makes him so mobile at controlling, he could literally control 2 lane at the same time and gank/help other lanes without even going to the other lane also in the mid and late game. Dr. Strange stomps other energy, especially a late game where his damage really spiked up.

If you won’t have fast early win game team then Strom could be your option. her harass in the early game is the best in the game for me. Iron Man and Jubilee is your prime option and most picked ( because strange most likely banned ) their both have great damage with their skill and passive, big aoe damage Ulti, and high mobility.

Marksman ( Bot Lane )

To be honest this lane the toughest position in MSW because all the heroes in this position are good. But in my experiences, the most banned mm is between Yondu and Star-Lord. And that’s without a reason , Star-Lord is the best hero in the early game. High damage, godly mobility which is great considering mobility is where MM are lack of, and his ultimate where you can destroy a tower with ease. With Yondu lets just say a good Yondu can kill you without even you realizing.

If these 2 are banned or picked by enemies your best option is between Hawkeye and Angel. These two have good damage, a skill that enhances your damage and an escape skill. Another option is raccoon but he needs to scale up fast, cause in early he’s the weakest MM but the late game raccoon is one of the highest damage hero in the game.

Support ( Bot Lane )

I will separate support role into two Catagories. One : Tanky Support and Two: Healing Supp. First the tanky support, what it is means is a support hero with tanky stats and skill that can guard your MM and harass enemies. There’s 3 top picks for me here in order : Namor, Ronan, and Hulk. Namor is best for me because how good he is at harassing enemies while Ronan also has good skill for harass, Ronan’s skill has long animation making it easier to dodge /kite also namor ultimate is better than Ronans ultimate because again Ronan skill most of the time is easy to dodge.

For healing support, we have Mantis, Cloak and Dagger and Ebony Maw. These support most of the time picked for a certain situations. For example, if the enemies have starlord or spider-man, Mantis would be a good option for you because her ultimate that lock anyone. If the enemy team has many heroes with zoning skills like Namor or Quicksilver C&D can be much useful with her ult safe and AOE heal and if your team lacks control and survivability Ebony Maw Is a good pick.

Wild Card: Deadpool. This guy can play at any lane and often be the first ban.

Written By – Reddit user /Perspectiveeee