Marvel Super War – Beast Guide




DPS (100%)




Henry “Hank” McCoy is one of the most gifted Mutants. In terms of physical strength and intelligents, he is top notch even before his enhancement that turned him into the beast-like blue mutant we all know and love. With his transformation, he gains even more destructive power being able to lift 10 tons and slash his enemies with his sharp fang and claws, all while retaining his superhuman intelligence.

Beast Skills


Passive: Every time Beast hits an enemy hero with an ability, he marks them for 3 seconds. Hitting marked targets with basic attacks deals an additional 30(+10*Level) (+100%Bonus Physical Attack) physical damage, while also healing Beast for 40(+10*Level) (+60%Bonus Physical Attack) HP and increasing his movement speed by 30% for 1 seconds. Marks cannot be stacked. Passive - Bestial Might: Beast becomes immune to control effects once every 55 seconds. When triggering this control immunity effect, he also gains 60% tenacity for 4 seconds.

Bestial Fury

For 5 seconds after using an ability, the attack speed of Beast's next two basic attacks is increased by 40%, and they deal an additional 60(+15%Physical Attack) physical damage.

Bestial Raid

Beast lunges in the specified direction, dealing 70(+100%Physical Attack) physical damage to enemies in range of his landing spot and slowing them by 40% for 1.25 second(s).

Predatory Shadow

Beast begins to gather savage power. When he encounters an enemy hero during this period, he stops gathering power and attacks them, dealing at least 125(+50%Physical Attack) physical damage. The longer he gathers power, the more damage he deals, up to a maximum of 2 times this ability's base damage. Beast can gather power for up to 10 seconds. During this period, he can stop gathering power by using this ability again.

Beast Skills Analysis

Natural Passive: Savagery

Each time Beast hits enemies with his skill 2 or ultra-skill as shown in the picture above, the affected target receives a mark that can be activated by Beast’s basic attack. Activating the mark will make Beast deal bonus damage while healing Beast and increasing his movement speed.

Beast also has the Bestial Might passive which makes him immune to control effects once every 55 seconds. After being immune to a control effect, he gains an additional 60% control resistance for four seconds after activation. Beast will glow blue while he has the Bestial Might buff.

This is a passive that will save your life or allow you to bravely dive back lines during the late game so be aware when Bestial Might is available. An icon indicating it is available will pop over your tactic buttons.

Skill 1: Bestial Fury

Bestial Fury is your other steroid skill which increases your attack damage and attack speed. Be sure to spam it while in battle.

Skill 2: Bestial Raid

If you are already close to the enemy hero, initiate with Bestial Raid. This skill will slow down and damage enemies in a small area while marking them with Savagery.

Most of the time, it is better to save the next cast of Bestial Raid for your next target or for escaping. It is not worth it to use two Bestial Raid twice in a row in a single hero. If this happens, it is mostly against a tanks, which you should not target unless they are the one’s remaining alive in the enemy’s team.

Ultra-skill: Predatory Shadow

Predatory Shadow should be used to start a hunt from far away so you gank from one lane to another fast. The fast pace ganking will usually surprise your enemies.

If you are already near the enemy, you should save your ultra-skill to catch up on fleeing enemies or to circle to the back liners of the enemy. You can also use the skill to flee but remember that you could be stopped by the enemy by bumping into you.

Did you know? Beast can control his pheromones, the chemicals secreted by our body when we are attracted to somebody to make them attracted to us too. By being in control of his love chemicals, attracting people for business or pleasure is an easy task for him.

Beast Skill Progression

Beast Item Build

  • Quantum Rifle – The physical Jungle Item is the standard first item for Beast.
  • Double Daggers – Increases your burst damage by a lot because of its flat armor penetration.
  • Nightsword – Enhances your basic attacks after using a skill. This has great synergy with Savagery.
  • Godslayer – Deals bonus damage when your enemy’s HP is below 30%. This effects reset on kills and assists.
  • Immortal Glaive – Grants you a shield and 50% bonus damage when you receive major damage. When you see yourself suddenly gaining a shield. FIGHT!

Power Core

  • Unstable Radiation – Grants bonus burst damage.
  • Suppression Particle – decreases the resistance of the target enemy allowing you to easily burst them down.
  • Restoration Module – Restores your HP and EP on kills and assists.
  • Bestial Boost – Increases the duration of your jungle buffs.


Blink is the standard tactic for all heroes. Reserve your Blink for escaping dangerous situation because your skill 2 has a very short range.

Leech is the standard tactic for junglers. You won’t be able to jungle without it. You can use this tactic to secure objectives or aid you on your assassinations.

Early Game Strategy

  • Focus on clearing your jungle first to reach level 4 fast.
  • Look for ganking opportunities when you reach level 4.
  • Avoid enemy tanks if possible.
  • Do not waste your time in forcing ganks. Always farm in between ganks because Beast is an item dependent hero.

Late Game Strategy

  • Keep doing the same strategy as in the early game but this time, let your allies initiate and make plays. It is okay to arrive later in clashes so you can kill them while their skills are on cool down.
  • Look for opportunities to split push because you can easily travel across the map using your ultra-skill.


Ebony Maw increases Beast’s killing potential by a lot. A Beast with Predatory Shadow with an Ebony Maw riding inside him is a nuclear bomb waiting to explode in the face of the enemy team.

Ant-Man is a disruptive hero which disperses the enemy team making them vulnerable to Beast’s assassinations.


Hulk is a hard counter for chargers and dunkers. A good hulk will protect his back liners at all times and wait for Beast so he can control and disrupt him with his skills.

Assassins like Deadpool and Emma Frost can disrupt Beast’s early game farm because of their early power spike. They can also render Beast’s Bestial Might passive useless because they have multiple crowd controls. But if Beast can snowball early, they will not be a problem for Beast.

  • A very straightforward hero. You can easily learn him and dominate from the get-go.
  • A strong snowball hero. If Beast gets early game kills, he will be extremely hard to stop.
  • Exceptional damage per second throughout the game which rivals those of marksmen.
  • It is hard to recover from a bad early game with Beast because he is item dependent.
  • He can have a hard time fighting coordinated teams because he is ineffective against grouped up enemies.


Beasts gets bumped up into the A-tier even after his nerf because it looks like he is currently the hero with the highest win rate this past August! Playing him will really make you feel like an unstoppable beast when you have a good early game so he is a viable basic hero pick that you can use to dominate and rank up fast!