Marvel Super War – Adam Warlock Guide




DPS (100%)




Born as the perfect human being, Adam Warlock, his bone and muscle structure are denser than the normal human. Because of his body’s special adaptation, his cells are able to tap and transform cosmic energy to project as a concussive force or manipulate it to create a cocoon for regeneration.


Golden Chrysalis

Passive: Adam Warlock's max HP permanently increases by 4 whenever he KOs a minion. The HP gained from KO'ing a hero is 5.0 times higher than that of KO'ing a minion. Active: When Adam Warlock receives a fatal blow, he will enter his chrysalis and recover 150.0 + ((+0.15%Bonus Max HP) * current energy stack) HP per second. He re-emerges from his cocoon 4 seconds later.

Dynamic Punch

Adam Warlock channels power before releasing it by punching in the specified direction, dealing 120(+55%Energy Attack) energy damage to enemies in range and slowing them by 30% for 1.5 seconds. If power is channeled by holding the ability for 0.8 seconds or longer, Adam Warlock will perform an AoE attack, dealing 165(+85%Energy Attack) energy damage to nearby enemies and slowing them by 75% for 1.5 seconds. The amount of power channeled increases the damage by up to 0.6 times. Adam's HP recovers by 70(+70%Energy Attack) each time an enemy is hit.

Mystic Beam

Adam Warlock shoots a ray in the specified direction, dealing 140(+70%Energy Attack) energy damage to enemies in its path and attaching to the first enemy hit. If the target is still within 975 yards after 2 seconds, Adam Warlock will pull them to himself and stun them for 0.9 seconds.

Cosmic Explosion

Passive: While the ability is in effect, Adam Warlock gains 1.0 cosmic energy per second, increasing the damage dealt to heroes by 8.0 and the damage dealt to minions by 2.0. Active: Adam Warlock continuously absorbs energy, dealing 20(+20%Energy Attack) energy damage to nearby enemies and recovering 25(+24%Energy Attack) (+1%Bonus Max HP) HP every second (HP recovery reduces to 10% when dealing damage to minions). Using this ability again within 8 seconds will make Adam Warlock unleash all of his energy, dealing 100(+65%Energy Attack) energy damage to nearby enemies. Each point of cosmic energy increases damage, up to 3.0 times.

Adam Warlock Skills Analysis

Natural Passive: Golden Chrysalis

Last hitting minions are important for Adam Warlock as his passive grants him bonus HP for killing minions and heroes. In an average game, Adam Warlock can easily have 500 bonus HP in the late game from his passive.

When Adam Warlock receives a fatal blow, he enters a state of rebirth which happens for 4 seconds. The HP recovered is based on his max HP and from his energy stack which he can only get by activating his Ultra-skill. Don’t be afraid to dive and die when you have your passive and ultra-skill up as you will likely revive with full HP.

Adam Warlock will continue the effects of his skill 2, Mystic Beam and ultra-skill, Cosmic Explosion even if his Golden Chrysalis effect is triggered.

Skill 1: Dynamic Punch

Dynamic Punch is Adam Warlock’s main source of sustain and damage. It can be used to poke and slow or deal burst damage and to heal yourself. This skill deals more damage the more it is channeled.

Dynamic Punch changes form as it is channeled. Releasing it before the skull marker (or less than 0.8 seconds) will make him release the cosmic energy in a cone in front of him. This form has a longer range but has lower damage and a weaker slow which makes it a good poke or a last hitting tool.

When channeled up until it is over the skull marker (or by more than 0.8 seconds), the punch changes into a radial blow dealing damage to all enemies around Adam Warlock. This form deals more damage in exchange for the longer charge and shorter range. This form also heals Adam Warlock for each enemy hero hit. Each successful proc heals for around 10% of his HP.

Standard engagement combo for Adam Warlock (1v1):

S1 (short charge) – Basic Attack – S2 – S1 (long charge) – basic attack

Skill 2: Mystic Beam

The Mystic Beam deals initial damage and then inflicts a stun and pull effect after a short delay. There is a circular timer-like effect under the affected enemy where you will see when the stun and pull effect will apply when the timer comes full circle.

Mystic Beam is easy to avoid. The enemy simply needs to get far from Adam Warlock. So, it is recommended to land a Dynamic Punch first or have an ally which have a more reliable crowd control skill like Deadpool or Hulk to ensure your Mystic Beam will connect.

Ultra-skill: Cosmic Explosion

Cosmic Explosion has two phases. The first phase makes Adam Warlock deal small continuous energy damage in a large area while recovering HP based on the number of enemies affected.

While damaging enemies, Adam Warlock gathers energy which will determine the damage of his 2nd phase of Cosmic Explosion will make. You can see how much energy he gathered through the orange bar below his life bar. A fully charged Cosmic Explosion will deal over 2,000 energy damage over a large area.

Cosmic Explosion will continue to gather life for Adam Warlock even if he is stunned, silenced, or under the effect of Eye of Agamotto.

In the right situation and with the proper use of Eye of Agamotto and Cosmic Explosion, Adam Warlock can potentially have three life bars.

  1. Original life bar.
  2. Cosmic Explosion -> Almost empty health -> Eye of Agamotto -> Back to full health.
  3. Cosmic Explosion -> Dealt a fatal blow -> Golden Chrysalis -> Back to full health.

Skill Progression

Did you know:Adam Warlock had his Marvel Cinematic Debut in Thor: The Dark World through the presence of his cocoon in the Collector’s Museum.”

Item Build

Darkhold is a must have item for Adam Warlock because Darkhold deals HP based damage which are great against tanks which he will lane against most of the time in the top lane. Cosmic Cube makes the burst damage from Dynamic Punch surprisingly strong and the movement speed bonus helps Adam Warlock a lot. Megingjord greatly amplifies his sustain capabilities, make Megingjord his 3rd item if you are struggling to survive. Eye of Agamotto opens up new outplay possibilities when combined with Cosmic Explosion. You can opt to use Virus Cannon for a more aggressive gameplay. Build Captain America’s Shield or Deathly Pantom instead of Virus Cannon if your team needs you to tank even more. He doesn’t really need the Antimatter Cannon because his sustain is already energy based and HP based. But if it works for you, do it.

Power Core

  • Psionic Mark – allows him to win the trade, get close to the enemies so he can damage enemies and heal himself with Dynamic Punch, with the bonus shield provided by the core.
  • Suppression Particle – deals bonus damage and affects the enemy with a physical and energy defense debuff. This core is charged through movement and basic attacks, perfect for Adam Warlock’s style of getting close to his enemies.
  • Resistance Module – provides a 45% control resistance. When paired with Upgraded Hydra Boots, it stacks into a 75% control resistance, virtually making a strong crowd control useless allowing Adam Warlock to escape easily. It’s a free dispel every 10 seconds.
  • Agility Boots – allows Adam Warlock to roam to other lanes and quickly get back with its out of combat speed boots.


Adam Warlock needs to be up close and personal with his enemies. Blink allows you to get away when you find yourself in a tight spot.

Teleport is the standard tactic for a top laner which allows you to respond to clashes far from your lane and to help secure The Leviathan and get back to your lane quickly. This tactic can also be used to recall to replenish your life quickly without risking your tower’s health.

Did you know: Adam Warlock’s futureself turns evil and grows an afro. He called himself Magus, formed a religious empire called “The Universal Church of Truth” and forced people across galaxies to worship him or die.

Early Game Strategy

  • Focus on last hitting minions for your passive in the early game. Clear your lane fast and get the floating robot coin machine when possible.
  • Use your Dynamic Punch and Mystic Beam in unison to harass the enemy and sustain yourself but don’t overextend
  • Make sure you have your ultra-skill and passive available when The Leviathan comes online. Your role will be to zone out enemies using your massive sustain and AoE damage.

Late Game Strategy

  • Adam Warlock have massive sustain and AoE damage through his Cosmic Explosion, passive, and Eye of Agamotto so play aggressively with your team every time your ultra-skill is on cool down. When Cosmic Explosion is activated, chase your enemies and attempt to do combos with your other skills. Do not overextend so you can get back to your allies when the Cosmic Explosion runs out or if you activate it to kill fleeing enemies as the second phase of the skill has a large AoE and strong burst damage.
  • Follow up your ally’s crowd control skill with Mystic Beam for easy pickoffs and spam your Dynamic Punch as much as possible.


Namor’s Deep Sea Vortex pairs well with Cosmic Explosion which will force your enemies to absorb your ultra-skill’s full power. Trident of Nepture in combination with Mystic Beam will do a double pull which makes it virtually impossible for enemies to escape.  

Adam Warlock provides lots of space for his allies to work with. That is why Vision is a perfect ally because he can snipe down with his Solar Energy Beam the enemies that can’t even get close to your team.

Dr. Strange is another great teammate for Adam Warlock, aside from fully utilizing the space that Adam can provide, Dr. Strange can use his Portal to teleport Adam Warlock and Time Manipulation to bring him back quickly allowing Adam to punch his enemies and get back safely. Providing an extra strong poke combination for the team.


Hela is a nightmare matchup for Adam Warlock as she can kite him to oblivion with her Nightsword’s movement speed bonus. She can quickly stack her death energy to Adam and burst him down by activating Spirit Drain when her death energy stack exceeds his current HP.

it will be difficult for Adam Warlock to deal with heroes who have knock-back skills,such as Iron Man, War Machine, Captain America, Scarlet Witch, Black Knight, and Daredevil. They simply have to knockAdam back when he casts his Dynamic Punch or when he activates his Cosmic Explosion then disengage until the duration of his ultra-skill is over.

Heimdall Sword and Casket of Ancient Winters are must have items against high sustain enemy heroes like Adam Warlock.

  • Adam Warlock has both high burst damage and high damage per second. His damage from his skills are also mostly large scale AoE skills. Not to mention that he has one of the highest damage to HP ratios in the game, meaning, he is one of the tankiest damage dealers in the game right now.
  • He has the strongest sustain skill in the game right now with Cosmic Explosion which can refill his HP into full a couple of times in a single fight.
  • He has the strongest revive passive in the game right now which can potentially bring him back to full life. Loki’s God of Mischief and Corvus Glaive’s Soul Blade pales massively in comparison.  
  • He has absolutely no mobility. All the enemy team needs to do to shut him down is to disengage every time he casts his ultra-skill. He is quite lacking without his Cosmic Explosion.
  • Without any mobility skills, his Dynamic Punch and Mystic Beam are quite hard to use successfully without any help from his teammates.
  • He struggles to make an impact in uphill battles, when his team has a bad start. And Adam Warlock, in general, requires good team coordination to be fully utilized.


Adam Warlock, at first glance, is an overpowered hero. But the current S tiers just have too much to offer compared to him. Although in the right hands and in the right team, we may just have yet to witness his god-like potential. But for now, Adam Warlock sits as an A tier top laner.